Season episodes list 15


S15E01 : Begins At Home (aired on 04/02/2013)

Jimmi sees Jo who is struggling with money, has no food in the house, and is stealing to feed her…

S15E02 : Tweet (aired on 04/03/2013)

Two men go rare bird watching outside the Mill, in a localised blizzard, much to Karen's annoyance.…

S15E03 : Telling (aired on 04/04/2013)

Al sees a dying man who is seeking forgiveness for his sins. Howard goes on a search for the…

S15E04 : Motherly Love (aired on 04/05/2013)

Rob finds an abandoned baby in the snow of Letherbridge park, only two women claim it's theirs.…

S15E05 : One Got Away (aired on 04/08/2013)

On their wedding anniversary, Trishna takes grumpy Shiva to see Kevin about his arm, but is he…

S15E06 : The Punch and Judy Man (aired on 04/09/2013)

Chris and Emma retrace one of Sam's favorite cycle routes. Jas helps a woman and her puppeteer…

S15E07 : The Hider in the House (aired on 04/10/2013)

On crutches, Zara hires a new nanny, only she's blonde and sexy. Then Daniel turns up to help and…

S15E08 : All's Fair (aired on 04/11/2013)

Daniel manages to convince Zara to move back in to his house while she needs looking after. Howard…

S15E09 : Turn Back Time (aired on 04/12/2013)

In the early 1980s, Emma and Sam meet for the first time, and soon develop a growing relationship.…

S15E10 : Truth and Reconciliation (aired on 04/15/2013)

Kevin leaves Jas to attend a dead tutor's funeral on her own, where she uncovers a history of…

S15E11 : Hunger (aired on 04/16/2013)

Cassie's parents, and Al, try to get her to go to an anorexia clinic. The drive to the clinic…

S15E12 : Young Love (aired on 04/17/2013)

Mandy gives a sexual health lesson at a local school, and helps a young relief teacher who has been…

S15E13 : The Lean (aired on 04/18/2013)

Daniel tries to re-connect with a struggling Zara, and starts by painting her toe nails. Chris…

S15E14 : Friday's Feelings (aired on 04/19/2013)

Kevin and Jas help a local DJ with her on air asthma attack, and end up broadcasting themselves!…

S15E15 : Person of Interest (aired on 04/22/2013)

Rob brings down the wrath of the new female DI, and her boss DCS Blake, whom Rob has a history…

S15E16 : Potato Head (aired on 04/23/2013)

Mandy sees Pearl who's about to have an operation. Her elderly husband is suffering from…

S15E17 : Refuge (aired on 04/24/2013)

Emma's at the police station, where she meets an old friend and helps with a case of domestic…

S15E18 : Talented Kid (aired on 04/25/2013)

Gordon and Mrs Tembe prepare for the opening of their food bank, while Jas and Kevin prepare for…

S15E19 : Light My Fire (aired on 04/26/2013)

Rob continues to be bullied by DI O'Neil as they investigate a local arson. Karen is intrigued by…

S15E20 : The Liars of Letherbridge (aired on 04/29/2013)

Gary's attempts to impress the sexy Welsh student upstairs get complicated when she mistakes him…

S15E21 : The Gift Next Door (aired on 04/30/2013)

Al gets into trouble with his neighbours and the police when he is accused of stealing an expensive…

S15E22 : Last of the Romantics (aired on 05/01/2013)

Mandy visits her recently bereaved Auntie Rose, where she discovers hidden secrets, including a…

S15E23 : The Grapevine (aired on 05/02/2013)

Kevin gets nominated for Young GP of the Year. Mrs Tembe tries to get people to condemn her for her…

S15E24 : Where the Truth Lies (aired on 05/03/2013)

Heston deals with a young Muslim man who is nervous and stressed out. Rob arrests Cartwright for…

S15E25 : A Most Unusual Item (aired on 05/07/2013)

Karen has to get an elderly salesman to the hospital for his first course in dialysis. He's worried…

S15E26 : The Final Bell (aired on 05/08/2013)

When Howard's car breaks down, he stumbles across an illegal fight at a traveler's camp. He helps…

S15E27 : Fox on the Run (aired on 05/09/2013)

Kevin sees Owen who has escaped from a Young Offenders unit and needs money and Meths. Daniel tries…

