Season episodes list 16


S16E01 : The Inheritance (aired on 04/01/2014)

Daniel finds out a shocking secret as he attempts to help a patient deal with his suicidal…

S16E02 : Finding Alfie (aired on 04/02/2014)

Mandy finds her professional reputation being brought into question after an over protective father…

S16E03 : The Face in the Mirror (aired on 04/03/2014)

Zara finds herself becoming caught up in the middle of a very unusual love triangle. Jimmi is…

S16E04 : Angelo's Ashes (aired on 04/04/2014)

Mrs Tembe comes up with a macabre plan to try and help a widowed friend take on her gym manager who…

S16E05 : Golden Girl (aired on 04/07/2014)

Al attempts to persuade a student to stop using a new tanning product that is not safe. Things heat…

S16E06 : The Good Neighbour (aired on 04/08/2014)

Rob has no choice but to step in after a former police officer starts to investigate his new…

S16E07 : Two Roads (aired on 04/09/2014)

Daniel attempts to stop his friend from making a choice that could tear his family apart. Chris…

S16E08 : Banana Bite (aired on 04/10/2014)

The surgery is on high alert after there is a deadly spider on the loose. Emma finds it hard to…

S16E09 : Crikey! (aired on 04/11/2014)

Chris starts his last day and Barry has planned a special send-off. Mandy has to deal with a new…

S16E10 : Sometimes it Snows in April (aired on 04/28/2014)

Kevin attempts to helps a man see where his priorities lie after a mysterious object falls from the…

S16E11 : The Crazy World of Vegetables (aired on 04/29/2014)

Howard is surprised after he learns why an ex-colleague has recruited him to help her lazy son.…

S16E12 : Less than Meets the Eye (aired on 04/30/2014)

Jimmi treats a young woman suffering gender confusion who is facing a serious charge at the police…

S16E13 : Land of Sunshine (aired on 05/01/2014)

Rob interviews an upset woman who seems to havegot away from her captors. The Mill needs a new…

S16E14 : Faith (aired on 05/02/2014)

Mrs Tembe meets with the man she saved and learns the dark reason why he wanted to end his life.…

S16E15 : Viral (aired on 05/06/2014)

Mandy attempts to help a teenage girl who has a problem with her boyfriend sharing intimate…

S16E16 : Hitting Home (aired on 05/07/2014)

Emma attempts to help a young mother whose independence had meant that she is unable to look after…

S16E17 : A Blind Eye (aired on 05/08/2014)

A man suffering with some terrifying hallucinations manages to cause Daniel problems finding a…

S16E18 : Reliable Witness (aired on 05/09/2014)

Al finds himself being drawn into a complex thirty-year-old mystery after an elderly man with…

S16E19 : Old Scores (aired on 05/12/2014)

After a couple of successful professionals return to their old school for a careers talk,…

S16E20 : The Larry Wrigglesworth Affair (aired on 05/13/2014)

Howard finds himself involved in a game of cat and mouse at an art gallery. Karen and Rob go out…

S16E21 : Just Deserts (aired on 05/14/2014)

After an old friend pays him a visit, Heston finds himself believing that romance could be on the…

S16E22 : Electric Dreams (aired on 05/15/2014)

Mrs Tembe and Karen enjoy a musical evening. Emma's dinner party offers Niamh an unexpected insight…

S16E23 : The Call of Duty (aired on 05/16/2014)

After he attempts to help an elderly couple, Kevin has to deal with a moral dilemma which could see…

S16E24 : Snowbabies (aired on 05/19/2014)

Mandy attempts to help a couple who are mourning the death of their child after a devastating…

S16E25 : The Apprentice (aired on 05/20/2014)

Heston meets a woman who has the ability to spot rare medical symptoms that could save a person's…

S16E26 : Dorian Blue (aired on 05/21/2014)

Niamh attempts to help a student with a strange secret. Zara upsets Mandy whilst Rob meets Karen's…

S16E27 : A Rock and a Hard Place (aired on 05/22/2014)

Kevin feels suspicious after he treats a young woman whose symptoms do not quite add up. Daniel is…

S16E28 : Modern Family (aired on 05/23/2014)

