Season 1

Goku – Earth’s greatest champion – bravely defends humanity against an invading race of warriors known as the Saiyans. When the mighty hero falls, his young son Gohan rises up to face the very villains who murdered his father. The battle rages through space to Planet Namek, where Gohan and his overmatched allies risk their lives to defeat the Saiyan warlord Vegeta – and the monster known as Frieza!

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S01E01 : The Beginning of the Battle! Son Goku is Back 6.86/10 (aired on 04/05/2009)

Long ago, Bardock, a Saiyan warrior died in an attempt to stop Freeza, a galactic tyrant who ruled…

S01E02 : The Enemy is Goku's Brother!? The Secret of the Saiyans, the Strongest Warriors 6.85/10 (aired on 04/12/2009)

A stranger claiming to be Goku's older brother has kidnapped Gohan. Unable to defeat him alone,…

S01E03 : A Battle with Their Lives on the Line! Goku and Piccolo's Wild Suicide Attack 6.94/10 (aired on 04/19/2009)

Unable to withstand Raditz's brute strength, Goku and Piccolo rely on Piccolo's latest technique in…

S01E04 : Son Goku Runs in the Afterlife! The Million Kilometer Snake Road 6.82/10 (aired on 04/26/2009)

With the battle against Raditz finally over, the Earth's fighters begin to train for the greater…

S01E05 : Wilderness Survival! The Moon Awakens Gohan 6.85/10 (aired on 05/03/2009)

As the year of training in preparation for the Saiyans begins, Piccolo is having more trouble than…

S01E06 : Finally Arriving at the End! Kaio-sama's Playful Test 6.93/10 (aired on 05/10/2009)

While Gohan begins to better survive in the wilderness in his training for the Saiyans, Goku…

S01E07 : Battle with 10-Fold Gravity! Goku, Your Training is a Footrace 6.92/10 (aired on 05/17/2009)

Goku continues his training under Kaio. His first challenge: catching Kaio's pet monkey Bubbles…

S01E08 : Come Forth, Shen Long! The Saiyans Finally Arrive on Earth 6.93/10 (aired on 05/24/2009)

The year wait has finally passed, as the two Saiyans finally arrive to the planet. However, Kaio…

S01E09 : Yamucha's Struggle! The Terrifying Saibaimen 7.21/10 (aired on 05/31/2009)

The Saiyans have reached the planet and have encountered the fighters of Earth. However, instead of…

S01E10 : Wait Chaozu! Screams of Tenshinhan's Kikoho 7.21/10 (aired on 06/07/2009)

With Kuririn having defeated the Saibaimen, the Earth's heroes are now up against Nappa. But with…

S01E11 : Will Son Goku Make It?! The Battle Resumes in 3 Hours 7.22/10 (aired on 06/14/2009)

Goku has finally reached the start of the Serpentine Road and continues his way towards the battle…

S01E12 : Piccolo Lets His Tears Flow... Furious Counterattack of Son Goku! 7.24/10 (aired on 06/21/2009)

Goku has finally reached the battle grounds, ready to fight Nappa in revenge for his fallen…

S01E13 : This is the Kaioken!! A Battle to the Limit: Goku vs Vegeta 7.05/10 (aired on 06/28/2009)

It's Saiyan Peasant versus Saiyan Elite as Goku and Vegeta engage in battle.

S01E14 : Kamehameha Clash! Tenacious Great Transformation of Vegeta 7.03/10 (aired on 07/05/2009)

The battle against Vegeta continues as the two Saiyajin give their all in a beam struggle.

S01E15 : Goku in Absolute Peril! Entrust Your Wishes to the Genki Dama 6.95/10 (aired on 07/12/2009)

Gohan and Kuririn arrive to the battlefield to help out the already worn out Goku. But with Vegeta…

S01E16 : The Invincible Vegeta Defeated! Son Gohan Summons a Miracle 7.34/10 (aired on 07/19/2009)

With our heroes in worse shape than ever, it seems that Vegeta will have his victory over the…

S01E17 : A Hard-Fought Dawn... The Star of Hope is Piccolo's Home 6.95/10 (aired on 08/02/2009)

Goku begs Krillin to spare Vegeta's life, allowing Vegeta to escape Earth. Bulma, Roshi then come…

S01E18 : The Spaceship that Sleeps in Yunzabit! Blast Off For Planet Namek 6.94/10 (aired on 08/09/2009)

Goku, Krillin, and Gohan are in the hospital recovering from the battle with Vegeta. Their friends…

