Season episodes list 14


S14E01 : Full Time (aired on 04/02/2012)

Heston returns from his travels, full of joy and presents. Is he being completely honest though? A…

S14E02 : Deal or No Deal (aired on 04/03/2012)

A female patient of Elaine's needs more drugs to help her sleep. She has no money though and is…

S14E03 : A Suburban Affair (aired on 04/04/2012)

Daniel becomes involved in affairs of the heart when a wife exacts revenge on her husband.

S14E04 : Bursting Balloons (aired on 04/05/2012)

Heston is back on form but there is a shock in store at the end of the night.

S14E05 : Reality Check (aired on 04/10/2012)

After a run-in with the law, Rob tries to convince a teenager to put his past behind him.

S14E06 : A Little on the Side (aired on 04/11/2012)

Cherry's principles are tested when she discovers her cousin has been doing the dirty.

S14E07 : Dancing Queen (aired on 04/12/2012)

Freya tries to help a junkie so desperate that she endangers her sister's dream.

S14E08 : Upper Crust (aired on 04/13/2012)

Mrs Tembe tries to help a member of her church whose pride has affected her children.

S14E09 : Short Changed (aired on 04/16/2012)

Mandy plays peace maker when her cousin makes a shock announcement.

S14E10 : Pass Notes (aired on 04/17/2012)

It's Zara's first day back at work so she throws herself into helping a lecturer.

S14E11 : A Good Boy (aired on 04/18/2012)

Zara faces a crisis when the truth about 'nannycam' comes out.

S14E12 : Friend and Neighbour (aired on 04/19/2012)

Daniel struggles to meet Zara's expectations when caring for Joe.

S14E13 : Echo Chamber (aired on 04/20/2012)

Heston faces the consequences of his actions in defending his home.

S14E14 : Fall of a Sparrow (aired on 04/23/2012)

Rob witnesses a tragedy unfold as young Dane refuses to accept his mother has moved on.

S14E15 : If Music Be the Food of Love (aired on 04/24/2012)

A burgeoning relationship is threatened by a shocking revelation.

S14E16 : Being Your Slave (aired on 04/25/2012)

Zara's neighbours' tragic situation puts her off the idea of having a personal slave.

S14E17 : Genius (aired on 04/26/2012)

Freya has a terrible birthday as she gets embroiled in her friend's strained relationship.

S14E18 : The Lunatics, the Lover and the Poet (aired on 04/27/2012)

Kevin accidentally books a hypnotist for Freya's birthday party.

S14E19 : Just the Way You Are (aired on 04/30/2012)

Cherry channels her inner Bridezilla when she meets an excited bride-to-be.

S14E20 : Wind Up (aired on 05/01/2012)

Kevin encounters a patient who cannot help winding people up.

S14E21 : Responsibilities (aired on 05/02/2012)

Babysitting a neighbour, Imogen is alarmed when his seemingly pregnant girlfriend arrives.

S14E22 : A Bracing Walk (aired on 05/03/2012)

Mandy determines to help a childhood hero with a terminal illness.

S14E23 : Blackeyes (aired on 05/04/2012)

Karen's inclination to play Good Samaritan puts Jack at risk from a femme fatale.

S14E24 : Fragile Strength (aired on 05/08/2012)

Elaine discovers that the cause of a patient's illness may be very close to home.

S14E25 : High-Flyer (aired on 05/09/2012)

A desperate Jack ends up helping a lawyer deal with her problem daughter.

S14E26 : Black Bag (aired on 05/10/2012)

Freya buys a cheap DVD at the market, and Heston's trial gets off to a bad start.

S14E27 : Secrets of the Heart (aired on 05/11/2012)

Patient Victoria attempts to hide her stress-related symptoms from Zara.

S14E28 : Acting Strangely (aired on 05/14/2012)

Daniel realises he needs to practice what he preaches when it comes to bedside manners.

S14E29 : The Morning After the Night of the Living Dead (aired on 05/15/2012)

Has one of the recently-deceased risen from his coffin? Rob Hollins investigates.

S14E30 : Testament (aired on 05/16/2012)

Mrs Tembe has to decide how far she will cross the line to help a friend.

S14E31 : My Cherie Amour (aired on 05/17/2012)

Trying to do the right thing, Cherry betrays a vulnerable patient's trust.