S15E28 : Perfect (aired on 05/10/2013)

Daniel and Zara start their therapy. Antagonistic and dismissive at first, Zara finally comes…

S15E29 : Chris FM (aired on 05/13/2013)

Jas persuades a student patient who's had her stomach pumped, to go on Chris' 1st radio show to…

S15E30 : The Sucker List (aired on 05/14/2013)

Rob gets a letter telling him he's been put on a list as a victim of fraud. Emma speaks to Jimmi…

S15E31 : Sweet Sixteen (aired on 05/15/2013)

After constant arguing with her daughter and mother, Gina wakes up on the anniversary of her…

S15E32 : Where R U? (aired on 05/16/2013)

Zara & the staff get a surprise when Howard quickly puts her 360 Feedback idea into operation.…

S15E33 : Crash Barrier (aired on 05/17/2013)

Chris helps a mother and son who have been suffering 8 months of persecution over a car accident…

S15E34 : By the Pricking of My Thumbs (aired on 05/20/2013)

Jas suggests to Al that he collaborates with the South Korean firm over his lost patent design.…

S15E35 : Nowhere to Go (aired on 05/21/2013)

Two brothers re-unite 5 years after an accident which left one in the hospital, now that their…

S15E36 : Home Truth (aired on 05/22/2013)

Al has some bad news about his Aunty Sheila - she's died. Kevin deals with an older woman who may…

S15E37 : Break in News (aired on 05/23/2013)

Local news reporter Marnie is desperate to get a good story, but gets in Rob's way when…

S15E38 : Santa Ranter (aired on 05/24/2013)

Mandy 's patient Keith Rooney is suffering from stress induced by his annoying neighbour Derek…

S15E39 : Cactus (aired on 05/28/2013)

Mrs Tembe deals with Terry, his dying mother, and her cactus. The partners try to convince Heston…

S15E40 : Older Then (aired on 05/29/2013)

Karen sees a man who wants to go sky diving, only his blood pressure is a bit high. Liam, Heston's…

S15E41 : A Fair Exchange (aired on 05/30/2013)

Mrs Tembe has ordered way too many supplies, and Barry isn't too happy with the number of boxes or…

S15E42 : Dangerous Liaison (aired on 05/31/2013)

Zara & Daniel's repeated attempts to have sex, now that their 3 week sabbatical is over, are…

S15E43 : Past Imperfect (aired on 06/03/2013)

Mandy sees OAP Mr Lester, who has finally got a job. Something in his past scuppers it though and…

S15E44 : Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (aired on 06/04/2013)

Kevin sees a man who dresses up in silver as the Tin Man and performs as a street statue. He has a…

S15E45 : 20 Million Miles to Letherbridge (aired on 06/05/2013)

Chris' mate gets him to go camping under false pretenses - he's after aliens! Heston and Mrs Tembe…

S15E46 : That Feeling of Falling (aired on 06/06/2013)

Al wakes up in bed next to Jas. Have all his dreams come true? They then bump into a tramp,…

S15E47 : Give and Take (aired on 06/07/2013)

Emma sees a police officer who's been attacked, and his attacker, tho the lad is claiming police…

S15E48 : Saptapadi (aired on 06/10/2013)

Jimmi helps the bride of an Indian wedding - she's pregnant, and it's not the groom's. Heston gets…

S15E49 : Tree Hug (aired on 06/11/2013)

Though his wife Sammy Jo is tolerant Colin Rinsler cannot abide the persistent visits by their…

S15E50 : All Things Change (aired on 06/12/2013)

Looking after her friend's dog, Jas bumps into Alan, a schizophrenic. He's not taking his Meds, and…

S15E51 : Someone Else's Shoes (aired on 06/13/2013)

Due to a mix-up in deliveries Jimmi and Branwen Howell receive each other's shoes and meet in a…

S15E52 : Run for Your Life (aired on 06/14/2013)

Maureen Oldgate is a tireless campaigner in her efforts to raise funds for Letherbridge hospice but…

S15E53 : The Loner (aired on 06/17/2013)

Al witnesses a knife attack in the news agents & recognizes the young girl accomplice, but is she…

S15E54 : Freya's Friends (aired on 06/18/2013)

