Season episodes list 19


S19E01 : Something Whiskered This Way Comes (aired on 04/17/2017)

Mrs Tembe and JJ return from holiday only to discover the police on their doorstep.

S19E02 : Freak (aired on 04/18/2017)

Valerie enjoys her invalid status a little too much. Ayesha reports Karl missing.

S19E03 : The Terminator (aired on 04/19/2017)

When an unpopular doctor at St Phil's has a streak of bad luck Ruhma is drawn in.

S19E04 : Love and Duty (aired on 04/20/2017)

Rob has an explosive start to the day whilst Jimmi and Mrs Tembe have a clash of opinions.

S19E05 : The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Swimmer (aired on 04/21/2017)

It's a day full of surprises when Mrs Tembe discovers a man wearing only a towel.

S19E06 : Shutdown (aired on 04/24/2017)

Rob has a lead in the cashpoint case, but can he convince some witnesses to cooperate?

S19E07 : Come Hither (aired on 04/25/2017)

Valerie stumbles across three strangers who need to make peace with their pasts.

S19E08 : Safe (aired on 04/26/2017)

Sid is after a new challenge, but Mrs Tembe's plan fails to impress.

S19E09 : Box of Delights (aired on 04/27/2017)

Sid is still reluctantly going along with Mrs Tembe's new initiative.

S19E10 : Netherworld (aired on 04/28/2017)

Heston is determined to prove his doubts about JJ are justified.

S19E11 : Head First (aired on 05/02/2017)

Mrs Tembe tries her hospital food recipes out on a chef. Ruhma and Karen get competitive.

S19E12 : The 17th Floor (aired on 05/03/2017)

Valerie shocks Ayesha with her latest plan. Rob has some unwelcome words for Emma.

S19E13 : It's Strange (aired on 05/04/2017)

Valerie worries that her cancer may have thwarted her dreams of being a mum.

S19E14 : Mummy's Boy (aired on 05/05/2017)

Mrs Tembe demands the truth from JJ. Jimmi asks Al for details about his emotional state.

S19E15 : Lizzie's Last Stand (aired on 05/08/2017)

Valerie decides she wants a baby and looks to the Mill's men for a donor.

S19E16 : Boundaries (aired on 05/09/2017)

It is Sid's first shift as a rapid responder. Megan mentors Jimmi on becoming a therapist.

S19E17 : Mimic (aired on 05/10/2017)

Karen's treatment of JJ undermines his confidence and incurs harsh words from Mrs Tembe.

S19E18 : Red Moms' Club (aired on 05/11/2017)

Al's headaches are getting worse, and he is worried about his upcoming brain scan.

S19E19 : iCARE (aired on 05/12/2017)

Heston is put in a difficult position when a patient's son asks him a nightmare question.

S19E20 : Won't Get Fooled Again (aired on 05/15/2017)

Daniel pushes Valerie on what she wants to ask him, while Sid deals with two trapped girls

S19E21 : The Second Best Man (aired on 05/16/2017)

Zara thinks Mrs Tembe is hiding something and goes on the offensive.

S19E22 : Whatever We've Got We Share (aired on 05/17/2017)

Mrs Tembe reluctantly hosts a dinner party, while Jimmi finds himself alone with Megan.

S19E23 : Intervention (aired on 05/18/2017)

Does Mrs Tembe have anything more to worry about? She visits a clinic to find out.

S19E24 : Collision (aired on 05/19/2017)

After an accident, the clock is ticking for Rob and Sid to help the people involved.

S19E25 : Oh Brother! (aired on 05/22/2017)

News of the accident filters back to the Mill, but Sid's reaction surprises them all.

S19E26 : Running with the Pack (aired on 05/23/2017)

Valerie gets support from her colleagues, but all is not as it seems.

S19E27 : Gambling's for Fools (aired on 05/24/2017)

Mrs Tembe and JJ's celebrations hit the right note.

S19E28 : Next Door (aired on 05/25/2017)

JJ has a life-changing offer for Mrs Tembe - will she follow her head or her heart?

S19E29 : To Walk in Her Shoes (aired on 05/26/2017)

A hard decision is put in front of Rob and Karen.

S19E30 : Milk (aired on 05/30/2017)

Rob and Karen struggle to cope with baby Marnie. Have they taken on too much this time?

S19E31 : The Deal (aired on 05/31/2017)

Rob continues to bottle up his emotions despite things heating up at the Hollins house.

S19E32 : Taxi for Carter (aired on 06/01/2017)

Daniel offers Jimmi some dating advice, but will the object of his affections reciprocate?