S14E32 : Legacy (aired on 05/18/2012)

When Julia announces that she wants to leave, Heston throws a spanner in the works.

S14E33 : Carry On Cruising (aired on 05/21/2012)

Imogen finds herself in a curious predicament when a friend asks her to cover for them.

S14E34 : Venom (aired on 05/22/2012)

Kevin helps a returning backpacker with an unusual souvenir of his travels.

S14E35 : Sticky Fingers (aired on 05/23/2012)

Rob discovers that family problems are at the root of a tearaway's repeated offences.

S14E36 : (aired on 05/24/2012)

Freya helps old friends to see there is still a spark between them.

S14E37 : Divine Intervention (aired on 05/25/2012)

An overprotective mum blames Mrs Tembe when her son goes AWOL.

S14E38 : The Player (aired on 05/28/2012)

Jimmi tries to help a young girl who becomes embroiled with a local dealer.

S14E39 : Smash the System (aired on 05/29/2012)

A student protest causes a rift between Mandy and Freya.

S14E40 : Redemption (aired on 05/30/2012)

A priest reconsiders his faith when his past is called into question.

S14E41 : Dia De Los Muertos (aired on 05/31/2012)

A dying man begs Elaine to lie for him, but will she break the rules?

S14E42 : Jerusalem (aired on 06/01/2012)

Preparations for the diamond jubilee are well underway and Jack is enlisted to help out.

S14E43 : Contact (aired on 06/06/2012)

Mrs Tembe tries to overcome her disgust to help a fellow church-goer living a double life.

S14E44 : Never Found (aired on 06/07/2012)

Can Heston help a patient who is convinced he knows who abducted his son five years ago?

S14E45 : Those Were the Days (aired on 06/08/2012)

Rob is on the case when a fading rock star is sent a nail bomb.

S14E46 : Knock, Knock (aired on 06/11/2012)

Mandy confronts a money lender when she gets drawn in by a struggling young mother.

S14E47 : Matthew and Son (aired on 06/12/2012)

Whilst trying to save money for The Mill, Howard gets caught up in a father-son dispute.

S14E48 : Life's Too Short (aired on 06/13/2012)

Karen gets caught in a web of deceit as she helps her friend organise a party.

S14E49 : Back Inside (aired on 06/14/2012)

Jimmi helps a young man see that life on the outside is a better alternative than prison.

S14E50 : The Stranger (aired on 06/15/2012)

A patient believes a stranger who appears in her garden is her long-lost father.

S14E51 : Something on the Air (aired on 06/18/2012)

Mrs Tembe is convinced she has to warn a patient who is refusing medical treatment.

S14E52 : Survivors (aired on 07/09/2012)

Howard helps an injured young soldier make the transition to civvy street.

S14E53 : Start Up (aired on 07/10/2012)

Can Imogen prove herself as a businesswoman despite her ditzy friend and eccentric father?

S14E54 : Sweet Surrender (aired on 07/11/2012)

Daniel and Zara are at loggerheads over his plans to buy a new car.

S14E55 : Embers (aired on 07/12/2012)

Elaine goes back to school to hold a careers seminar, but the teacher needs her help.

S14E56 : Head Screwed On (aired on 07/13/2012)

Zara dreads a duty lunch with her aunt and uncle, and Mandy returns to work.

S14E57 : Outlaws and Angels (aired on 07/16/2012)

The mother of a dead criminal involves Karen in a seance, and Heston faces Curtis.

S14E58 : A River in Egypt (aired on 07/17/2012)

Mandy's concern for a desperate weight-watching patient drives her to start following him.

S14E59 : Now They'll Sleep (aired on 07/18/2012)

The boyfriend of a rape victim starts to doubt his girlfriend's story.

S14E60 : If a Tree Falls (aired on 07/19/2012)

After a dreadful storm, Daniel finds himself trapped in the future.

S14E61 : Catflap (aired on 07/20/2012)

Kevin confronts his grief and survivor guilt when he receives an unexpected gift.

S14E62 : Sentence (aired on 07/23/2012)

Jimmi deals with a man who has taken the law into his own hands.

S14E63 : Indian Smyth (aired on 07/24/2012)

Howard helps an eccentric friend in his quest to save a day centre for ex-servicemen.

S14E64 : The Bespectacled Bounder (aired on 07/25/2012)

Can Heston help an old lady obsessed with a 1930s movie to separate reality from fiction?