S01E19 : A new strong enemy! Emperor of the Universe, Freeza 7.53/10 (aired on 08/16/2009)

While on their journey to Namek, Gohan and Krillin practice image training. Meanwhile, Vegeta has…

S01E20 : Rebellion Against Freeza! Vegeta, Burning With Ambition 7.63/10 (aired on 08/23/2009)

Freiza continues to collect the Namekian dragon balls, while Vegeta deals Kui. Meanwhile, Krillian…

S01E21 : Protect the Dragonballs! The Namekian Offensive 7.23/10 (aired on 08/30/2009)

Goku arrives at Capsule Corp. where Dr Briefs has prepared a spaceship for him to travel to Namek…

S01E22 : The Terrifying Dodoria's Pursuit! The Truth is Revealed to Vegeta 7.61/10 (aired on 09/06/2009)

Krillin and Gohan save a young Namekian boy from Dodoria's attack. The three fly away and manage to…

S01E23 : Vegeta's Secret Plan! Tragic Attack Upon the Namekians 7.61/10 (aired on 09/13/2009)

Having escaped Freeza's spaceship, Vegeta terrorizes a Namekian village for their dragon ball.

S01E24 : Resurrected Friends! Beautiful Warrior Zarbon's Evil Transformation 7.6/10 (aired on 09/20/2009)

While training on his way to Namek, Goku receives news of a certain group of warriors having…

S01E25 : Kuririn Powers Up! The Squirming Freeza's Premonition 7.49/10 (aired on 09/27/2009)

As the dragon ball hunt on Namek continues, Dende takes Kuririn to the Saichoro, the father of…

S01E26 : The Smashed Up Conspiracy! Vegeta's Counterattack vs. Zarbon 7.51/10 (aired on 10/04/2009)

Recovering quicker than expected, Vegeta is able to escape from Freeza's ship with all five of his…

S01E27 : A Hair-Trigger Pinch! Gohan, Protect the Four-Star Ball 7.12/10 (aired on 10/11/2009)

Krillin surrenders his Dragon Ball to Vegeta after Zarbon was killed, knowing he wouldn't stand…

S01E28 : The Super Decisive Battle Draws Near! The Ginyu Special Force Has Arrived! 7.11/10 (aired on 10/18/2009)

Krillin takes Gohan to see the Eldest Namek to have his inner power released. However, Vegeta…

S01E29 : The Special-Squad's Frontline Man! Break Gurudo's Spell 6.91/10 (aired on 10/25/2009)

Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan race to the remaining five Dragon Balls that Vegeta had hidden, in an…

S01E30 : The Hellish Recoome! Keep Me Entertained, Vegeta-chan 7.33/10 (aired on 11/01/2009)

Vegeta begins battling Recoome, the big brute of the Ginyu Force. While the Saiyan prince manages…

S01E31 : Son Goku Finally Arrives! Knock the Ginyu Special-Squad Around 7.34/10 (aired on 11/08/2009)

Goku enters the battle after giving Senzus to Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta, and things quickly take a…

S01E32 : Star Performer's Entry!? Captain Ginyu vs. Son Goku 7.04/10 (aired on 11/15/2009)

Goku tells Jeice to take the beaten Recoome and Burter and leave the planet forever. Jeice flees to…

S01E33 : Son Goku at Full Power! The Terrified Ginyu has Something Up His Sleeve!! 7.12/10 (aired on 11/22/2009)

Goku powers up to his maximum level - which is far greater than that of even Captain Ginyu! Yet,…

S01E34 : Surprise! Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku!? 7.03/10 (aired on 11/29/2009)

Having switched bodies with Goku, Ginyu races back to the dragon balls' location alongside Jeice…

S01E35 : A Great Turnabout for Goku!? Super Shenlong, Come Out Right Now! 7.11/10 (aired on 12/06/2009)

After killing Jeice, Vegeta sets his sights on Ginyu (still in Goku's body.) Vegeta effortlessly…

S01E36 : Enraged Freeza Draws Near! Porunga... Please Grant Our Wish! 7.01/10 (aired on 12/13/2009)

Porunga, the Namekian Eternal Dragon, is summoned. However Krillin, Gohan and Dende are met with…

S01E37 : A Tormenting Super Transformation! Freeza's One Million Fighting Power 7.4/10 (aired on 12/20/2009)

Piccolo arrives on Planet Namek following being resurrected and wished there. He begins rushing…