S19E33 : Separation (aired on 06/02/2017)

What should be a walk in the park turns into a living nightmare for Rob.

S19E34 : Is It a Bird? (aired on 06/05/2017)

Mrs Tembe proposes she undertake a secret mission for the good of Heston's relationship.

S19E35 : Devotion (aired on 06/06/2017)

Emma reaches out to a vulnerable woman - but is she in too deep?

S19E36 : Hands On (aired on 06/07/2017)

Mrs Tembe is on a mission to discover the secrets of Ruhma's heart.

S19E37 : What Men Want (aired on 06/08/2017)

Emma is curious to know how Zara would respond if Daniel ever proposed.

S19E38 : To Have and to Hold (aired on 06/09/2017)

Ayesha gets a shock visitor. Daniel struggles to hold his temper.

S19E39 : A Curate's Egg (aired on 06/12/2017)

Ayesha cooks something up to take her mind off recent events.

S19E40 : Dynamics (aired on 06/13/2017)

Ayesha finally talks to Bren, but is she there to rebuild bridges?

S19E41 : Factor of One (aired on 06/14/2017)

Ruhma makes wedding plans, but is Shak ready to support her yet?

S19E42 : White Noise (aired on 06/15/2017)

Rob struggles with his inner feelings and jeopardises a court case.

S19E43 : Legless (aired on 06/16/2017)

Sid and Megan's first date doesn't go well. Could this be the end of their affair?

S19E44 : Doctor Shopping (aired on 06/19/2017)

Emma has a run-in with a supposedly reformed Bren.

S19E45 : Monsters (aired on 06/20/2017)

Megan sets a boundary in her relationship with Sid.

S19E46 : The Longest Day (aired on 06/21/2017)

Rob hopes a fishing trip will help him relax.

S19E47 : Field Fever (aired on 06/22/2017)

Sid acts on his jealousy over Megan, but ends up making things awkward.

S19E48 : Distractions (aired on 06/23/2017)

Rob experiences life in front of the camera.

S19E49 : Butterflies (aired on 06/26/2017)

Mrs Tembe has a job on her hands to pin down Ruhma for important wedding business.

S19E50 : Betrothed (aired on 06/27/2017)

Ruhma's hen night gets into full swing, but will Ayesha spoil the party?

S19E51 : Swansong (aired on 06/28/2017)

Ayesha takes Bren on a surprise trip, while Rob tries to get to the bottom of a burglary.

S19E52 : Manoeuvres (aired on 06/29/2017)

Ayesha gets frustrated when she isn't allowed to leave work to see her mother.

S19E53 : Stop All the Clocks (aired on 06/30/2017)

It's the day of the wedding, but will Shak turn up? Rob deals with the arrest of Bren.

S19E54 : Time of Death (aired on 09/04/2017)

The investigation into Bren's death begins.

S19E55 : Piece by Piece (aired on 09/05/2017)

Ayesha's anger at who she blames for Bren's death shocks Al.

S19E56 : Breaking the Cycle (aired on 09/06/2017)

Emma seeks professional support from Jimmi as she faces questioning from the IPCC.

S19E57 : Name and Blame (aired on 09/07/2017)

Karen attempts to heal the rift between a family and a carer. Sid tries to support Ayesha.

S19E58 : The Silence (aired on 09/08/2017)

Zara is left stunned when an elderly lady reacts unexpectedly to some bad news.

S19E59 : Breathless (aired on 09/11/2017)

Ruhma finally makes a decision about her married name. Sid makes a decision about Megan.

S19E60 : Bounce (aired on 09/12/2017)

Ayesha shuts everyone out on the day of Bren's funeral.

S19E61 : Legacy (aired on 09/13/2017)

Ayesha returns to work. Sid turns to Valerie for help.

S19E62 : Theseus and the Matinee (aired on 09/14/2017)

Al plans the perfect afternoon off. Rob looks to Emma for reassurance about Bren's death.

S19E63 : Parallel Worlds (aired on 09/15/2017)

Valerie discovers a patient is hiding the truth. Emma tries to get Zara to break a rule.

S19E64 : Something Beginning with L... (aired on 09/18/2017)

Heston has a surprising diagnosis for a man who is terrified he is seriously ill.

S19E65 : Tipping Point (aired on 09/19/2017)

Sid tries to convince a woman to find alternative care arrangements for her young son.

S19E66 : Deferred (aired on 09/20/2017)

It is the day of the coroner's inquest, and Rob struggles to hold himself together.

S19E67 : When the Wheels Come Off (aired on 09/21/2017)

Al's dismissal of a patient with toothache has grim consequences.