On the anniversary of Freya's death, Mandy & Kevin complete a 'Walk for Lupus' that she'd planned,…

S15E55 : Thrills, Pills and Bellyaches... (aired on 06/19/2013)

Mrs Tembe has a busy day, reception is full due to the Echo testing, and then her 'little Jesus'…

S15E56 : Life and Soul (aired on 06/20/2013)

Chris & Kevin try to alert students to the dangers of Liam's Quack. Chris though, has an idiot of a…

S15E57 : A Thin Line (aired on 06/21/2013)

Liam and Kevin try to come to terms with the first Quack death. Liam though, is taking the drug for…

S15E58 : Snowblind (aired on 07/22/2013)

Heston and Kevin try to get to the bottom of Liam's drug taking and collapse. Emma sees a man whose…

S15E59 : Fallen Angels (aired on 07/23/2013)

There is anger over the proposed closure of the local youth centre, & Rob investigates the theft of…

S15E60 : Parent Trap (aired on 07/24/2013)

Zara sees a young girl who says she's been drinking heavily. She's protecting her mother, who's…

S15E61 : Antenatal (aired on 07/25/2013)

Mandy ends up having to take an antenatal class when the teacher phones in sick. There she meets…

S15E62 : Stargazing (aired on 07/26/2013)

Al offends a patient by telling her she's been the victim of a celestial scam. Jas talks to Kevin,…

S15E63 : Ring of Truth (aired on 07/29/2013)

Jimmi bumps into a friend of Cherry's. She's just got engaged, only her violent husband gets out of…

S15E64 : Dog Day (aired on 07/30/2013)

Emma and Zara come to blows over a patient. Heston and Emma discuss their new role as food critics,…

S15E65 : Silver on the Hearth (aired on 07/31/2013)

Chris gets involved when he runs over an illegal immigrant running from the police and borders…

S15E66 : Good Boy (aired on 08/01/2013)

Mrs Tembe scrapes her knee and is helped by Jenny, who needs a passport photo signed by a doctor.…

S15E67 : That's Amore (aired on 08/02/2013)

Heston and Emma go to a posh restaurant determined to write a scathing review. Howard's night of…

S15E68 : Whose Closet Is It Anyway? (aired on 08/05/2013)

Daniel goes to a local spa to book a surprise for Zara, only the sex mad receptionist thinks he's…

S15E69 : Testing, Testing (aired on 08/06/2013)

Emma helps a man when he's almost run over after his mother's funeral. The nursing staff get a…

S15E70 : No Smoke Without Fire (aired on 08/07/2013)

Karen, Mandy and Chris go on a 'team bonding and compassion' course. Heston helps a female mature…

S15E71 : The Lure (aired on 08/08/2013)

Rob has his wallet stolen while at a fishing shop. Kevin is determined to invite Al's girlfriend…

S15E72 : Lost Souls (aired on 08/09/2013)

Mrs Tembe tries to stop a young girl from being duped by a psychic reading. Her mother died…

S15E73 : Kick (aired on 08/12/2013)

Mandy helps an old pregnant school friend who is in the process of ruining both her marriage and…

S15E74 : A Slight Misunderstanding (aired on 08/13/2013)

Kevin and his mates' trip to Mauritius is in danger of being ruined by a series of…

S15E75 : Parallel Universes (aired on 08/14/2013)

After her car gets scratched, Jas reports Al to Howard. Daniel reflects on a tragic death, and what…

S15E76 : Release (aired on 08/15/2013)

Howard calls a partner's meeting to discuss Jas' sexual allegations against Al. Rob calls Emma in…

S15E77 : Mother's Choice (aired on 08/16/2013)

Chris sees a woman and her baby. The baby has chicken pox, but both are being chased by police and…

S15E78 : Snobbery with Violence (aired on 08/19/2013)

Karen imposes herself on her neighbour after getting locked out, only to discover what could be a…

S15E79 : Where the Buck Stops (aired on 08/20/2013)

Jimmi gets called to the police station to see a boy who's received a nude photo from a girl so has…

S15E80 : Falling (aired on 08/21/2013)

Zara tries to rush through her patients. She's got a very important meeting to get to and she's all…

S15E81 : Under Observation (aired on 08/22/2013)