S01E38 : Freeza Bares His Fangs! A Transcendent Power Attacks Gohan 6.81/10 (aired on 12/27/2009)

With Goku still healing from the previous battle and Piccolo still on the way to their location,…

S01E39 : The Reborn Piccolo Shows Himself! An Enraged Freeza's Second Transformation 6.99/10 (aired on 01/10/2010)

While Goku continues to recover in the rejuvenation chamber at Frieza's ship, Piccolo begins…

S01E40 : Final Super Transformation of Freeza! The Terror Greater than Hell Starts Now 7.11/10 (aired on 01/17/2010)

Frieza dodges Gohan's attack but quickly finds himself on the receiving end once again - the young…

S01E41 : The Moment We've Waited For! Son Goku is Revived 7.11/10 (aired on 01/24/2010)

Able to follow Freeza's movements closer than before, Vegeta believes to have reached the legendary…

S01E42 : Defeat Freeza, Son Goku! The Proud Vegeta's Tears 7.31/10 (aired on 01/31/2010)

As Goku calmly makes his way through the battlefield, he is able to deflect all of Freeza's coming…

S01E43 : Son Goku vs. Freeza! The Curtain Opens on the Super Decisive Battle! 6.92/10 (aired on 02/07/2010)

Goku is back in full form as he faces Freeza in his final form.

S01E44 : A Battle breaking all limits! Goku, Freeza, and Ginyu again!? 6.81/10 (aired on 02/14/2010)

As the battle between Goku and Freeza continues, Ginyu, still in frog form, encounters Bulma in…

S01E45 : It's a 20-Fold Kaioken! A Kamehameha With Everything on the Line 6.92/10 (aired on 02/21/2010)

Ginyu tries to steal Piccolo's body, but is foiled by Gohan who throws the frog body back in the…

S01E46 : This is the Last Trump Card! Goku's Extra-Large Genki-dama 6.92/10 (aired on 02/28/2010)

Losing the upper hand fast, Goku is forced to leave himself vulnerable to Freeza's attacks as he…

S01E47 : Awaken, Legendary Warrior... Son Goku, the Super Saiyan! 7.05/10 (aired on 03/07/2010)

The death of a long-time comrade triggers a mysterious transformation in Goku.

S01E48 : The Super Saiyan Who Can Get Angry! Announce Your Name Son Goku! 7.03/10 (aired on 03/14/2010)

The transformed Goku renews his battle with Frieza and proves to now be far superior to Frieza's…

S01E49 : Exact Vengeance Son Goku! The Countdown to the Planet's Collapse 6.81/10 (aired on 03/21/2010)

Frieza's attack detonates the planet's core and he claims that Namek will explode in five minutes.…

S01E50 : Do-or-Die Full Power of Freeza! Shenlong Heed this Wish 6.81/10 (aired on 03/28/2010)

As the epic battle between Goku and Frieza rages on the dying Planet Namek, King Kai is infomred by…

S01E51 : Furious Battle Cry of Goku! Make it in Time... The Resurrection Wish! 6.91/10 (aired on 04/04/2010)

Shenron succeeds in resurrecting everyone killed by Frieza and his henchmen on Namek, including…

S01E52 : Two Remain on a Vanishing Planet! This is the Final Showdown 7.21/10 (aired on 04/11/2010)

As the battle continues, it seems neither warrior is going to win before Namek's explosion.…

S01E53 : The Final Blow, Son Goku... Planet Namek Scatters Throughout Space 7.24/10 (aired on 04/18/2010)

On Earth, Guru finally passes, but before his death, he gives his power to the Namekian Moori,…

S01E54 : Goku Vanishes in Space... Return to Life! Super Warriors 7/10 (aired on 04/25/2010)

Following Planet Namek's destruction, King Kai informs Bulma and the others on Earth of Goku's…

S01E55 : That's planet Earth, papa... Freeza's family comes for revenge 7.01/10 (aired on 05/02/2010)

A year has passed and still Goku has not returned to Earth. However, it is revealed that Frieza…

S01E56 : I will defeat Freeza! Another Super Saiyan appears 7.14/10 (aired on 05/09/2010)

The mysterious teenager easily takes out Frieza's foot soldiers, then surprises Frieza by…

S01E57 : Welcome Back Son Goku! The Confession of the Mysterious Young Boy Trunks 7.02/10 (aired on 05/16/2010)

After three hours of waiting, a space pod crash lands on Earth and Goku emerges from it. There is…