S19E68 : Whet the Appetite (aired on 09/22/2017)

Heston welcomes the chance to perform minor surgery on a patient.

S19E69 : Daysleeper (aired on 09/25/2017)

Zara finds herself dealing with more than one pain in the neck.

S19E70 : Fearless (aired on 09/26/2017)

Zara is determined to prove Daniel wrong with Sid's help.

S19E71 : Sticky Butterfly (aired on 09/27/2017)

Daniel gets caught up in a bittersweet situation involving a dying beekeeper.

S19E72 : Listen Hear (aired on 09/28/2017)

Valerie gets a delivery of flowers, but who are they from?

S19E73 : The B Team (aired on 09/29/2017)

A returning patient causes tension between Al and Ayesha.

S19E74 : Devices & Desires (aired on 10/02/2017)

Ayesha's challenging behaviour causes ructions at the Mill.

S19E75 : Nine Lives (aired on 10/03/2017)

Jimmi challenges Al with kindness. Geoffrey the cat gives Valerie paws for thought.

S19E76 : The Mole (aired on 10/04/2017)

Rob does some soul searching. Al's act of kindness backfires.

S19E77 : Late (aired on 10/05/2017)

News about Rob gives the team a chance to reflect on what they missed.

S19E78 : Benefit of the Doubt (aired on 10/06/2017)

Daniel and Zara bite off more than they can chew at a dinner party.

S19E79 : Wearing Purple (aired on 10/09/2017)

Daniel is worried that his life is becoming stale. Mrs Tembe has a proposition for Sid.

S19E80 : False Positive (aired on 10/10/2017)

Daniel and Zara entertain their new friends. A surprise awaits Rob at his therapy session.

S19E81 : The Forbidden Fruit (aired on 10/11/2017)

Rob's visit to Heston gives him an idea. Ayesha attends a funeral.

S19E82 : Those Who Wait (aired on 10/12/2017)

Rob attempts to get away from it all. Mrs Tembe's day is disrupted.

S19E83 : Do or Die (aired on 10/13/2017)

Zara and Daniel go on an unusual date. Jimmi gets caught up in an arrest.

S19E84 : The Good and the Bad (aired on 10/16/2017)

Zara visits the hospital. Sid comforts a woman with a missing husband.

S19E85 : Tarragon (aired on 10/17/2017)

Zara makes a confident start with her witness statement. Sid has a bad morning at work.

S19E86 : Good Deed Day (aired on 10/18/2017)

Rob chases a drug dealer. Jimmi teases Al about a good deed.

S19E87 : Walk a Mile (aired on 10/19/2017)

Reece takes a sudden turn for the worse. Ruhma finds Heston looking through her wardrobe.

S19E88 : Coming Like a Ghost Town (aired on 10/20/2017)

Karen wonders why a widower is reluctant to go on a date. Sid faces a day of ribbing.

S19E89 : Hungry (aired on 10/23/2017)

Valerie decides to try internet dating.

S19E90 : The Good Mother (aired on 10/24/2017)

Jimmi finds himself with a dilemma when the last words of a dying patient reveal a devastating…

S19E91 : Twisted Blood (aired on 10/25/2017)

Zara is unimpressed by the new DI at the station. Valerie makes a surprising discovery about Al.…

S19E92 : When Barry Met Sally (aired on 10/26/2017)

Zara receives an alarming note, while Sid's joy at being the centre of attention is short-lived.…

S19E93 : Tendrils (aired on 10/27/2017)

Al has a date and is surprisingly diplomatic. Zara attends Reece's funeral and receives some…

S19E94 : Once upon a Time (aired on 10/30/2017)

There has been another stabbing, but can Tom find the victim before it is too late? Mrs Tembe…

S19E95 : Personal Demons (aired on 10/31/2017)

It is Halloween, and as midnight draws near, Heston, Emma and Valerie unleash their personal…

S19E96 : Displacement (aired on 11/01/2017)

Zara makes a grisly discovery and starts to wonder if she is being threatened. When a bored,…

S19E97 : Baby Steps (aired on 11/02/2017)

Al's pity date backfires when he is the one left feeling sorry for himself at the end of it.…

S19E98 : The Girl in the Headscarf (aired on 11/03/2017)

Shak has a confession to make, but it puts Heston in a difficult situation. Zara is furious when…

S19E99 : Remorse (aired on 11/06/2017)

Mrs Tembe worries about Sid being exploited, but Al sees it as an opportunity for some fun. Zara…

S19E100 : Impulse Control (aired on 11/07/2017)