Some rowdy students, all on Quack, invade the Campus surgery wanting to see Dr Khella. It seems the…

S15E82 : Revelations (aired on 08/23/2013)

Al is taken by Rob into the police station and questioned, but is he telling the police the whole…

S15E83 : Floor Routine (aired on 08/27/2013)

Chris sees a girl gymnast whose mother/trainer thinks has seriously damaged her ankle. Heston and…

S15E84 : WLTM (aired on 08/28/2013)

Mandy meets a man who's meeting lots of women through a co-parenting website. He only wants to have…

S15E85 : You Belong to Me (aired on 08/29/2013)

Gus the Estate Agent is obsessed with Jas. In fact, he's her stalker. His mental state is getting…

S15E86 : The Look of Love (aired on 08/30/2013)

Daniel bumps into an old photographer friend, but is worried that he's getting his model girlfriend…

S15E87 : Double or Quits (aired on 09/02/2013)

The new Vicar helps Mrs Tembe at the food bank. They meet 2 girls who've dropped out of college and…

S15E88 : Candid Camera (aired on 09/03/2013)

Al has finally found Jas' stalker, but can he convince Rob and the police to follow it up? Daniel…

S15E89 : The Edge (aired on 09/04/2013)

Jas' stalker has an appointment at the Mill, so Rob and the police set a trap. Karen is the only…

S15E90 : Sting in the Tail (aired on 09/05/2013)

Whilst the police stake out the Mill again and ultimately catch the wrong man, Al finds the…

S15E91 : One Way or Another (aired on 09/06/2013)

Whilst the police struggle to interview the wrong guy, Al finds himself imprisoned in the real…

S15E92 : Bittersweet (aired on 09/09/2013)

Heston sees a woman who pushes her overweight daughter to see him as well. Heston says that she's…

S15E93 : War Zone: Part One (aired on 09/10/2013)

At the end of a night on the town with Howard, one of his Ex war buddies Gareth sees his old flame…

S15E94 : War Zone: Part Two (aired on 09/11/2013)

Jade is suffering from an Ectopic pregnancy, but when she discharges herself from hospital, Howard…

S15E95 : War Zone: Part Three (aired on 09/12/2013)

Jade & Howard are horrified after Gareth ransacks and steals from the strip club. Before she can…

S15E96 : Collateral Damage (aired on 09/13/2013)

Zara rushes baby Joe to St Phils after believing he may have swallowed some coins. While there, the…

S15E97 : One Good Turn (aired on 09/16/2013)

Zara and Daniel get an unwelcome visit from the social worker. Mandy tries to get acts together for…

S15E98 : Wrong Rooms (aired on 09/17/2013)

Mrs Tembe bumps into a couple at the hospital. He has cancer, but his girlfriend is keeping secrets…

S15E99 : Happy Families (aired on 09/18/2013)

Meg's trying to get to South Africa to see her daughter. She spoke to her recently though her…

S15E100 : Child Proof (aired on 09/19/2013)

Zara & Daniel take baby Joe to be examined by a specialist. Emma & Rob get called to a baby's death…

S15E101 : Alone (aired on 09/20/2013)

Heston, Al & Kevin help Zara find a diagnosis for Joe's bruises. Emma, Karen & Mandy bicker over…

S15E102 : Manning Up (aired on 09/23/2013)

Zara & Daniel take their new findings on Joe's bruises to Dr Westerby, but will he believe them?…

S15E103 : Curtain Call (aired on 09/24/2013)

Everything that can go wrong goes wrong on the day of Chris' Talent Spectacular. Ultimately though,…

S15E104 : Howard's Special Day (aired on 09/25/2013)

Howard has been chosen as training poster boy and is being followed around by a cameraman on his…

S15E105 : A Different Page (aired on 09/26/2013)

Howard gets Emma and Al to try and sign up students at the Freshers Fayre. Unfortunately he insists…

S15E106 : Embarrassing Bodies (aired on 09/27/2013)

Al and Emma compete to sign up the most students at the Freshers Fair. David gets a shock when his…

S15E107 : The Third Girl (aired on 09/30/2013)

A woman gets herself into trouble when she dares to move into the Letherbridge House of Horror. Al…

S15E108 : The Wild West Midlands (aired on 10/01/2013)