S14E65 : Nice Packet (aired on 07/26/2012)

Imogen's attempts to impress go awry when she gets involved with a teenage boy.

S14E66 : A Broad Church (aired on 08/13/2012)

Mrs Tembe's enthusiasm for role play leads to her being misunderstood.

S14E67 : Judging Books (aired on 08/14/2012)

Kevin convinces a patient to face the truth or risk both his health and his business.

S14E68 : Art and Soul (aired on 08/15/2012)

Immie fears that her friend Chris is being pressured into abandoning art school.

S14E69 : Car Wars (aired on 08/16/2012)

When two cab companies fight for The Mill's business, Howard is caught in the crossfire.

S14E70 : Good Citizens (aired on 08/17/2012)

Jimmi treats a pensioner having doubts about her evidence before a big court case.

S14E71 : The Great Unwashed (aired on 08/20/2012)

It is Jack's first day at the CAB, but his ego gets in the way of success.

S14E72 : Walter (aired on 08/21/2012)

Elaine's patient is convinced that her husband has been reincarnated.

S14E73 : The Frighteners (aired on 08/22/2012)

Mrs Tembe and Karen compete in the first round of Supachef, and Imogen helps a tour guide.

S14E74 : Here (aired on 08/23/2012)

The new doctor deals with the fallout from two lonely women fighting for attention.

S14E75 : Blue Eyed Boy (aired on 08/24/2012)

A student with a heart condition begs Heston to help him break free from his mother.

S14E76 : The Way to a Man's Heart (aired on 08/28/2012)

A new Supachef contender heats up the competition for Rob and Mrs Tembe.

S14E77 : Untouchable - Part 1 (aired on 08/29/2012)

A homeless youth searches for his life's meaning on his 21st birthday.

S14E78 : Untouchable - Part 2 (aired on 08/30/2012)

An ex-convict tries to shake off his past with disastrous consequences.

S14E79 : Sweetmeats (aired on 08/31/2012)

Jimmi tries to get Daniel to open up. Jas lands an interview for a part-time job.

S14E80 : Amusee Bouch (aired on 09/03/2012)

Rob and Mrs Tembe prepare for the final of Supachef. Daniel searches for Zara and Joe.

S14E81 : Four in a Bed (aired on 09/04/2012)

Jas is drawn into a bizarre love triangle. Jimmi realises what is happening to Daniel.

S14E82 : The Devil You Know (aired on 09/05/2012)

Imogen finds herself in a dangerous position when she helps a friend. Jas starts a new job

S14E83 : The Devil You Don't (aired on 09/06/2012)

Will Rob see through Wes's lies? Mrs Tembe discovers a dead body at the Mill.

S14E84 : Third Party (aired on 09/07/2012)

Mandy learns of a family secret while helping a friend clear out her house.

S14E85 : Pick Up Artist (aired on 09/10/2012)

Karen and Imogen are embroiled in an unusual dispute between a mother and her son.

S14E86 : Homecoming (aired on 09/11/2012)

Jas's double life causes trust issues with a nervous patient.

S14E87 : What I'm Good At (aired on 09/12/2012)

Elaine becomes an unwitting babysitter for a patient in trouble.

S14E88 : Piano Man (aired on 09/13/2012)

Jack attempts to fulfil one man's desire for love. Daniel asks Kevin to be his wingman.

S14E89 : The Artist (aired on 09/14/2012)

Howard helps a young boy come to terms with the death of his mother.

S14E90 : Virtuous Reality (aired on 09/17/2012)

Mandy is drawn into a scripted reality programme, and Harrison changes his plea.

S14E91 : A Tangled Web (aired on 09/18/2012)

Jack becomes involved in a dispute between a tenant and his landlord.

S14E92 : Ticks and Twitches (aired on 09/19/2012)

Everyone hates their birthday, but for Barry's friend Annie the day is full of bad omens.

S14E93 : An Urban Fairytale (aired on 09/20/2012)

An old lady believes the ghost of a young boy has brought Jimmi to save her.

S14E94 : Hello and Goodbye (aired on 09/21/2012)

Daniel's collapsing life leads to an error of judgement which could cost the Mill dearly.

S14E95 : Painted Blind (aired on 09/24/2012)

Cherry is caught in a Bermuda Triangle of wasted lives, and Jimmi has some shocking news.