Sid returns from holiday to find his recent PR exercise has horribly backfired. Zara and Daniel…

S19E101 : The Talking Cure (aired on 11/08/2017)

Al disagrees with Jimmi's advice but later has to eat his words. Mrs Tembe comes up with a new way…

S19E102 : A Duty of Care (aired on 11/09/2017)

Al is silenced when Gwen's harsh words cut him to the core. Tom is left frustrated when his attempt…

S19E103 : Three's a Throuple (aired on 11/10/2017)

Ruhma attends a home birth with added complications - but not because of the baby. Heston takes Rob…

S19E104 : Sad Face (aired on 11/13/2017)

The campus is besieged by well-wishers when a grieving woman sets up a shrine outside their front…

S19E105 : Shells (aired on 11/14/2017)

Al is faced with a dilemma when he finds himself looking after a giant African land snail for a…

S19E106 : Close to Home (aired on 11/15/2017)

Valerie tries to help a vulnerable teenage girl who has reached crisis point. A reluctant Sid goes…

S19E107 : Free Lunch (aired on 11/16/2017)

Jimmi meets a young Buddhist monk collecting money on the street and quickly realises that all is…

S19E108 : A Shade Too Far (aired on 11/17/2017)

When her cousin Kayleigh turns up with a surprising business proposition, Ayesha finds herself…

S19E109 : The Impotence of Iain Ernest (aired on 11/20/2017)

Sid has to deal with an unexpected situation when examining Lily, while Daniel has a proposition…

S19E110 : Moonlight (aired on 11/21/2017)

Sid is visited by a journalist, but will he get to say what he wants? Mrs Tembe confides in Jimmi.…

S19E111 : Joy (aired on 11/22/2017)

Al goes to talk to Mrs Tembe, and the result is most surprising, while Rob and Karen's shopping…

S19E112 : Tough Love (aired on 11/23/2017)

Mrs Tembe has to deliver some unwanted news to the practice, while Karen faces an immediate concern…

S19E113 : Vigilante Man (aired on 11/24/2017)

Al visits his mother for an early Christmas meal, while Rob is put in a position he would rather…

S19E114 : Guardian Angel (aired on 11/27/2017)

Austin visits Lily for the first time since her placement, and he isn't keen when he finds out Rob…

S19E115 : Face the Music (aired on 11/28/2017)

With Lily's condition worsening and the baby's birth imminent, Austin realises there is someone he…

S19E116 : Forgive and Forget (aired on 11/29/2017)

Zara and Daniel get cabin fever and confront DI Stanton for putting their family at risk. A…

S19E117 : The Old Toe and The New Nose (aired on 11/30/2017)

When Ruhma reveals a secret to Sid, he makes a decision about his future, but what will Emma make…

S19E118 : No Strings (aired on 12/01/2017)

Al worries about his mother, while Rob checks in with a stressed Daniel and Zara. Emma helps an…

S19E119 : The Shining Happy People (aired on 12/04/2017)

Daniel injects some fun into hotel life, while Al brings his mum to The Mill - will he be able to…

S19E120 : The Sharp End (aired on 12/05/2017)

Al makes plans for Eve, while Sid looks for a new project. Mrs Tembe tries to help a teenager and…

S19E121 : Flickering Light (aired on 12/06/2017)

Zara confronts Daniel for not supporting her, but can he give her what she needs? Meanwhile, Rob…

S19E122 : A Tale of Two Kittys (aired on 12/07/2017)

Zara makes a difficult decision for the good of her family, but will it jeopardise her safety? Sid…

S19E123 : Fairy Tales (aired on 12/08/2017)

Now in grave danger, Zara starts to wonder just who she can trust. Meanwhile, Ayesha wants to know…

S19E124 : A Woman Goes to War (aired on 12/11/2017)

It's the first day of the trial, but with The Mill team under threat, will Zara still testify?…

S19E125 : Borderline (aired on 12/12/2017)

It's a day of surprises in Letherbridge, as Zara has a revelation about the murder case, and Ayesha…

S19E126 : Confidence (aired on 12/13/2017)

As court proceedings come to a close there's a last-minute testimony to be heard. But what will be…

S19E127 : No Room at the Inn (aired on 12/14/2017)

Daniel can't wait to get involved with the Christmas plans, but Zara clearly feels differently.…

S19E128 : Twinkle Twinkle Video Star (aired on 12/15/2017)

Jimmi feels the pressure but the Christmas video is finally revealed. Has all their hard work paid…

S19E129 : Any Moment (aired on 01/02/2018)