Daniel attempts to help a troubled teenager whose ideas about the future are very different to…

S16E29 : To Catch a Thief (aired on 05/27/2014)

Jimmi has to treat a child who has been arrested for robbery whilst Rob wonders whether somebody…

S16E30 : Lonely Hearts (aired on 05/28/2014)

Mandy believes that a regular patient's new partner is after her money and decides to investigate.…

S16E31 : Cold Fusion (aired on 05/29/2014)

Al finds himself becoming involved with a man's strange beliefs about aliens. After things spiral…

S16E32 : The Kiss (aired on 05/30/2014)

After a former lover needs Zara to help save his son, she is put in a really impossible position.…

S16E33 : Sacrifice (aired on 06/02/2014)

After tracking down Edwin's drug-addicted son, Zara realises how much danger she's now in. Karen…

S16E34 : A Thousand Words (aired on 06/03/2014)

Niamh discovers a young patient is lying about been terminally ill. Imogen's new art project proves…

S16E35 : Responsible Adult (aired on 06/04/2014)

Daniel has to step in when his patients neighbour angrily attacks him. Rob is coming to the end of…

S16E36 : A Day in the Life (aired on 06/05/2014)

Niamh is in a race against time to save the lives of three young men, when she makes a shocking…

S16E37 : And so to Bed (aired on 06/05/2014)

Mrs Temebe is partly responsible for losing some of her friends savings. Emma feels let down by…

S16E38 : Judge and Jury (aired on 06/09/2014)

Al is determined to try and clear his name when a patient makes a serious accusation against him.…

S16E39 : Breaking the Silence (aired on 06/10/2014)

Daniel attempts to help a student who regrets going through with a life-changing operation. Howard…

S16E40 : Not Coming Out (aired on 06/11/2014)

Kevin's cousin needs his help dealing with her son admit he is gay. His revelation shocks them both…

S16E41 : Try a Little Tenderness (aired on 06/12/2014)

A mysterious woman shows up at the campus with some news for Barry. Jimmi and Mrs Tembe clash over…

S16E42 : Baby Chain (aired on 06/13/2014)

Niamh becomes involved in a family dispute after a surrogate changes her mind about keeping the…

S16E43 : Boiling Point (aired on 06/16/2014)

Jimmi and Rob attempt to help av woman whose carer has been attacked. Mrs Tembe invites Josh around…

S16E44 : In the Blood (aired on 06/17/2014)

Emma attempts to help a history student and her boyfriend after the past threatens to overshadow…

S16E45 : Small Deaths (aired on 06/18/2014)

Heston helps a young and vulnerable mum discover the truth, when tragedy strikes. Karen has a…

S16E46 : Better Off Alone (aired on 06/19/2014)

Mandy isn't aware that all isn't as it seems, when she takes a chance on love. Howard and Emma's…

S16E47 : The Wicca Man (aired on 06/20/2014)

Kevin tries to fix a neighbourly dispute, when both parties reveal they are suffering from severe…

S16E48 : Leper (aired on 07/07/2014)

A tired Zara returns to St Phil's Hospital the morning after Jade is rushed into theatre. Heston…

S16E49 : Author, Author (aired on 07/08/2014)

Niamh attempts to catch Al's attention, while Zara goes to see Jade ather home and is surprised by…

S16E50 : Just the Ticket (aired on 07/09/2014)

Jimmi learns about some foul play at work after he responds to a man's concern regarding his aunt's…

S16E51 : What Lies Beneath (aired on 07/10/2014)

Howard finds out the real reason behind a sales rep's aggressive behaviour and finds himself…

S16E52 : Turn in the Road (aired on 07/11/2014)

Rob attempts to find out more about a driving test scam but finds it hard to find any real leads…

S16E53 : Baked (aired on 07/14/2014)

Zara ends up getting more than she bargains for as she visits an elderly patient leaving Daniel to…

S16E54 : The Good Doctor (aired on 07/15/2014)

Al thinks that there might have been some foul play following a meeting a patient claiming to have…

S16E55 : The Gordian Knot (aired on 07/16/2014)

Daniel attempts to help a patient whose little girl seems to have contracted scurvy following a cut…

S16E56 : Fast & Furious (aired on 07/17/2014)