Jimmi sees a young farmer's daughter with a nasty rash & signs of Glandular Fever. Revolted by the…

S15E109 : In Good Health (aired on 10/02/2013)

Karen visits her friend who's going for a biopsy & is worried that she might lose a breast. At St…

S15E110 : Viva Las Letherbridge: Part One (aired on 10/03/2013)

Heston and Kevin attend a medical conference for which Kevin has secured the services of his…

S15E111 : Viva Las Letherbridge: Part Two (aired on 10/04/2013)

Kevin & Heston wake up late, unable to remember the last night. Kevin has an ear piercing, and…

S15E112 : The Eggs (aired on 10/07/2013)

The personal tutor of a female student sees Emma as she thinks the Mill have been dishing out…

S15E113 : Floss (aired on 10/08/2013)

Jas gets locked out of Kevin's house in her nightgown and finds herself getting embroiled in…

S15E114 : Paranoid (aired on 10/09/2013)

Mandy gets angry when Howard has a go at her over her treating of Jess, so she asks a reluctant…

S15E115 : XXL (aired on 10/10/2013)

Mandy gets worried that Jess and her obstinate mother aren't changing their lifestyles. Fleur comes…

S15E116 : Under Fire (aired on 10/11/2013)

With Jess in hospital, her mother and Mandy attend the trial at the Magistrates Court. Howard is…

S15E117 : Austenland: Part One (aired on 10/14/2013)

Jas sees a patient who has selective Mutism and would rather live in the world of Jane Austen. Her…

S15E118 : Austenland: Part Two (aired on 10/15/2013)

As Lizzie's Jane Austen inspired fantasy world gets more dangerous and confused, will it be the…

S15E119 : Charlotte's Web (aired on 10/16/2013)

Chris meets up with his best friend from primary school who announces, to Chris' horror, that she's…

S15E120 : Northanger Bungalow (aired on 10/17/2013)

Jimmi sees Catriona who has an overactive imagination - she's filming zombies and thinks her…

S15E121 : Gemma (aired on 10/18/2013)

Sigourney's mother slip and sprains her ankle so goes and sees Heston. Training to be a dancer,…

S15E122 : Remission (aired on 10/21/2013)

Elliot bumps into his ex boyfriend after six years. Unfortunately his ex thought he'd died of…

S15E123 : Adulterers Only (aired on 10/22/2013)

Megan gets herself into trouble when she joins an adulterers dating agency to spy on her husband.…

S15E124 : Tender Loins (aired on 10/23/2013)

Howard and Daniel attend a meeting for the big new Polyclinic. Kevin and Heston have hot dates with…

S15E125 : Control (aired on 10/24/2013)

Heston discovers the head of the Polyclinic has been approaching the Mill staff, so suggests they…

S15E126 : Stressed Out (aired on 10/25/2013)

Jas sees Dr. Everson who is being stalked by a student. Sigourney tests out some of her beauty…

S15E127 : Medicinal Use Only (aired on 10/28/2013)

After their weekend away, Heston gets fed up with Gloria's clinging and constant talking. Mrs Tembe…

S15E128 : Family Planning (aired on 10/29/2013)

Ann Smithson has lied to her husband James about her infertility as she fears he will leave her for…

S15E129 : Too Much to Swallow (aired on 10/30/2013)

Al gets called to an elderly death. Unfortunately the old man died in his next door neighbor's bed…

S15E130 : Trick or Treat (aired on 10/31/2013)

Jimmi, Al and Heston tell tales of horror to a mysterious trick or treater in which Jimmi treats a…

S15E131 : Carpe (aired on 11/01/2013)

Jas and Jimmi bond over a Danish Noir TV show. Chris sees an elderly woman with Parkinsons who's…

S15E132 : Fireworks (aired on 11/04/2013)

Emma is trailed by a keen trainee female police surgeon on a busy night shift. Jas has a go at…

S15E133 : Hush (aired on 11/05/2013)

Rob discovers that he hurt a drunken Karen more than he thought when he knocked into her with his…

S15E134 : My Girl (aired on 11/06/2013)

Jimmi goes to St Phils to see Rob and Karen. Heston sees a woman with bruises on her arms. Is she…

S15E135 : Forever Young (aired on 11/07/2013)