Emma is left disappointed when Sid makes an announcement. Al has a huge change of heart about the…

S19E130 : Tinselitis (aired on 01/03/2018)

Al offers to cover the evening shift for the second day in a row and insists he is just being nice,…

S19E131 : Risk Management (aired on 01/04/2018)

Al reveals the real reason he has been volunteering for evening shifts and presents a strong case…

S19E132 : Blood, Sweat and Tears (aired on 01/05/2018)

As events spiral out of control, Ruhma struggles to protect Besa while Ayesha is determined to help…

S19E133 : The Best Policy? (aired on 01/08/2018)

Rob starts to investigate Ruhma's connection to Besa, while Emma says farewell to Sid. Jimmi has an…

S19E134 : A Safe Place (aired on 01/09/2018)

Jimmi finds himself under siege, while Ruhma is feeling the pressure as an anxious Karen and Ayesha…

S19E135 : Lullaby (aired on 01/10/2018)

When Besa absconds from the hostel, Ruhma fears for her safety and that of baby Tamanna - will they…

S19E136 : False Friend (aired on 01/11/2018)

In Liverpool, a young nurse apprentice has a truly emotional day before making a life-changing call…

S19E137 : Lamb Dopiaza Nights (aired on 01/12/2018)

When Daniel abandons Zara's home cooking for a night out with an old mate, she has little sympathy…

S19E138 : Playtime (aired on 01/15/2018)

Karen and Valerie's lunch plans are spoilt when Mrs Tembe springs a surprise on them, and Jimmi's…

S19E139 : Boisterous (aired on 01/16/2018)

Ruhma goes before Al and Emma to explain what happened with Besa, while Valerie tries to tell Zara…

S19E140 : Dreams are Made On (aired on 01/17/2018)

Mrs Tembe loses her temper with an author from Botswana who has a secret but hides behind a shield…

S19E141 : Eric (aired on 01/18/2018)

Mrs Tembe introduces her replacement - and not everyone thinks it is a good idea - while Ayesha…

S19E142 : Ransom (aired on 01/19/2018)

Valerie continues to push her diet on everyone, while Jimmi puts an idea to Emma that intrigues…

S19E143 : A Mother's Love (aired on 01/22/2018)

Emma starts to put her plan into action, and Jimmi prepares himself for a night out with Will. Sid…

S19E144 : The Inheritance (aired on 01/23/2018)

Daniel and Zara visit Emma's as a test, while Rob and Heston attend the men's group and have to…

S19E145 : Check Mate (aired on 01/24/2018)

Ben tries to put his own stamp on the Mill, but one thing stands in his way - Zara! Emma is…

S19E146 : Under My Skin (aired on 01/25/2018)

Valerie is floored by everyone's reaction to her healthy-eating regime, and Jimmi has a knock-out…

S19E147 : Staggered (aired on 01/26/2018)

A fed-up Jimmi gives Will some home truths, and Heston is shocked to discover the cause of an old…

S19E148 : Will You Be My Friend? (aired on 01/29/2018)

Heston shadows on an FME shift and witnesses the full horror of Viper for himself, and Emma gets a…

S19E149 : A Chip off the Old Block? (aired on 01/30/2018)

Jimmi gets a shock when Will brings home his new love interest. Elsewhere, an overheard…

S19E150 : Suffer the Children (aired on 01/31/2018)

Jimmi tries to get over his awkwardness with Ben to help him with an important speech. Ruhma has a…

S19E151 : Dead Men Kiss No Womble (aired on 02/01/2018)

It is the dreaded team building day, and there is no easy escape! Meanwhile, Heston is in a bad…

S19E152 : Long Haul (aired on 02/02/2018)

Heston and Zara clash over a young patient, can they make a diagnosis in time to save him? Karen…

S19E153 : Sense and Sensitivity (aired on 02/05/2018)

Emma unwittingly puts herself in danger, but will Ayesha come to her rescue? Daniel's patient has…

S19E154 : Doctor Haskey and the All Seeing Eye (aired on 02/06/2018)

Heston tries to get a lead on the viper case by winning the trust of a user - will she give him…

S19E155 : Vigilante (aired on 02/07/2018)

Heston turns vigilante in his mission to find the viper supplier. Is he putting his own safety at…

S19E156 : A Rock and a Hard Place (aired on 02/08/2018)

Ben has to deal with the fallout from yesterday, but can he forgive Will? Meanwhile, Ruhma tells…

S19E157 : You Robot (aired on 02/09/2018)

Ben gets a frosty reception from Karen when he tries to make her more comfortable at work. Heston…