Niamh is left in a bind as her ignorance of Ramadan is exposed after a young man comes in with his…

S16E57 : Foreign Fields (aired on 07/18/2014)

Howard's efforts to learn what happened to his great-grandfather in the First World War sees him…

S16E58 : Redirect the Heart (aired on 07/21/2014)

Kevin attempts to expose the hypocrisy of a young Muslim patient, who is finding difficult to…

S16E59 : Unsolved Mysteries (aired on 07/22/2014)

Karen talks to a girl who she thinks is trying to escape from abuse at home, but soon comes to…

S16E60 : Pieces of String Too Short For Use (aired on 07/23/2014)

Heston attempts to help a hoarder who spills her husband's ashes on herself and then goes…

S16E61 : Kill or Cure (aired on 08/04/2014)

A shocking discovery is made by Zoe after a group of schoolgirls are struck down by a mysterious…

S16E62 : Free (aired on 08/05/2014)

Jimmi attempts to help repeat offender Liz who is stuck in a cycle of self hatred. Niamh is…

S16E63 : Starting Over (aired on 08/06/2014)

Kevin is worried after a depressed patient takes some drastic action by auctioning off his life on…

S16E64 : Eppur Si Muove (aired on 08/07/2014)

Heston's paranoia gets more out of control. Mrs Tembe could be making a massive mistake pushing…

S16E65 : A Kind of Magic (aired on 08/08/2014)

Karen attempts to help a former celebrity magician who has fallen on hard times reconnect with a…

S16E66 : Buttoned Up (aired on 08/11/2014)

Al attempts to help save a couple's relationship after a patient's girlfriend has an unusual…

S16E67 : Flashpoint (aired on 08/12/2014)

Howard receives the chance to use his policing skills after there is an investigation into a…

S16E68 : For Those About to Rock (aired on 08/13/2014)

Mandy manages to get in touch with her inner rock goddess following a run in with a diehard rocker.…

S16E69 : Green-Eyed Monsters (aired on 08/14/2014)

A couple of women compete for Kevin's affections. Daniel and Toni step up the pace during their…

S16E70 : Payback (aired on 08/15/2014)

A drama therapy session sees more self-exploration for the workshop leader than he could have…

S16E71 : While the Cat's Away (aired on 08/18/2014)

Al finds it hard to keep his emotions in check after Niamh goes on a date with what looks like the…

S16E72 : Special (aired on 08/19/2014)

Different locals become sick with a mysterious illness, and Al believes that a boy who claims to…

S16E73 : Flipping Cats (aired on 08/20/2014)

Howard has an unexpected new police partner whilst attempting to locate a stolen cat. Emma helps…

S16E74 : The Moon Girl Chronicles (Part One) (aired on 08/21/2014)

Jimmi is worried about his goddaughter who was born with a hole in the heart. Rob is looking for a…

S16E75 : The Moon Girl Chronicles (Part Two) (aired on 08/22/2014)

Jimmi continues to try and find his goddaughter.

S16E76 : Three's a Crowd (aired on 08/26/2014)

Mandy attempts to help a couple who are at odds with each other look after a baby. Heston has a…

S16E77 : Love is a Battlefield (aired on 08/27/2014)

A mother is desperate to stop her son from getting married. Jimmi's suspicions of Zara grow. Barry…

S16E78 : The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Lorry Driver (aired on 08/28/2014)

A suspicious wife finds herself questioning whether or not her husband is smuggling illegal…

S16E79 : The Girl in the Photograph (aired on 08/29/2014)

Karen helps a young woman who wants to become a costume designer. Daniel and Toni wow Anton Du Beke…

S16E80 : Signs (aired on 09/01/2014)

Mrs Tembe wont believe the worst of an ex-convict who is working at Campus as a handyman. Jimmi…

S16E81 : A Trick of the Mind (aired on 09/02/2014)

Toni attempts to help a heavily pregnant woman who is concerned that she is losing her memory.…

S16E82 : Monsters and Gods (aired on 09/03/2014)

Al manages to save the life of a fellow sci-fi enthusiast and impresses Niamh along the way.