Karen dreams that she's back in 1984, only she keeps getting headaches and hears a strange voice…

S15E136 : The Way of the Warrior (aired on 11/08/2013)

Zara goes to see Karen, but she and Rob are alarmed by Karen's answers to a few basic questions.…

S15E137 : Mom (aired on 11/11/2013)

Mandy tries to keep the peace between a pregnant mother and daughter. Jack disobeys both Rob, and…

S15E138 : Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go) (aired on 11/12/2013)

Rob goes to talk things over with Jack, leaving Karen in the hands of Mrs Tembe and Al. Al shocks…

S15E139 : Fallen Apples (aired on 11/13/2013)

Heston goes to see Karen, though she still refuses to see Rob, on account that he's 'creepy'.…

S15E140 : Charged (aired on 11/14/2013)

Whilst visiting his Nan's grave, Al bumps into a man suffering from Electro-Magnetic Hyper…

S15E141 : Two Lemons and a Bar (aired on 11/15/2013)

Heston sees a man who has Hepatitis B, but will it affect his chances of having a baby? Al talks to…

S15E142 : A Decent Plumber (aired on 11/18/2013)

Karen goes home with Rob and Mrs Tembe, only hates everything she sees. Jas & Jimmi agree to split…

S15E143 : A Curse Be Upon Her (aired on 11/19/2013)

Zara sees an agoraphobic girl with a cut on her arm, who believes she'll die if she leaves the…

S15E144 : What Needs to Be Done (aired on 11/20/2013)

A newly blonde Karen moves in with Mrs Tembe. Heston goes to an open audition for a Babes in the…

S15E145 : Home Run (aired on 11/21/2013)

Heston decides to write a traditional Panto, Cinderella. Jas looks up Aran on 'Mates Reunited'.…

S15E146 : No Evil (aired on 11/22/2013)

Encouraged by her friend Cindy patient Jean tries to ensnare Al with her home-made sausage rolls…

S15E147 : Exposure (aired on 11/25/2013)

Emma sees a man who's knocked a cyclist down with his car. He's refusing to take a breathalyser but…

S15E148 : The First Rule of Dad's Club (aired on 11/26/2013)

Daniel attends 'Dad's Club' with Joe, but his lying about being a doctor soon gets him into…

S15E149 : Strange Romance (aired on 11/27/2013)

Chris gets himself into trouble with two hot, young house guests. Mrs Tembe blackmails Kevin into…

S15E150 : The House on Coppertree Hill (aired on 11/28/2013)

Valerie & her friend's visit to her friend's dad at the care home uncovers a dark family secret.…

S15E151 : Dragon (aired on 11/29/2013)

At the food bank, Mrs Tembe meets a tall man who wants food for his dragon. Kevin & Al are both…

S15E152 : Raking the Ashes (aired on 12/02/2013)

Emma deals with a Community Midwife who's trying to hide the fact that she's killed her husband…

S15E153 : Second Chance (aired on 12/03/2013)

Karen tricks Mrs Tembe into taking her to the cash point. Chris deals with a girl who's bashed her…

S15E154 : Speaking the Truth in Love (aired on 12/04/2013)

Kevin's one night stands bite him when a woman calls to say she's calling off her wedding for him.…

S15E155 : Waiting for Andre (aired on 12/05/2013)

Janet gets a blast from the past, but she's worried about her weight, and the upcoming concert that…

S15E156 : Foxtrot Tango (aired on 12/06/2013)

Howard has been mentoring an injured soldier and helping him to dance as he's trying to win back an…

S15E157 : Plan B (aired on 12/09/2013)

Kevin sees a 15 year old girl who's forged her mum's signature to get the HPV vaccine. Rob's not…

S15E158 : Love to Hate You (aired on 12/10/2013)

Emma sees a man who hates his co workers, but when Jill gets a job in Rio, he wishes he was going…

S15E159 : Have-Nots (aired on 12/11/2013)

When ex Army girl Clare is let go on the promise of a job, she holds up the store with a gun.…

S15E160 : One Man's Trash (aired on 12/12/2013)

Barry deals with 'hazardous situations' in the park, which leads him on a wild goose chase. All…

S15E161 : It Fits! It Fits! (aired on 12/13/2013)

It's the day of the Panto with, unknown to Heston, a re-written script. An injured Valerie has also…

S15E162 : Quick Fingered (aired on 01/06/2014)

Chris tries to help someone who has been recently released from prison to change his ways.