S19E158 : Circles - Part 1 (aired on 02/12/2018)

Ruhma is forced to report Heston missing when he doesn't come home. Later, Ruhma is hopeful when…

S19E159 : Circles - Part 2 (aired on 02/13/2018)

Heston is finally found, but have the drugs he has been force fed caused any serious damage?…

S19E160 : The Song Without End (aired on 02/14/2018)

Heston is a man on a mission, but finding Liam is no bed of roses. Elsewhere, love is definitely…

S19E161 : The Value of Nothing (aired on 02/15/2018)

Heston decides it is time for a heart to heart with Liam, but will he get the answers he so…

S19E162 : Desperately Seeking Susan (aired on 02/16/2018)

Ben upsets Will's plans for the future. Elsewhere, Heston puts himself in danger again to unmask…

S19E163 : No Sweat (aired on 02/19/2018)

Ruhma's meeting with a wedding photographer doesn't quite go to plan, while Jimmi counsels Ben.…

S19E164 : All in the Mind (aired on 02/20/2018)

Karen has an annoying itch which is affecting her work - can Valerie help find the solution before…

S19E165 : In the Dark (aired on 02/21/2018)

Karen and Valerie finally discover the source of their itching, while Heston plans a surprise for…

S19E166 : Sophie's Choice (aired on 02/22/2018)

While Rob helps Karen deal with the infestation, Ayesha and Valerie make a decision, and Al has an…

S19E167 : Best Friend (aired on 02/23/2018)

Eve invites a stranger in, while Jimmi's counselling session with Valerie takes a serious turn when…

S19E168 : The Beautiful Game (aired on 02/26/2018)

Valerie nervously makes preparations for the PPG meeting, while Al receives some alarming news from…

S19E169 : Invincible (aired on 02/27/2018)

Valerie gets excited after attending the PPG meeting, and Al gets frustrated by the situation his…

S19E170 : Click-Bait (aired on 02/28/2018)

Jimmi finds the behaviour of an old man slightly odd, while Rob gets a series of phone calls at the…

S19E171 : 'Im Next Door (aired on 03/01/2018)

Ayesha tries to convince Valerie to not get involved with Ashley, and Heston has to head off…

S19E172 : All Over Again (aired on 03/02/2018)

It's the day of the photos, and Ruhma isn't in the best of moods. Ayesha tries to deal with the…

S19E173 : Rumspringa (aired on 03/05/2018)

Al sets a trap, and Valerie tries to ignore Ashley. Emma finds herself in an uncomfortable…

S19E174 : Call Waiting (aired on 03/06/2018)

Al argues with his mother about her future, and Valerie wrestles with a dilemma. While attempting…

S19E175 : Power Cuts (aired on 03/07/2018)

A power cut sends the Mill into crisis, and to Ben's horror a certain someone comes back to work…

S19E176 : In a Heartbeat (aired on 03/08/2018)

With the computer system still down and staff struggling, Daniel goes on the PR offensive.…

S19E177 : Who's the Daddy? (aired on 03/09/2018)

The crisis continues and all hopes are pinned on Al, but a flash inspection from the CQC sends…

S19E178 : Who Knew? (aired on 03/12/2018)

Daniel finds someone to fix the IT problem, but is he really the right man for the job? A VPAS…

S19E179 : The Accidental Muse (aired on 03/13/2018)

Could Al's solution to the IT problems have actually worked? Surely it can't be that easy, or can…

S19E180 : Home Truths (aired on 03/14/2018)

Jimmi risks his counselling qualification when he turns the tables on his assessor. Ayesha has some…

S19E181 : A Man Called Brown (aired on 03/15/2018)

Heston experiences some computer rage, while Sid volunteers to find the cause of the virus…

S19E182 : Blink (aired on 03/16/2018)

After a medical emergency, a young couple's life is changed in the blink of an eye. Can Heston help…

S19E183 : All Art Is Theft (aired on 03/19/2018)

Ayesha invites herself to the Icon with Ashley, but it is answers she is after, not profiteroles.…

S19E184 : Monster Love (aired on 03/20/2018)

Emma helps DI Addison identify a murder suspect with an ice-cold heart. The inspectors are due at…

S19E185 : Perfection (aired on 03/21/2018)

Valerie is still reeling from the revelation when Ashley turns up on her doorstep - will she let…

S19E186 : Hidden Fears (aired on 03/22/2018)

Jimmi is perplexed by a seemingly innocent young man who is desperate to be arrested. Can he…

S19E187 : Unchained (aired on 03/23/2018)