S16E83 : Life Story (aired on 09/04/2014)

Daniel needs to help a couple of his patients who are at loggerheads. Heston learns that he does…

S16E84 : Judgement Day (aired on 09/05/2014)

Rob attempts to stop a woman from dousing acid on the magistrate she thinks is responsible for her…

S16E85 : Mother Knows Best (aired on 09/08/2014)

Kevin tries to give some advice to a woman who is being pressured by her Nigerian mother-in-law to…

S16E86 : Love, Honour, Betray 9.7/10 (aired on 09/09/2014)

Heston attempts to help deal with a dispute between a woman and her husband, who has shown up after…

S16E87 : More Like Clouds Than Stars 9.7/10 (aired on 09/10/2014)

Mandy tries to help a father who says he cannot bear to look at his teenage daughter. Heston has…

S16E88 : Root of All Evil 9.8/10 (aired on 09/11/2014)

Daniel attempts to help out a fellow gambling addict who has hit hard times and who is hiding a…

S16E89 : Critical Care (aired on 09/12/2014)

Howard finds himself in the middle of a desperate woman's attempts to bend the NHS rules so that…

S16E90 : The Good Copper (aired on 09/15/2014)

After a police officer is accused of planting evidence, Rob's loyalty to a colleague is challenged.…

S16E91 : Do unto Others 9.8/10 (aired on 09/16/2014)

Jimmi pays a visit to a bereavement centre, where the staff are all at odds with one another. Mandy…

S16E92 : The Mad Woman in the Attic (aired on 09/17/2014)

A bad night's sleep becomes a meditation for Karen as she attempts to understand exactly who she is.

S16E93 : A Quick Fix (aired on 09/18/2014)

Zara runs into a teenaged vampire and her desperate mother. Heston starts to talk through his past…

S16E94 : A Perfect Evening 9.7/10 (aired on 09/19/2014)

Al, Heston and Kevin all have their perfect evenings planned but not everything goes as they hoped.

S16E95 : Charlie's Angel 9.4/10 (aired on 09/22/2014)

Karen tries to reunite a mother with her betrayed daughter, and Mandy attempts to convince Catriona…

S16E96 : Timeout 9.4/10 (aired on 09/23/2014)

A tired craftsman finds his health affects his business. Catriona talks to the police whilst Kevin…

S16E97 : Waiting 9.6/10 (aired on 09/24/2014)

Rachel is confronted by Mandy as things come to a head between Kevin and Poppy.

S16E98 : I Know What You Did (aired on 09/25/2014)

Kevin attempts to help an old friend who is being blackmailed. Mrs Tembe attempts to help Jimmi…

S16E99 : Toxic (aired on 09/26/2014)

Zara runs into a former nanny who has been attempting to reinvent herself as a successful…

S16E100 : Truth Be Told (aired on 09/29/2014)

The medical practice assists police in scrutinising the events that lead up to Catriona's suicide.

S16E101 : I Want to Break Free (aired on 09/30/2014)

Niamh attempts to help a woman with special needs move out of her sister's home and into sheltered…

S16E102 : Big Fish (aired on 10/01/2014)

Ayesha attempts to help a man sort out his issues with his son. Niamh and Al clash over his…

S16E103 : Rescue Me (aired on 10/02/2014)

Al talks about a new medical innovation to some potential investors. Mandy attempts to help Heston…

S16E104 : Wasted (aired on 10/03/2014)

Ayesha manages to makes a unique impression at her interview, but is not sure whether she actually…

S16E105 : The Silent Treatment (aired on 10/06/2014)

Jimmi attempts to help a woman create some boundaries with her mother. Howard runs into trouble…

S16E106 : Into the Blue (aired on 10/07/2014)

Mandy finds it hard to deal with a heavy workload and a difficult patient on her last day. Karen…

S16E107 : Going Home (aired on 10/08/2014)

Emma attempts to help a homeless teenager who has been blamed by his father for a family tragedy.

S16E108 : All Shook Up 9.6/10 (aired on 10/09/2014)

After the extravagant memorial of an Elvis impersonator, Daniel attempts to help a widow move on.…

S16E109 : Piano Piano 9.5/10 (aired on 10/10/2014)

Zara is in a race against time after she meets a young pianist with a shocking secret. Howard finds…

S16E110 : A Law unto Themselves 9.6/10 (aired on 10/13/2014)

Rob has to oversee a demonstration against fracking, which turns nasty after a WPC is hurt.