S01E58 : Goku's New Technique, Instant Movement! Special Training Staked on 3 Years From Now 7.12/10 (aired on 05/23/2010)

Vegeta asks Goku how he managed to survive Planet Namek's destruction. Goku then explains that just…

S01E59 : The Pair Who Don't Leave a Trace! The Artificial Humans Appear 7.22/10 (aired on 05/30/2010)

The Z Fighters (plus Bulma with a young Trunks) gather at the island in anticipation of the…

S01E60 : Attacked on Both Sides by an Internal Enemy?! Son Goku vs Artificial Human #19 7.12/10 (aired on 06/06/2010)

As Goku, Piccolo and Tien take the androids to a new location to battle, Krillin revives Yamcha…

S01E61 : No Chance of Victory Against #19! Super Vegeta Arrives Late 7.26/10 (aired on 06/13/2010)

Before Android #19 can finish draining Goku's energy, Vegeta finally arrives, saving Goku by…

S01E62 : Piccolo's Assault! The Missing #20 and the Future Gone Eschew 7.13/10 (aired on 06/20/2010)

The Z Fighters split up to search the area for Android #20. Frustrated at his enemy's…

S01E63 : Pursue! Doctor Gero... The Search for the Mysterious Laboratory! 7.03/10 (aired on 06/27/2010)

As the dust settles, Android #20 is nowhere to be seen, and it is assumed that he plans to return…

S01E64 : #17 and #18, and...! The Artificial Humans Awaken 7.69/10 (aired on 07/11/2010)

Dr. Gero finally makes it to his laboratory, with Krillin in hot pursuit. Tien, Piccolo, Vegeta and…

S01E65 : A Cute Face and Super Power?! #18 vs Vegeta 7.69/10 (aired on 07/18/2010)

Android #18 fights with Vegeta in Super Saiyan mode and wins easily. First Trunks tries to help…

S01E66 : The Time has Come to Become One Again... Piccolo's Decision for Ultimate Power! 7.52/10 (aired on 08/01/2010)

Piccolo flies off to try and convince Kami to fuse with Piccolo as it is the only way to stop the…

S01E67 : One More Time Machine?! Bulma Unveils a Mystery 7.51/10 (aired on 08/08/2010)

Bulma receives a phone call about one of her company's products from Capsule Corporation. She is…

S01E68 : And the monster appears... Appearance! It's Super Namek! 7.5/10 (aired on 08/15/2010)

Trunks, Gohan, and Bulma are investigating the other time machine when Gohan notices a strange…

S01E69 : I am Your Sibling! The Monster with the Ki of Goku 7.51/10 (aired on 08/22/2010)

Back at Kami's house Chichi says that Goku is nearly healed. The monster uses the sting on his tail…

S01E70 : Escape tactic, Taiyoken! The Android Cell attacks 7.49/10 (aired on 08/29/2010)

Cell explains that he was born by the computer used by Doctor Gero. A long time ago Doctor Gero…

S01E71 : Attack the Elusive Cell! Son Goku, Finally Revived! 7.5/10 (aired on 09/05/2010)

After Piccolo has finished explaining, Vegeta flies off stating that he wants to surpass the power…

S01E72 : Surpass Super Saiyan! Now, Into the Room of Spirit and Time 7.51/10 (aired on 09/12/2010)

Goku uses his instant transmission to take Gohan, Vegata, Trunks with him to the Room of Spirit and…

S01E73 : This is the Power of a Super-Namekian! #17 vs. Piccolo! 7.49/10 (aired on 09/19/2010)

Bulma is hard at work trying to figure out Dr.Gero's prints meanwhile Piccolo and Android #17 are…

S01E74 : Run #17! The Suicidal Resistance, Piccolo 7.41/10 (aired on 09/26/2010)

Krillin decides that Bulma is taking too long to deliver the switch to turn off the androids so he…

S01E75 : Unmeasured Power! The Silent Warrior #16, Makes his Move 7.61/10 (aired on 10/03/2010)

Android #16 decides it's time for him to step up and fight and he states that his power level is…

S01E76 : Tenshinhan's Do-or-Die Shin Kikoho! Save Your Brother-in-Arms, Son Goku 7.62/10 (aired on 10/10/2010)

Tien uses his Tri-Beam technique on Cell continuously, allowing Android #18 and Android #16 to…

S01E77 : Super Saiyan Surpassed! The Daring Vegeta Strikes Cell 7.72/10 (aired on 10/17/2010)