S14E96 : The Best Medicine (aired on 09/25/2012)

Kevin helps a woman struggling to cope with all of her responsibilities.

S14E97 : Dear Joe (aired on 09/26/2012)

Heston tries to convince a patient to face the truth about his father's past.

S14E98 : Crossed Wires (aired on 09/27/2012)

Jas desperately tries to make amends when her money woes cloud her professional judgement.

S14E99 : Mum's a Word (aired on 09/28/2012)

Mandy tries to help a young boy, and Elaine bids farewell to the Mill.

S14E100 : White Coat (aired on 10/01/2012)

A mother is desperate for her son to cut the apron strings; can Karen persuade him?

S14E101 : Reports of My Death (aired on 10/02/2012)

A retired journalist is shocked when her obituary is published in the local paper.

S14E102 : Simple (aired on 10/03/2012)

A case of workplace bullying takes a nasty turn, but can Howard identify who is to blame?

S14E103 : Desperately Seeking Melanie (aired on 10/04/2012)

Kevin risks losing his reputation as the 'cool' one in the family when his niece turns up.

S14E104 : Affairs of the Heart (aired on 10/05/2012)

A past indiscretion causes problems for Emma at work as she tries to help an elderly man.

S14E105 : A Parent Thing (aired on 10/08/2012)

Karen is caught between a warring couple, and Jas steels herself for another trying day.

S14E106 : Tenderness (aired on 10/09/2012)

Painful memories surface when Heston investigates the alleged abuse of an elderly man.

S14E107 : A Lighter Note (aired on 10/10/2012)

Jealousy gets the better of a teenage girl, threatening the life of her innocent sister.

S14E108 : The Collectors (aired on 10/11/2012)

When a cynical bailiff trains a naive girl, he is unprepared for her influence.

S14E109 : Treason's Tell (aired on 10/12/2012)

Jimmi's suspicions are raised over Cherry and Daniel's relationship.

S14E110 : Home Free (aired on 10/15/2012)

A homeless man camped in Heston's garden refuses to accept his help.

S14E111 : Devotion (aired on 10/16/2012)

Mandy feels the wrath of an irate parent after giving advice to his disabled son.

S14E112 : An Appropriate Adult (aired on 10/17/2012)

Jimmi encounters a pregnant girl at the police station who wants an abortion.

S14E113 : The Lost Boy (aired on 10/18/2012)

Howard bumps into his old teacher, and Jas is anxious to meet up with her ex.

S14E114 : The Pain and the Itch (aired on 10/19/2012)

Karen has to deal with a grumpy patient who complains of problems 'down below'.

S14E115 : Seconds Away (aired on 10/22/2012)

Howard attempts to keep Daniel and Jimmi from resigning.

S14E116 : Love Scars (aired on 10/23/2012)

Mandy treats a girl who feels unable to start a new life with her boyfriend.

S14E117 : Cheer Up Sleepy Genes (aired on 10/24/2012)

Valerie's own Who Do You Think You Are? experience does not go according to plan.

S14E118 : Wide of the Mark (aired on 10/25/2012)

A blind mother turns to Chris for help when her teenage son refuses to let her touch him.

S14E119 : Turn (aired on 10/26/2012)

Jimmi must choose between believing the claims of a drug addict and those of a DI.

S14E120 : The Cry (aired on 10/29/2012)

Heston is shocked to discover a distressed patient on his doorstep.

S14E121 : The First Among Equals (aired on 10/30/2012)

A patient sparks off a battle between Howard and a formidable practice manager.

S14E122 : Party Time (aired on 10/31/2012)

Emma encounters a woman whose hatred of trick or treaters runs deep.

S14E123 : Beautiful Girl (aired on 11/01/2012)

Jimmi and DCI Driver get involved with a couple who are worried about a missing baby.

S14E124 : Boot Camp (aired on 11/02/2012)

Howard's military team-bonding experience in the woods goes awry when Karen is injured.

S14E125 : Ink (aired on 11/05/2012)

Kevin helps a patient traumatised by a Letherbridge tattoo compulsion.

S14E126 : Doctor Love (aired on 11/06/2012)

A DJ goes for a check-up during a 72-hour broadcast, and Jas learns a few home truths.

S14E127 : Fresh Start (aired on 11/07/2012)

Emma helps a young mum make an important decision about her future.