S16E111 : Great Expectations 9.6/10 (aired on 10/14/2014)

Al and Karen attempt to help an overseas student who has nowhere to stay. Kevin has to make a…

S16E112 : I'm Ready for My Close-up Now (aired on 10/15/2014)

Karen is asked to be part a documentary regarding her memory loss. Kevin quits.

S16E113 : Coping (aired on 10/16/2014)

Ayesha attempts to help her friend confront her difficulties but at her home she fails to improve…

S16E114 : Pet Project (aired on 10/17/2014)

Mrs Tembe tries to assist an old lady who is in danger of being evicted from her home. Niamh is…

S16E115 : Bucket Behaviour (aired on 10/20/2014)

A woman finding it hard to come to terms with a terminal illness sees her sister moving into her…

S16E116 : Dead People Are Perfect (aired on 10/21/2014)

Jimmi attempts to find out why an elderly patient is missing her dialysis appointments. Heston…

S16E117 : Mysterious Ways (aired on 10/22/2014)

After a young girl turns up at the practice showing signs of stigmata, Daniel investigates. Heston…

S16E118 : Bad Wedding (aired on 10/23/2014)

After a man discovers an embarrassing affliction on the morning of his wedding, Al starts to wonder…

S16E119 : About Time (aired on 10/24/2014)

Mrs Tembe finds out what it is really like to be a nurse on house calls. A shocking discovery is…

S16E120 : Golden Boy (aired on 10/27/2014)

Kevin shadows Stuart for the day, and after dealing with the death of a patient he learns more…

S16E121 : Silent Partners (aired on 10/28/2014)

Stuart becomes suspicious of Kevin's motives. Al and Dan become competitive over Halloween lanterns.

S16E122 : Do No Harm (aired on 10/29/2014)

It's Kevin's last day and he wants to go without a fuss, but a mysterious man is desperate to talk…

S16E123 : The House (aired on 10/30/2014)

After an elderly brother and sister are pressured to sell their family home, Niamh becomes…

S16E124 : Whistle... (aired on 10/31/2014)

Al has to deal with his scepticism of the supernatural after he finds a whistle with mysterious…

S16E125 : Scullery Boy (aired on 11/03/2014)

Karen finds out an uncomfortable secret in the relationship between an elderly woman and her son,.…

S16E126 : Unfinished Business (aired on 11/04/2014)

Curtis Brown manages to trap Heston in The Mill, and he is not sure what he wants from him. Al is…

S16E127 : The Curse of the Mummy (aired on 11/05/2014)

Ayesha finds her skills being put to the test after a woman goes into labour and they can't get to…

S16E128 : Not Waving (aired on 11/06/2014)

Heston has to deal with his demons after he visits Curtis Brown's pregnant girlfriend at home.…

S16E129 : Sea Change (aired on 11/07/2014)

Heston gets ready to say goodbye. Tensions increase as the partnership interviews get underway.

S16E130 : Weirdo (aired on 11/10/2014)

Daniel attemps to help a single father deal with his chequered past. Howard is determined to make…

S16E131 : Across Time (aired on 11/11/2014)

Zara is determined to solve the mystery of a romantic letter in a old book. Emma is on the warpath…

S16E132 : A Foot Wrong (aired on 11/12/2014)

Jimmi bumps into a old university friend who was renowned for been a hellraiser. Sierra is now out…

S16E133 : Motherhood (aired on 11/13/2014)

Mrs Tembe helps a abandoned at birth woman find her mother. Ayesha thinks Bren may lose Sienna.…

S16E134 : Fear & Loathing (aired on 11/14/2014)

Sam is convinced he has a brain tumour, but Zara can't understand why. Jimmi and Al begin…

S16E135 : Niamh Donoghue (aired on 11/17/2014)

Al is worried for Niamh's safety after a mysterious man begins to follow her. Howard makes a big…

S16E136 : Lust for Life (aired on 11/18/2014)

Mrs Tembe has to deal with a moral dilemma after she is trusted with a neighbour's secret.