Zara helps a friend whose political activism has left her vulnerable to racist abuse. Valerie turns…

S19E188 : Takes One to Know One (aired on 03/26/2018)

Daniel's heart goes out to a family in crisis when he meets a young transgender patient. Al finds…

S19E189 : Without and Within (aired on 03/27/2018)

Daniel is determined to support his transgender patient, but Heston thinks he is overlooking the…

S19E190 : Perceptions (aired on 03/28/2018)

A disturbing conversation with Joni's father makes Daniel question what he knows so far and robs…

S19E191 : Free-Fi-WiFi (aired on 03/29/2018)

Daniel is determined to get to the truth about Lou but ends up making things worse when he gets…

S19E192 : Hear No Evil (aired on 04/09/2018)

Daniel continues to listen to his doubts when he gets a call about Joni. Rob lends an ear to Ruhma…

S19E193 : He Says She Says (aired on 04/10/2018)

Daniel attends family court and talks about Joni's present situation, but his words don't go down…

S19E194 : Shrine (aired on 04/11/2018)

Jimmi counsels a man who vehemently disagrees with the public way his partner's mother is dealing…

S19E195 : The Hangover (aired on 04/12/2018)

A new receptionist turns Sid's head while they deal with an unusually fluffy patient, but a growing…

S19E196 : No Smoke Without Fire (aired on 04/13/2018)

Daniel is concerned when he thinks a child is at risk from one of his patients. On day two of the…

S19E197 : Smoke and Mirrores (aired on 04/16/2018)

Valerie has a plan to deal with her insomnia, while Sid and Mrs Tembe are in shock and Rob…

S19E198 : Love All (aired on 04/17/2018)

Heston is curious to meet up with an old friend from his exclusive racquet club, but is all as it…

S19E199 : Grey Areas (aired on 04/18/2018)

When a man and woman accuse each other of assault, Rob and Emma have to work out who is telling the…

S19E200 : Place of Safety (aired on 04/19/2018)

Al visits a troubled child, but he has to bring in extra assistance. Karen gets a call for a new…

S19E201 : So Perfect (aired on 04/20/2018)

Zara is angry when her car is stolen, and she tries to track down the culprit. Jimmi takes on the…

S19E202 : Parental Instincts (aired on 04/23/2018)

Sid attends an incident in a car park but then has to deal with a daughter who doesn't want to be…

S19E203 : A Friend in Need (aired on 04/24/2018)

Ayesha gets entangled in a damaged relationship between two neighbours. Mrs Tembe sets a task to…

S19E204 : Our Time (aired on 04/25/2018)

Mrs Tembe gets taken hostage while visiting a potential alternative site for the Campus. Ayesha…

S19E205 : Bedtime Stories (aired on 04/26/2018)

Valerie and Al spend the night at a sleep clinic; can Al's scepticism be won over?

S19E206 : Short (aired on 04/27/2017)

Mrs Tembe pulls out all the stops to have the campus surgery ready for its grand re-opening, and…

S19E207 : Go Round and Round and Round (aired on 04/30/2018)

It is pitch day at the Mill, but will a last-minute contender throw a spanner in the works?…

S19E208 : Cuckooed (aired on 05/01/2018)

Mandy finds everyone full of sympathy for her injury, and the winner of the pitch deals with the…

S19E209 : Should I Stay or Should I Go? (aired on 05/02/2018)

James finally has his interview with the army, while Jimmi is shocked to find a significant figure…

S19E210 : Never Have I Ever (aired on 05/03/2018)

Jimmi wants answers from Amanda but is torn when he finds himself still drawn to her. An excited…

S19E211 : A Kind of Justice (aired on 05/04/2018)

Will Jimmi give Amanda the benefit of the doubt, despite the reservations of his friends and…

S19E213 : Worry Dolls (aired on 05/09/2018)

Sid's good intentions are misunderstood, and he finds himself in the line of fire again. Valerie…

S19E214 : Control (aired on 05/10/2018)

Zara is desperate to conquer her demons but finds herself in a losing battle with them. Emma fights…

S19E215 : Weight of the World (aired on 05/11/2018)

Daniel thinks his approach to getting Zara back on track will be a walk in the park, but is he…

S19E216 : Damned if You Do (aired on 05/14/2018)

Zara is determined to get back to normal, but is it too soon? Amanda gets a frosty reception on her…

S19E217 : The First Stone (aired on 05/14/2018)

Ruhma finds herself trapped on the outreach bus with a prostitute who has gone into labour and is…

S19E218 : The Lift (aired on 05/16/2018)

Emma's taxi ride takes an unexpected turn as she encounters an overbearing father struggling to…