S14E128 : Faking It (aired on 11/08/2012)

Rob and DCI Driver go undercover to try and make contact with their target.

S14E129 : Remember Them (aired on 11/09/2012)

Kevin upsets a military wife and mother by not wearing his poppy.

S14E130 : No Strings (aired on 11/12/2012)

Heston starts planning his quiz while Rob and DCI Driver get closer undercover.

S14E131 : Host Family (aired on 11/13/2012)

Rob struggles to maintain a professional distance from Driver.

S14E132 : Ben Percy (aired on 11/14/2012)

It's quiz night at the Mill while Rob risks everything to catch Andrei.

S14E133 : Henry Dear's Big Day (aired on 11/15/2012)

Karen makes her feelings clear to Rob following his kiss with Driver.

S14E134 : Artist in Residence (aired on 11/16/2012)

Mandy's artistic friend Duncan feels that his wife has replaced him, with a cat.

S14E135 : Killing Me Softly (aired on 11/19/2012)

The Mill's cynical new recruit, Dr Al Haskey, is partnered with Jimmi on his first day.

S14E136 : Intransigence (aired on 11/20/2012)

When examining a prostitute for drugs usage, Jimmi discovers some vital information.

S14E137 : Sweet Child of Mine (aired on 11/21/2012)

DCI Driver's operation comes to a conclusion earlier than anticipated.

S14E138 : Out Damned Spot (aired on 11/22/2012)

Kevin's vanity is tested when he wakes up on the day of his date with a spot on his face.

S14E139 : All Because the Lady Loves (aired on 11/23/2012)

The Hollins buy a new car - but just how much torque can Karen handle?

S14E140 : The Woman at the Bus Stop (aired on 11/26/2012)

An admirer invites Valerie out to lunch, but are his intentions honourable?

S14E141 : Old Spice (aired on 11/27/2012)

Howard finds there is more than just love in the air at Fordbank Retirement Home.

S14E142 : Hold Sway (aired on 11/28/2012)

Jas helps a friend face a hereditary illness, and a gym makes Kevin question his identity.

S14E143 : Extra Curricular (aired on 11/29/2012)

Emma finds out how far a teenage daughter's concern for her widowed father will go.

S14E144 : Blip (aired on 11/30/2012)

Will Chris make Gary realise the seriousness of his illness before it's too late?

S14E145 : The One That Got Away (aired on 12/03/2012)

Karen's first love appears at the Mill, wanting to whisk her off to lunch.

S14E146 : Blood Upon the Rose (aired on 12/04/2012)

A reverend turns to Howard after the arrival of a poet triggers some disturbing visions.

S14E147 : The Beast in Me (aired on 12/05/2012)

Jimmi searches the woods for a seriously ill patient who has left his whole life behind.

S14E148 : Sleeping Dogs (aired on 12/06/2012)

Mrs Tembe gets in too deep when she attempts to discover the identity of a Good Samaritan.

S14E149 : Box Clever (aired on 12/07/2012)

Al is thrilled to be confronted with a medical mystery in the form of his friend's sister.

S14E150 : Keep Us Together (aired on 12/10/2012)

Heston is shocked to discover his 'date' has a non-romantic proposition for him.

S14E151 : Stockholm Syndrome (aired on 12/11/2012)

Rob is sent to a safe house to guard two members of a militant anarchist collective.

S14E152 : Demolition (aired on 12/12/2012)

Jas discovers an elderly patient refusing to leave his condemned tower block.

S14E153 : Follow That Star! (aired on 12/13/2012)

A recently divorced woman invites Chris along to her daughter's Nativity performance.

S14E154 : The Good Parent (aired on 12/14/2012)

Jimmi gets caught up in a dispute between a mother and daughter.

S14E155 : Known Impediment (aired on 12/17/2012)

Heston helps a bride-to-be who is keen to read her late father's speech at her wedding.

S14E156 : Elephant in the Room (aired on 12/18/2012)

Mrs Tembe is on the case when she discovers a bric-a-brac shop that sells ivory.

S14E157 : Ho Ho Flipping Ho (aired on 12/19/2012)

Al finds that his affinity with a teenage boy enables him to help.

S14E158 : Try (aired on 12/20/2012)

A diabetic patient who over-exaggerates her disability comes to see Emma.