S16E137 : Choose Your Poison (aired on 11/19/2014)

Al ends up competing against an obsessive student on an internet encryption challenge. Ayesha feels…

S16E138 : Gold Diggers (aired on 11/20/2014)

After Heston is called to certify the death of an elderly gentleman, he becomes caught up in an…

S16E139 : One of Those Days (aired on 11/21/2014)

An altercation with a difficult patient soon turns into a nightmare for Karen. Zara's holiday…

S16E140 : Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word (aired on 11/24/2014)

A mother and her son come face to face with a former stalker. Ayesha thinks about the future as…

S16E141 : Two Halves (aired on 11/25/2014)

Franc helps an injured footballer and receives a very tempting offer in the process. Al requires…

S16E142 : Black Mirror (aired on 11/26/2014)

Emma takes a look at the mysterious death of a patient.

S16E143 : The Hardest Hit (aired on 11/27/2014)

Howard uses his military training to help the daughter of an old family friend. Ayesha helps her…

S16E144 : Harsh Conditions (aired on 11/28/2014)

Valerie attempts to help a hairdresser get back to his roots. Ayesha comes up with a controversial…

S16E145 : Losing Touch (aired on 12/01/2014)

Howard finds himself being pestered into buying Christmas decorations for the Mill as Ayesha goes…

S16E146 : Paper Chains (aired on 12/02/2014)

Ayesha gets an unwelcome visit from her drunk mother as Rob has a mystery to solve regarding an…

S16E147 : Victim (aired on 12/03/2014)

A documentary is being filmed putting Howard in the limelight as a home visit uncovers something…

S16E148 : Heaven Can Wait (aired on 12/04/2014)

Ayesha spends the evening with Franc but it doesn't go well as Karen is worried about Rob planning…

S16E149 : Missing (aired on 12/05/2014)

An armed robbery has Franc caught in the middle as a nativity play has Mrs. Tembe and Al at war.

S16E150 : The Girl Upstairs (aired on 12/08/2014)

Valerie and Barry clash after a young woman on the run turns up at the campus. A game of 'patient…

S16E151 : Elf and Safety (aired on 12/09/2014)

Heston becomes involved in a Christmas caper as a desperate friend steals money from the boss of a…

S16E152 : Careless (aired on 12/10/2014)

Ayesha believes that a carer is not looking after an elderly patient properly. Christmas is just…

S16E153 : The Naughty List (aired on 12/11/2014)

Mrs Tembe is in the Christmas spirit as she helps a father and son at the church fete. Al makes his…

S16E154 : Right of Entry (aired on 12/12/2014)

Daniel is detained at the airport. Franc's generosity holds no bounds.

S16E155 : Good Guys (aired on 12/15/2014)

After Valerie attends a speed awareness course, she starts to believe that one of her classmates is…

S16E156 : Cakes and Ale (aired on 12/16/2014)

It's the season of goodwill and there ends up being plenty of fun at Al and Niamh's Yuletide party.

S16E157 : Fool for Love (aired on 12/17/2014)

After a burglar is knocked out by a young man, Jimmi work out that the situation is more complex…

S16E158 : The Man in the Red Suit (aired on 12/18/2014)

Mrs Tembe is left feeling surprised after the search for a Santa Claus reveals some hidden…

S16E159 : Tequila Perfect (aired on 12/19/2014)

The big day finally arrives as Rob and Karen prepare to renew their wedding vows. A routine…

S16E160 : I Don't Like Mondays (aired on 01/05/2015)

Jimmi finds himself drawn into a case of assault as Al tries to maintain the festive spirit.

S16E161 : Revenge (aired on 01/06/2015)

An ex-lover has posted pictures on the internet as the death of a patient leaves Nimah struggling…

S16E162 : End of the Road (aired on 01/07/2015)

An expense scandal puts a coucillor under fire as Al has trouble taking it in about Christmas.

S16E163 : DNA (aired on 01/08/2015)

A son feels his is nothing like his father as Ayesha ends up playing Cupid.