S15E163 : The Fires of Midwinter (aired on 01/07/2014)

Howard and Rob arrest a troublemaker on a local estate who then ends up in hospital.

S15E164 : The Real Dr Granger (aired on 01/08/2014)

Daniel is perplexed by inconsistencies in his bank statements.

S15E165 : Idol Hands (aired on 01/09/2014)

Valerie teams up with a timid woman to meet her favourite TV presenter.

S15E166 : Concealer (aired on 01/10/2014)

Mrs Tembe meets a young couple whose wedding day is threatened by cold sores.

S15E167 : Reunion (aired on 01/13/2014)

A reunion between a long-lost brother and sister is marred by a routine medical check.

S15E168 : Five Days (aired on 01/14/2014)

An unexpected memory causes Rob to revisit a case from ten years ago.

S15E169 : Love's Young Dream (aired on 01/15/2014)

Zara finds herself stuck alone in the campus surgery with an injured, desperate young man.

S15E170 : Moving On (aired on 01/16/2014)

Valerie comes to the aid of her elderly neighbour, and Sian has a surprise visitor.

S15E171 : La Cosa Nose (aired on 01/17/2014)

Kevin helps Michael, a clown with suspected osteoporosis who is suffering for his art.

S15E172 : White Van (aired on 01/20/2014)

Chris helps a troubled man who is distressed by the sight of a white van.

S15E173 : Black (aired on 01/21/2014)

Sian's fears become reality and she calls Rob, but he is in no fit state to play the hero.

S15E174 : Sid's Blues (aired on 01/22/2014)

Emma encounters an elderly jazz singer whose infectious joviality covers a grim reality.

S15E175 : Small Favours (aired on 01/23/2014)

Valerie tries to help an old lady convinced that her son is being stopped from seeing her.

S15E176 : Two Little Boys (aired on 01/24/2014)

An ill teenager discovers a classmate is working for a loan shark his dad owes money to.

S15E177 : For Whom the Bell Tolls (aired on 01/27/2014)

Heston is gifted an antique clock by a dying patient, and Zara is in manipulative mode.

S15E178 : Destiny (aired on 01/28/2014)

Mrs Tembe meets a pregnant young girl who is torn between two men.

S15E179 : The Boy Narcissus (aired on 01/29/2014)

Zara meets a student who is addicted to pills, and Heston has to plan a lecture.

S15E180 : Hamstrung (aired on 01/30/2014)

Daniel meets a former social worker who appears to be a victim of harassment.

S15E181 : Little White Lies (aired on 01/31/2014)

Rob investigates a laptop theft, and Daniel and Zara take Joe to church.

S15E182 : Perfect Match (aired on 02/03/2014)

A separated couple visit Kevin with a shocking request, and Al faces his dental fears.

S15E183 : Must Edit Filth (aired on 02/04/2014)

Mandy and Jimmi have a tough day when a busy New York lawyer arrives in Letherbridge.

S15E184 : About the Boy (aired on 02/05/2014)

Love is in the air when Chris helps supervise a basketball game, but is all as it seems?

S15E185 : Charm School (aired on 02/06/2014)

Karen finds herself getting involved when a glamorous socialite comes to Letherbridge.

S15E186 : Perestroika (aired on 02/07/2014)

Howard works with Barry to apprehend a Russian sleeper agent at large on the campus.

S15E187 : The Good Samaritan (aired on 02/10/2014)

Heston is helped by a Good Samaritan when he is involved in a minor collision.

S15E188 : Thirsty Work (aired on 02/11/2014)

Mrs Tembe meets a woman who will go to horrific lengths to get back her husband.

S15E189 : Shadow of a Doubt (aired on 02/12/2014)

Zara has to mediate between two brothers who are harbouring family resentments.

S15E190 : The Way, the Truth and the Lie (aired on 02/13/2014)

Emma learns a valuable lesson when an old university friend turns up.

S15E191 : Made in Heaven (aired on 02/14/2014)

Hermione has a few Valentine surprises planned for Jimmi, but things do not go to plan.