S14E159 : Rifts and Gifts (aired on 12/21/2012)

Howard has an epiphany and Heston gives Daniel a necessary kick.

S14E160 : Flashback in Anger (aired on 01/02/2013)

Emma confronts Howard about what passed between them exactly one year ago.

S14E161 : Through a Glass Darkly (aired on 01/03/2013)

Mrs Tembe offers to keep an eye on a teenage girl at church, who then disappears.

S14E162 : Fizz for Breakfast (aired on 01/04/2013)

A woman breaks up with her controlling boyfriend, and Heston has a proposition for Mandy.

S14E163 : Over a Barrel (aired on 01/07/2013)

Gossip is rife when Daniel returns from his extended leave, but how will Jimmi react?

S14E164 : Brother's Keeper - Part 1 (aired on 01/08/2013)

Heston tries to help a man whose life is turned upside down by his brother.

S14E165 : Brother's Keeper - Part 2 (aired on 01/09/2013)

As the police close in, the brothers confront the past and Lindsey must make a decision.

S14E166 : This is the Song (aired on 01/10/2013)

When a former singing star sues her agent, emotions run high and secrets are revealed.

S14E167 : Behind Closed Doors (aired on 01/11/2013)

Can Howard help a neighbour face up to a secret that is ruining her life?

S14E168 : Kendon's Method (aired on 01/14/2013)

A visit from an old teacher finds Chris reliving his school days.

S14E169 : Bleeding Hearts (aired on 01/15/2013)

Mrs Tembe organises a walking tour for her church group, but the guide is unhelpful.

S14E170 : Where Are We Going? (aired on 01/16/2013)

Al tries to help his aunt's neighbour, who has received some devastating news.

S14E171 : Grit (aired on 01/17/2013)

Karen wonders if her god-daughter Sasha can survive life at Letherbridge University.

S14E172 : Thicker Than Water (aired on 01/18/2013)

Jimmi faces a dilemma when he tries to expose a live blood testing consultation.

S14E173 : Whatever It Takes (aired on 01/21/2013)

Kevin deals with a teenage pregnancy, and Mandy worries about her chickens.

S14E174 : Dark Horse (aired on 01/22/2013)

Rob investigates a vicious attack on a young woman and a break-in at another woman's home.

S14E175 : The Mating Game (aired on 01/23/2013)

A patient's request proves embarrassing for Jas, and Chris fixates on an IT analyst.

S14E176 : Please Hold (aired on 01/24/2013)

Can Daniel help dying father Jeff to reconnect with his son before it is too late?

S14E177 : Heston's Last Testament (aired on 01/25/2013)

Heston has been named as sole benefactor in a former patient's will.

S14E178 : Men at Work (aired on 01/28/2013)

Two old friends find they do not know how to talk to each other.

S14E179 : The Were-Witch Project (aired on 01/29/2013)

Brenda thinks the onset of the menopause is cause for celebration.

S14E180 : Feel the Fear (aired on 01/30/2013)

Rob is forced to help a man who keeps taking his clothes off in the park.

S14E181 : Monster (aired on 01/31/2013)

Jas attends to a patient who has been a victim of a tragic nightclub fire.

S14E182 : Ancient Triangle (aired on 02/01/2013)

An elderly patient of Kevin's is given a second chance at love, but will she take it?

S14E183 : The Wrong Man (aired on 02/04/2013)

Howard meets an ex-soldier who has taken his obsession with a school friend to new levels.

S14E184 : Face to Face (aired on 02/05/2013)

Mandy tries to help an amnesia sufferer come to terms with the person she used to be.

S14E185 : Saving Irene (aired on 02/06/2013)

Al becomes fascinated with an OCD sufferer who starts a journey to save her friend.

S14E186 : A Night Like This (aired on 02/07/2013)

Jimmi suspects a teen arrested at the scene of a hit and run may not be guilty after all.

S14E187 : Difficulty (aired on 02/08/2013)

One of Chris's patients conducts nefarious business at a secret bachelor pad.

S14E188 : Eleanor's Last Goodbye (aired on 02/11/2013)

Mandy has a meeting with an elderly lady, after which neither of them is the same again.

S14E189 : Skeletons (aired on 02/12/2013)

Emma is worried when Sam has a secretive appointment with Heston.