S16E164 : A Forced Marriage (aired on 01/09/2015)

Ayesha's night doesn't go well compared to Emma and Franc's as a DC's prejudices clouds her…

S16E165 : Long Lost (aired on 01/12/2015)

With Councillor Hargreaves stepping down, Emma and Mrs Tembe hope Heston might run in the election…

S16E166 : Still Life (aired on 01/13/2015)

Whilst Daniel loses a bet with Franc, Zara doesn't have a good day during a trip to the art gallery.

S16E167 : Purity: Part One (aired on 01/14/2015)

Two young girls have Mrs Tembe worrying about their health as Heston's manifesto might put people…

S16E168 : Purity: Part Two (aired on 01/15/2015)

A day off for Ayesha turns miserable with Sierra as Mrs Tembe continues to get people to face up…

S16E169 : Safe House (aired on 01/16/2015)

Heston and Valerie realise how difficult canvassing is as Rob tries to help a mother and son.

S16E170 : Between the Cracks (aired on 01/19/2015)

Heston becomes worried after uncovering a patient's shocking past as Ayesha goes to the rescue of…

S16E171 : Not Ticking Boxes (aired on 01/20/2015)

Niamh is worried about her future at the practise as Valerie helps a foster child with health…

S16E172 : The Week Out (aired on 01/21/2015)

As Howard tries to restore patient's confidence in the Mill after Niamh's revelation, Rob tries to…

S16E173 : Scoff (aired on 01/22/2015)

Rob and Karen are at a market research chocolate-tasting course posing as somebody different.…

S16E174 : Look Who's Talking (aired on 01/23/2015)

Greg believes that is going crazy after he begins hearing voices. Daniel manages to save the day…

S16E175 : Territoriality (aired on 01/26/2015)

When a pregnant mother needs help, Ayesha and Niamh face an unseen terror as Valerie helps with…

S16E176 : Put Away Childish Things (aired on 01/27/2015)

A stag party sees Howard caught between two of his friends as Ayesha's aunt arrives.

S16E177 : Child of Mine (aired on 01/28/2015)

Heston's attempts to improve his speaking skills only end up gaining a rival as a mentally unstable…

S16E178 : Mrs Waverly's Winnings (aired on 01/29/2015)

After a couple of elderly friends go to war over a winning lotto ticket Valerie steps in. The…

S16E179 : Sometimes They Come Back (aired on 01/30/2015)

Zara attempts to help a traumatised teen who cannot accept that her mother has passed away. Howard…

S16E180 : Oh What a Tangled Web (aired on 02/02/2015)

Valerie finds herself the target of Barry and Ashley's affection as Karen and Rob have to deal with…

S16E181 : Lights Out (aired on 02/03/2015)

Jimmi does his best to help a lost boy when he is brought into the police station but a police…

S16E182 : Other Side of the Track (aired on 02/04/2015)

Property development is threatening the future of the common as a young mother is living in poor…

S16E183 : Cosmic Rays (aired on 02/05/2015)

Niamh attempts to help a boy stuck in the middle of his arguing parents. Howard believes that that…

S16E184 : Happy Ever After (aired on 02/06/2015)

A man shows up looking for Karen. Valerie and Howard manage to have three minutes of fame.

S16E185 : The Messenger (aired on 02/09/2015)

The team are surprised when they find that Al's personality has changed as Franc isn't convinced a…

S16E186 : Tough Love (aired on 02/10/2015)

Howard is closing in on Franc after the news that he leaked the news as Emma suspects a wife is…

S16E187 : The Invisibles (aired on 02/11/2015)

On the Eve of the elections, Heston makes one last push as Zara deals with a woman who fears that…

S16E188 : Bunny Love (aired on 02/12/2015)

After the son of a colleague becomes ill, his mother turns to Rob for help to track down her…

S16E189 : Crisis of Faith (aired on 02/13/2015)

Emma attempts to help a teenage girl after her foster parents, seem to no longer want her. Heston…

S16E190 : The Rat (aired on 02/16/2015)

Valerie receives an offer that is hard to refuse as Gary gives Daniel a scheme.

S16E191 : Let the Wrong One In (aired on 02/17/2015)

Ayesha's problems looking after Sierra continue as the plan Franc has starts to gain momentum.

