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S06E01 : The Seal Is Broken!? Gohan's Last-Ditch Kame Hame Ha (aired on 08/10/2014)

Goku and Vegeta's fight continues to escalate, with Vegeta revealing he chose to go under Babidi's…

S06E02 : A Straight Line to Despair!? Terror of Majin Buu (aired on 08/17/2014)

Everyone seems to be bewildered by Buu's childlike behavior, curious as to whether his rebirth was…

S06E03 : Turn Into Sweets! The Hungry Majin's Weird Power (aired on 08/24/2014)

Buu completely overwhelms Supreme Kai and Gohan, with Supreme Kai using the last of his strength to…

S06E04 : I'll Take Care of the Majin, Vegeta's Final Desperate Battle (aired on 08/31/2014)

Vegeta, willing to put his life on the line, begins his assault on Buu, managing to blast a hole…

S06E05 : For Those Whom He Loves... The Last Moment of the Proud Warrior (aired on 09/07/2014)

As Vegeta is ensnared by Buu, Trunks and Goten can no longer stand by, and rush to the scene to…

S06E06 : The Nightmare Returns, The Immortal Monster, Majin Buu (aired on 09/14/2014)

As Bulma and the others from the stadium follow Videl's directions in pursuit of Goten and Trunks,…

S06E07 : Secret Plan to Defeat Buu, Its Name is Fusion (aired on 09/21/2014)

Bulma's group goes to seek out the Dragon Balls so they can revive all the spectators that Vegeta…

S06E08 : A Faint Ray of Hope Has Appeared! Awaken, Warriors!! (aired on 09/28/2014)

Using the Dragon Balls, Bulma summons out Shenron, using one of its wishes to bring back everyone…

S06E09 : Find the Nuisance, Babidi's Revenge Plan Begins!! (aired on 10/05/2014)

Speaking to the people of Earth, Babidi threatens far-reaching destruction unless Piccolo, Goten,…

S06E10 : A Trying Time, Obtain the Strength of Legends! (aired on 10/12/2014)

Despite the protestations of others at Kami's Lookout, Videl continues to believe that Gohan…

S06E11 : Delay Majin Buu, The Limit! Super Saiyan 3!! (aired on 10/19/2014)

Realizing that Majin Buu is headed for Capsule Corp., Trunks breaks off from his Fusion training,…

S06E12 : Standing Up For Himself Buu Rebels! (aired on 10/26/2014)

Trunks arrives at Capsule Corp., and hurries to find the Dragon Radar, although his grandparents…

S06E13 : Awful Looking!? Special Training, Fusion Pose! (aired on 11/02/2014)

Free from Babidi's control, Buu heads off on a rampage. Goku reveals that, as a result of his Super…

S06E14 : Bye-Bye Everyone!! Son Goku Returns to the Other World (aired on 11/09/2014)

Goten and Trunks are bored of fusion training and ask Goku to show them Super Saiyan 3. However,…

S06E15 : Found You, Gohan! Harsh Training in the Realm of the Kais! (aired on 11/16/2014)

Gohan begins training with the Kai’s. Majin Buu runs rampant. Just when Gohan gets a handle on the…

S06E16 : Birth! Combine Super Warrior, His Name is Gotenks!! (aired on 11/23/2014)

Old Kai decides to draw out Gohan’s potential, but the process is a long one. Gohan and Trunks…

S06E17 : Who Will Defeat the Majin? The Strongest Man Sets Out!! (aired on 11/30/2014)

An overly confident fused Gotenks, searches for Buu, however he is unsuccessful. Mr. Satan…

S06E18 : The Power-Up Continues!? Perfected! Super Gotenks! (aired on 12/07/2014)

Gohan continues his training with Old Supreme Kai. Mr. Satan has managed to quell Buu somewhat, but…

S06E19 : Do Your Best, Kakarot! You Are No. 1!! (aired on 05/10/2015)

Goku and Kid Buu continue to fight, each taking powerful blows from each other. Kid Buu folds…

S06E20 : A One Minute Battle - Vegeta's Life-risking Stall Tactics! (aired on 05/17/2015)

Goku continues to fight Buu, and he seems to have the upper hand. He deals a lot of damage to Buu,…

S06E21 : A Secret Plan Comes Together in a Flash - Please Grant These Two Wishes! (aired on 05/24/2015)

Fat Majin Buu enters the fight, saving Vegeta from death. However, he is no match for Kid Buu, who…

S06E22 : Give Me Energy! We'll Make a Huge Spirit Bomb!! (aired on 05/31/2015)

The people of earth come back to life, including the Z Fighters and their friends. Goku gets into…

S06E23 : The Savior of the World is You! Everyone's Spirit Bomb is Completed!! (aired on 06/07/2015)

Vegeta continues to plead with the people of earth, but no one will listen to him. Fat Buu has…

S06E24 : Son Goku is the Strongest After All!! Majin Buu is Annihilated (aired on 06/14/2015)

Goku is ready to throw the Spirit Bomb, but Vegeta is in the way, and, despite Vegeta's pleas…

S06E25 : And So, After 10 Years... The First World Martial Arts Tournament in a Long Time! (aired on 06/21/2015)

Ten years have passed, and much has changed. Gohan has become a scholar, and Trunks and Goten are…

S06E26 : Even Stronger! Goku's Dream Never Ends!! (aired on 06/28/2015)

Goku and Uub begin to fight, and it is clear that Uub does not know much about fighting. But as the…
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