Season 4

Cell has finally reached his perfect form, and he won't rest till civilization falls! Only a herculean effort by Earth's heroes can stop Cell's rampage, but a superhuman slugfest of unprecedented brutality leads to Goku's shocking retirement! Young Gohan alone must now battle the monster and his miniature minions. The outlook appears bleak, but somewhere Goku lurks, waiting to lend his strength to Gohan for one final Kamehameha Wave. Will it be enough to save the world!?

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S04E01 : The Surging Resentment of Cell! Krillin, Destroy #18 (aired on 10/24/2010)

Goku continues to train Gohan, who is still trying to achieve Super Saiyan form. Meanwhile Vegeta…

S04E02 : And So the Situation Takes a Turn for the Worst... Cell Attacks #18! (aired on 10/31/2010)

Cell convinces Vegeta to allow him to absorb Android 18 leaving Trunks to try to stop Cell. While…

S04E03 : The Tables Have Turned! Perfect Form Cell Finally Goes into Action (aired on 11/07/2010)

Cell has finally achieved his perfect form! In what Cell calls a warm up, Cell matches Vegeta move…

S04E04 : Vegeta's Full-Power Strike! But Cell's Terror Grows and Grows (aired on 11/14/2010)

Vegeta puts all the strength he can into his final flash attack in an attempt to take down cell. …

S04E05 : Super Power Awakening! Trunks Surpasses his Father (aired on 11/21/2010)

Trunks unleashes his awesome power and proves stronger than Cell, but it is still not enough to…

S04E06 : The Television`s Been Hijacked! A Live Broadcast of the Cell Games Press Conference (aired on 11/28/2010)

When Krillin and Vegeta arrive Trunks informs everyone of the Tenkaichi Tournament held by Cell and…

S04E07 : Training Completed! Does Goku have the Composure to Defeat Cell?! (aired on 12/05/2010)

The people of Earth are in a panic after Cell's announcement of the Cell Games. Meanwhile, Goku and…

S04E08 : An Interrupted Rest! The Self-Defense Army, Launches a General Offensive Against Cell (aired on 12/12/2010)

As Piccolo completes his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and Vegeta takes his place, Goku…

S04E09 : A New God! The Dragon Balls are Finally Revived (aired on 12/19/2010)

After getting help from King Kai in locating the planet where the Namekians are staying, Goku…

S04E10 : Satan's Legion Runs Wild! The Curtain Rises on the Cell Games (aired on 12/26/2010)

As Hercule hypes himself in front of the media, Vegeta, Android 16, Goku and the others arrive at…

S04E11 : The Decisive Battle! Cell vs Son Goku (aired on 01/09/2011)

Goku and Cell begin to fight and, despite putting on an impressive performance, Gohan and Vegeta…

S04E12 : A Battle of the Highest Level! Defeat Cell, Son Goku (aired on 01/16/2011)

The battle between Goku and Cell continues, with the two fighters reaching a pace that is barely…

S04E13 : Conclusion to the Death Match! Time for Goku's Decision (aired on 01/23/2011)

With the battle going nowhere, Goku willfully conceeds. In his place he selects his son - Gohan.…

S04E14 : Get Angry, Gohan! Release Your Dormant Power (aired on 01/30/2011)

Gohan shows no willingness to fight, and explains to Cell his reason - whenever he is in battle, he…

S04E15 : The Tears that Disappeared into the Sky! The Angry Super Awakening of Gohan (aired on 02/06/2011)

Gohan's reluctance reaches it's limit, and #16 asks Mr Satan to carry him over to Gohan to talk to…

S04E16 : Fighting Spirit Free from Hesitation! Gohan, Pulverizes the Cell Juniors (aired on 02/13/2011)

After witnessing the death of Android 16 at the hands of Cell, Gohan's anger is ignited and causes…

S04E17 : The Perfect Form Breaks Down! Explosion, the Super Iron Fist of Rage (aired on 02/20/2011)

Cell finally unleashes his full power against Gohan, but even at maximum strength his attacks have…

S04E18 : Bye-Bye Everyone! This is the Only Way to Save the Earth (aired on 03/06/2011)

Powered down and out of other options, Cell actives his self destruct mechanism causing him expand…

S04E19 : Combine Our Power! The Mightiest Final Kamehameha (aired on 03/20/2011)

Cell continues to charge his Kamehameha, and reveals that not only has he gathered enough energy to…

S04E20 : Farewell with a Smile! Heading for New Days... (aired on 03/27/2011)

Gohan has defeated Cell and the world is now safe. The heroes call upon Shenron to revive those who…

S04E21 : Peace in the Future! Goku's Soul in Eternity (aired on 08/02/2011)

Trunks returns to the future and is reunited with Bulma. As tranquility seems to return, the…
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