S16E192 : Desperate Measures (aired on 02/18/2015)

Franc is going to carry out Gary's plan but starts to worry as Ayesha vents her frustration out on…

S16E193 : When the Heart Breaks (aired on 02/19/2015)

After he visits a patient at a care home, Heston realises that there is more going on than he first…

S16E194 : With Intent (aired on 02/20/2015)

Andy is a chancer and Niamh plots his downfall.

S16E195 : Arthur and Stan (aired on 02/23/2015)

Al overhears a conversation between Gary and Franc which provides the evidence needed as Mrs Tembe…

S16E196 : The Kick Inside (aired on 02/24/2015)

A girl causes trouble for Karen when she lies to her as Jimmi ends up breaching patient…

S16E197 : Hollow Man (aired on 02/25/2015)

A face from Franc's past arrives to see Emma as Daniel starts to consider his career option.

S16E198 : Inconceivable (aired on 02/26/2015)

After their heartbreaks, Niamh and Al drown their sorrows with Emma and Jimmi as Ayesha is left…

S16E199 : Bad Influence (aired on 02/27/2015)

Daniel is giving a job offer in Australia some serious consideration as Ayesha's trouble with…

S16E200 : What Happens in Brighton (aired on 03/02/2015)

Karen is hoping Rob is getting her a special birthday present as Niamh deals with a dying man who…

S16E201 : Inked (aired on 03/03/2015)

Whilst Jimmi continues to think about his mysterious woman, Niamh finds prescriptions being altered…

S16E202 : Animal Crackers (aired on 03/04/2015)

The police station is short staffed due to illness which causes trouble for Rob, especially when…

S16E203 : Forget Me or Knott (aired on 03/05/2015)

Mrs Tembe finds herself in the middle of an absent-minded professor and her cleaner. Jimmi…

S16E204 : Bognor Banana (aired on 03/06/2015)

Emma attempts to help one of her patients deal with a complicated love life. Karen ends up getting…

S16E205 : Peter and the Wolf (aired on 03/09/2015)

Heston helps a young boy who fears he is being chased by a wolf as Ayesha receives confirmation…

S16E206 : Presence of Beauty (aired on 03/10/2015)

As Ayesha deals with Sierra's departure, Jimmi and Heather have lunch together as Zara deals with a…

S16E207 : Decisions, Decisions, Decisions (aired on 03/11/2015)

Ayesha finds herself struggling now that Sierra has left as a patient treats Al like her problem…

S16E208 : A Hero Inside (aired on 03/12/2015)

Karen becomes involved in one of Rob’s cases even though she has been warned off. Jimmi has an…

S16E209 : Perfect Match (aired on 03/13/2015)

Heston ends up being caught up in a love triangle after both the long-suffering wife and the…

S16E210 : Old Times' Sake (aired on 03/16/2015)

As Barry acts the hero in an attempt to save The Mill, an old friend of Ayesha's arrives needing…

S16E211 : A Matter of Perspective (aired on 03/17/2015)

When Niamh witnesses a man falling to is death, it is up to Rob to discover exactly what happened.

S16E212 : Finding Nina (aired on 03/18/2015)

A visiting academic is diagnosed with suspected diphtheria leading Al to try and minimize and…

S16E213 : The Lost Weekday (aired on 03/19/2015)

After a new vehicle is taken from a car showroom, Rob finds himself attempting to catch a daring…

S16E214 : Profit and Loss (aired on 03/20/2015)

Heston attempts to get to the bottom of a patient’s heart trouble. Zara finds it hard to deal with…

S16E215 : Late Lunch (aired on 03/23/2015)

A pregnant lady has to overcome her fear of childbirth when she goes into labour as Barry considers…

S16E216 : Optional Extras (aired on 03/24/2015)

Ayesha's friend has a difficult decision to make as Ayesha tries to help whilst Jimmi puts off an…

S16E217 : Pity Party (aired on 03/25/2015)

A friend of Karen's is struggling with grief as Barry feels very confident about an upcoming…

S16E218 : Surrogate Dad (aired on 03/26/2015)

Barry needs to deal with a difficult work experience trainee as he waits to see if he gets his…

S16E219 : Angels and Demons (aired on 03/27/2015)

Jimmi is concerned about recent developments. Zara finds it hard at home with Joe. Mrs Tembe feels…