Cell continues to destroy islands until he reaches the final one containing Android #16 and Android…

S01E78 : The Surging Resentment of Cell! Krillin, Destroy #18 7.42/10 (aired on 10/24/2010)

Goku continues to train Gohan, who is still trying to achieve Super Saiyan form. Meanwhile Vegeta…

S01E79 : And So the Situation Takes a Turn for the Worst... Cell Attacks #18! 7.42/10 (aired on 10/31/2010)

Cell convinces Vegeta to allow him to absorb Android 18 leaving Trunks to try to stop Cell. While…

S01E80 : The Tables Have Turned! Perfect Form Cell Finally Goes into Action 3.27/10 (aired on 11/07/2010)

Cell has finally achieved his perfect form! In what Cell calls a warm up, Cell matches Vegeta move…

S01E81 : Vegeta's Full-Power Strike! But Cell's Terror Grows and Grows 3.49/10 (aired on 11/14/2010)

Vegeta puts all the strength he can into his final flash attack in an attempt to take down cell. …

S01E82 : Super Power Awakening! Trunks Surpasses his Father 3.45/10 (aired on 11/21/2010)

Trunks unleashes his awesome power and proves stronger than Cell, but it is still not enough to…

S01E83 : The Television`s Been Hijacked! A Live Broadcast of the Cell Games Press Conference 3.42/10 (aired on 11/28/2010)

When Krillin and Vegeta arrive Trunks informs everyone of the Tenkaichi Tournament held by Cell and…

S01E84 : Training Completed! Does Goku have the Composure to Defeat Cell?! 4.96/10 (aired on 12/05/2010)

The people of Earth are in a panic after Cell's announcement of the Cell Games. Meanwhile, Goku and…

S01E85 : An Interrupted Rest! The Self-Defense Army, Launches a General Offensive Against Cell 4.92/10 (aired on 12/12/2010)

As Piccolo completes his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and Vegeta takes his place, Goku…

S01E86 : A New God! The Dragon Balls are Finally Revived 4.96/10 (aired on 12/19/2010)

After getting help from King Kai in locating the planet where the Namekians are staying, Goku…

S01E87 : Satan's Legion Runs Wild! The Curtain Rises on the Cell Games 6.75/10 (aired on 12/26/2010)

As Hercule hypes himself in front of the media, Vegeta, Android 16, Goku and the others arrive at…

S01E88 : The Decisive Battle! Cell vs Son Goku 3.63/10 (aired on 01/09/2011)

Goku and Cell begin to fight and, despite putting on an impressive performance, Gohan and Vegeta…

S01E89 : A Battle of the Highest Level! Defeat Cell, Son Goku 3.64/10 (aired on 01/16/2011)

The battle between Goku and Cell continues, with the two fighters reaching a pace that is barely…

S01E90 : Conclusion to the Death Match! Time for Goku's Decision 3.43/10 (aired on 01/23/2011)

With the battle going nowhere, Goku willfully conceeds. In his place he selects his son - Gohan.…

S01E91 : Get Angry, Gohan! Release Your Dormant Power 3.53/10 (aired on 01/30/2011)

Gohan shows no willingness to fight, and explains to Cell his reason - whenever he is in battle, he…

S01E92 : The Tears that Disappeared into the Sky! The Angry Super Awakening of Gohan 5.4/10 (aired on 02/06/2011)

Gohan's reluctance reaches it's limit, and #16 asks Mr Satan to carry him over to Gohan to talk to…

S01E93 : Fighting Spirit Free from Hesitation! Gohan, Pulverizes the Cell Juniors 5.41/10 (aired on 02/13/2011)

After witnessing the death of Android 16 at the hands of Cell, Gohan's anger is ignited and causes…

S01E94 : The Perfect Form Breaks Down! Explosion, the Super Iron Fist of Rage 5.36/10 (aired on 02/20/2011)

Cell finally unleashes his full power against Gohan, but even at maximum strength his attacks have…

S01E95 : Bye-Bye Everyone! This is the Only Way to Save the Earth 2.39/10 (aired on 03/06/2011)

Powered down and out of other options, Cell actives his self destruct mechanism causing him expand…

S01E96 : Combine Our Power! The Mightiest Final Kamehameha 2.78/10 (aired on 03/20/2011)

Cell continues to charge his Kamehameha, and reveals that not only has he gathered enough energy to…

S01E97 : Episode 97 4.86/10 (aired on 03/27/2011)

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