S15E192 : A Helping Hand (aired on 02/17/2014)

Chris encounters a patient whose life is seemingly controlled by his violent left hand.

S15E193 : The Moral High Ground (aired on 02/18/2014)

Kevin is drawn into helping an obese man who is being wrongly persecuted as a paedophile.

S15E194 : The Low Ground (aired on 02/19/2014)

Left for dead, Kevin faces a race against time to save Steve from the vigilante gang.

S15E195 : Love is Blind (aired on 02/20/2014)

It's date night, and there are very different fates in store for the staff of the Mill.

S15E196 : The Soundtrack of Your Life (aired on 02/24/2014)

Chris treats a man with a very unusual condition: he hears music everywhere he goes.

S15E197 : Fairy Gold (aired on 02/24/2014)

Emma helps two women who wake up in the police cells after a heavy night of drinking.

S15E198 : Blink (aired on 02/25/2014)

Howard visits an old colleague who wants today to be his last day on earth.

S15E199 : Ditched (aired on 02/26/2014)

Al is called upon to save the day whilst drunk and disorderly at a friend's stag do.

S15E200 : Nun But the Brave (aired on 02/27/2014)

Emma meets a nun who she fears is not facing up to a terrible incident in her recent past.

S15E201 : Dickens of a Day (aired on 02/28/2014)

Zara has a strange day, Mandy receives a shock, and Mrs Tembe tries her hand at comedy.

S15E202 : Talk Talk (aired on 03/03/2014)

Karen receives an unexpected visit from Imogen, who is much in need of her mum.

S15E203 : Bliss (aired on 03/04/2014)

Kevin has some bad news for a mature patient who prides himself on his independence.

S15E204 : Old Flames (aired on 03/05/2014)

Jimmi is trapped between a rock and a hard place after accepting a dinner invitation.

S15E205 : The Invisible Man (aired on 03/06/2014)

Howard encounters a woman who believes her late husband has come back from the dead.

S15E206 : Matter of Chance (aired on 03/07/2014)

An old friend of Chris's finds his life turned upside down when his ex reappears.

S15E207 : Out of the Blue (aired on 03/10/2014)

Heston faces an uphill struggle to persuade homeless Tommy to change his ways.

S15E208 : Rosie (aired on 03/11/2014)

A patient has her willingness to adopt put to the test when she receives some tragic news.

S15E209 : Postcard (aired on 03/12/2014)

Mrs Tembe encounters a man at church who's waiting for his second chance at love.

S15E210 : Wires Crossed (aired on 03/13/2014)

Al becomes embroiled with a student's mission to impress the guy she fancies by abseiling.

S15E211 : Pie Piper (aired on 03/14/2014)

Howard becomes entwined in a family affair when a performance ends with a trip to A&E.

S15E212 : The Real Thing (aired on 03/17/2014)

Zara is concerned when she tries to help a woman who is convinced she has cancer.

S15E213 : Up in Flames (aired on 03/18/2014)

Chris continues on his path of self-destruction, while reality bites for Mandy.

S15E214 : Skin Deep (aired on 03/19/2014)

Kevin tries to help a shopping channel TV presenter who fears he is about to lose his job.

S15E215 : Hostage to Fortune (aired on 03/20/2014)

Heston is left frustrated by an incompetent drugs rep, but is everything as it seems?

S15E216 : No Fool Like an Old Fool (aired on 03/21/2014)

Mrs Tembe finds herself playing matchmaker, but an escaped prisoner stands in her way.

S15E217 : Old Wounds (aired on 03/24/2014)

Howard and Barry are on a mission at the campus, but circumstances conspire against them.

S15E218 : Two Four (aired on 03/25/2014)

Al gets personally involved in a strange dynamic and Karen discovers a bitter truth.

S15E219 : The Pool Boy (aired on 03/26/2014)

Zara sees a patient who insists her cheating boyfriend has given her an STI.

S15E220 : Sweet Smell of Success (aired on 03/27/2014)

Kevin's past haunts him when he sees someone from his school days.

S15E221 : A Caring Professional (aired on 03/28/2014)

Mandy comes face to face with a flasher and takes an unusual step to help him.

S15E222 : Unforgettable (aired on 03/31/2014)

Daniel discovers a patient with an aneurysm has further medical complications.