S19E219 : If We Shadows Have Offended (aired on 05/17/2018)

Heston accuses a local theatre director of being defamatory in a play about sexual harassment, but…

S19E220 : Detachment (aired on 05/18/2018)

Amanda tries to help a man to grieve after losing his son, but concealing her own problems only…

S19E221 : Can't Let Go (aired on 05/21/2018)

Ruhma helps Lisette come to terms with giving up her baby, and mum Jan learns that it's not too…

S19E222 : Bad to the Bone (aired on 05/22/2018)

Sid helps a teenager who makes a shocking discovery when searching for a bone marrow donor. After…

S19E223 : Contact (aired on 05/23/2018)

Valerie helps an old lonely man see that he still has something worth living for. Karen says an…

S19E224 : No Fury Like a Woman (aired on 05/24/2018)

When a celebratory lunch with his girlfriend goes awry, an easy-going man is confronted with an…

S19E225 : Loft Converter (aired on 05/25/2018)

Ayesha's plans for a girly day get waylaid when her friend's fiance finds something unexpected in a…

S19E226 : Face-Off (aired on 05/29/2018)

When a henpecked man hears alarming news from his elderly mother, he sets out to save her and tries…

S19E228 : The Wager (aired on 05/31/2018)

A glamorous and mysterious woman arrives at Joe's school charity ball - Zara has spent weeks in…

S19E229 : The Pieces (aired on 06/01/2018)

Karen tries to help an overweight pensioner who is desperate to lose weight - but why? Mrs Tembe…

S19E231 : Episode 231 (aired on 06/05/2018)


S19E232 : Episode 232 (aired on 06/06/2018)


S19E233 : Episode 233 (aired on 06/07/2018)


S19E234 : Episode 234 (aired on 06/08/2018)


S19E235 : Episode 235 (aired on 06/11/2018)


S19E236 : Episode 236 (aired on 06/12/2018)


S19E237 : Episode 237 (aired on 06/13/2018)


S19E238 : Episode 238 (aired on 06/14/2018)


S19E239 : Episode 239 (aired on 06/18/2018)


S19E240 : Episode 240 (aired on 06/21/2018)


S19E241 : Episode 241 (aired on 06/22/2018)


S19E242 : Episode 242 (aired on 06/25/2018)


S19E243 : Episode 243 (aired on 06/26/2018)


S19E244 : Episode 244 (aired on 06/27/2018)


S19E245 : Episode 245 (aired on 09/03/2018)


S19E246 : Episode 246 (aired on 09/04/2018)


S19E247 : Episode 247 (aired on 09/05/2018)


S19E248 : Episode 248 (aired on 09/06/2018)


S19E249 : Episode 249 (aired on 09/07/2018)


S19E250 : Episode 250 (aired on 09/10/2018)


S19E251 : Episode 251 (aired on 09/11/2018)


S19E252 : Episode 252 (aired on 09/12/2018)


S19E253 : Episode 253 (aired on 09/13/2018)


S19E254 : Episode 254 (aired on 09/14/2018)


S19E255 : Episode 255 (aired on 09/17/2018)


S19E256 : A Knight in Shining Armour (aired on 09/18/2018)

A chance encounter on the street leads Valerie to ask herself some deep questions, but will she…

S19E257 : Bad Seed (aired on 09/19/2018)

Heston turns investigator when an eccentric homeless man, an old acquaintance, leaves him a rather…

S19E258 : Scar Tissue (aired on 09/20/2018)

When Ayesha bumps into an old school friend at the Mill, she grows increasingly concerned about her…

S19E259 : The Black Widow (aired on 09/21/2018)

When a young carer is accused of murdering an elderly man, Rob and Emma try to seek the truth. But…

S19E260 : Every Move You Make (aired on 09/24/2018)

Al soon wishes he hadn't got involved when he follows a trail laid out on a patient's phone. Mrs…

S19E261 : Reversal of Fortune (aired on 09/25/2018)

Sid attends a burglary but isn't sure that all is as it seems. Mrs Tembe plays Mr Smail a visit,…

S19E262 : Helpless (aired on 09/26/2018)

When Jimmi sees a beggar clearly ill, he tries to get involved to help. Mrs Tembe and Emma team up…

S19E263 : Free Spirit (aired on 09/27/2018)

Ruhma is stuck in the middle when two sisters are at odds over an imminent birth. Emma and Zara try…

S19E264 : Wings and Roots (aired on 09/28/2018)

Rob and Emma have to play detective to identify a young girl brought in for shoplifting. Valerie is…