S14E190 : Something Extra (aired on 02/13/2013)

Daniel hopes his rift with Jimmi can be mended on Joe's first birthday.

S14E191 : Silly Valentine (aired on 02/14/2013)

On Valentine's Day, Jimmi wallows in self-pity as he contemplates his anniversary.

S14E192 : Little Miss Letherbridge (aired on 02/15/2013)

Mrs Tembe and the other ladies of St Bernadette's gather to welcome their new vicar.

S14E193 : Care (aired on 02/18/2013)

Jas clashes with a consultant when she defends a stressed mother and her autistic son.

S14E194 : The Good Father (aired on 02/19/2013)

When a game of hide and seek goes wrong, a teenage girl is forced to confront her demons.

S14E195 : Job's Worth (aired on 02/20/2013)

An unexpected job review from Daniel and an unhappy patient conspire to ruin Al's day.

S14E196 : Quality of Life (aired on 02/21/2013)

When a wealthy man with cancer is given the all-clear, he struggles to find new purpose.

S14E197 : The Official Line (aired on 02/22/2013)

Karen helps a grieving mother struggling to come to terms with her son's tragic death.

S14E198 : Letting Go (aired on 02/25/2013)

Jimmi finds himself facing his demons when he is called on to help catch a serial rapist.

S14E199 : Kiss and Tell (aired on 02/26/2013)

Heston worries about his friend's burgeoning relationship with a celebrity.

S14E200 : Changes (aired on 02/27/2013)

Mrs Tembe finds herself taking on the might of the church's ladies' committee.

S14E201 : Exterminating Angel (aired on 02/28/2013)

Rob finds himself caught in a septuagenarian love triangle.

S14E202 : D Day (aired on 03/01/2013)

A patient finding out her partner has cheated on her opens raw wounds for Zara and Daniel.

S14E203 : House Arrest (aired on 03/04/2013)

When a patient discloses that he is hurting someone, Jimmi must find out who.

S14E204 : A Few Bits (aired on 03/05/2013)

Mandy learns why Belinda will not help her elderly neighbour with her groceries.

S14E205 : Cheap Thrills (aired on 03/06/2013)

An evening of light entertainment takes a sinister turn for the team.

S14E206 : Swings and Roundabouts (aired on 03/07/2013)

Kevin and Heston realise they have separately treated an arguing couple,.

S14E207 : Fifty Shades of Beige (aired on 03/08/2013)

Al is determined to follow his new diet app, but his path is littered with temptation.

S14E208 : With or Without You (aired on 03/11/2013)

A heavily pregnant woman completely denies to Jimmi that she is in labour.

S14E209 : Wild Justice (aired on 03/12/2013)

Rob struggles to keep up with a young 'super cop', and Howard is suspicious of Zara.

S14E210 : The Things We Do for Love (aired on 03/13/2013)

Emma arranges for her, Sam and Chris to have a perfect day together.

S14E211 : The Other Half (aired on 03/14/2013)

Heston is put in a difficult position when he calls round to certify Sam's death.

S14E212 : Nessun Dorma (aired on 03/15/2013)

Jas tries to offer some helpful advice to a stressed student, but it backfires.

S14E213 : The Cold Light of Day (aired on 03/18/2013)

Emma is officially informed that Sam's death is being investigated as suspicious.

S14E214 : The Guilty Man (aired on 03/19/2013)

Tension fills the Mill as Chris comes back into work and Collier interviews her suspects.

S14E215 : K6 (aired on 03/20/2013)

Emma and Chris come to blows over her treatment of Sam - both in life and in death.

S14E216 : The Story of My Life (aired on 03/21/2013)

Sam's killer is revealed, and Kevin is accused of being a sexual predator.

S14E217 : The Scales (aired on 03/22/2013)

Emma is persuaded to listen to what happened on the evening of Sam's death.

S14E218 : Seeing the Light (aired on 03/25/2013)

Emma needs to find a plausible cover story to deflect attention from her and Chris.

S14E219 : Tea for Three (aired on 03/26/2013)

Jimmi is trapped with a woman whose belief in fate has sustained her since losing her son.

S14E220 : Crossing the Line (aired on 03/27/2013)

Zara is called up by a tightly-wound friend whose husband has disappeared.

S14E221 : Camper Van of Love (aired on 03/28/2013)

Heston is asked to mediate in the relationship between a retired fireman and his wife.