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S02E01 : The Day of the Fateful Encounter 8.08/10 (aired on 10/11/2010)

A reporter from "The Weekly Sorcerer" comes to interview Fairy Tail. Cana tells Lucy that she will…

S02E02 : Special Request: Watch Out for the Guy You Like! (aired on 10/18/2010)

Love is in the air as Lucy thinks that Natsu has secret feelings for her. Meanwhile the whole Fairy…

S02E03 : Love & Lucky (aired on 10/25/2010)

Someone has been following Lucy for a while and takes caution. She finds out that her stalker is…

S02E04 : Allied Forces, Assemble! (aired on 11/01/2010)

Fairy Tail is joining up with other guilds - Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale and Caitshelter - to defeat…

S02E05 : Enter the Oración Seis! 8.42/10 (aired on 11/08/2010)

Wendy makes her entrance, but she's not alone. Her cat, Charle, has arrived with her, much to…

S02E06 : Maiden of the Sky (aired on 11/15/2010)

Wendy is captured by the Oración Seis, and so is Happy! Erza is poisoned, and the poison is…

S02E07 : The Girl and the Ghost 8.33/10 (aired on 11/22/2010)

Natsu and Gray are up against the Naked Mummy guild. Meanwhile, Wendy is instructed to revive…

S02E08 : Dead Grand Prix 8.54/10 (aired on 11/29/2010)

Hibiki manages to communicate with Natsu through his magic, Archive, and informs him how to get to…

S02E09 : Darkness 7.97/10 (aired on 12/06/2010)

Jura starts a battle with Hot Eye of the Heavenly Eye, and Wendy wakes up and heals Erza.…

S02E10 : Celestial Skirmish 8.36/10 (aired on 12/13/2010)

Natsu is after Erza and Jellal and Lucy and Hibiki and Carla and Wendy are after him. As they…

S02E11 : Jellal of Days Gone By 8.45/10 (aired on 12/20/2010)

Though Angel is defeated, Lucy and Natsu end up falling down a giant waterfall; when they regain…

S02E12 : March of Destruction 8.85/10 (aired on 12/27/2010)

Brain manages to gain control of Nirvana and actives its second stage - a monster that begins…

S02E13 : Super Aerial Battle: Natsu vs. Cobra! 8.53/10 (aired on 01/10/2011)

Because Cobra can predict all his moves, Natsu can't gain the upper hand until he fights…

S02E14 : Wizard Saint Jura 8.36/10 (aired on 01/17/2011)

Jura displays his true power and shows why he is one of the ten wizard saints. He battles with…

S02E15 : Your Words 8.45/10 (aired on 01/24/2011)

Midnight fights a battle with Erza and Jellal; being weakened from the destruction magic, Jellal…

S02E16 : Zero (aired on 01/31/2011)

Erza manages to overcome Midnight's illusory magic, while Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy confront…

S02E17 : From Pegasus to Fairies (aired on 02/07/2011)

As Zero fires on Nirvana, Blue Pegasus's ship Christina, held together by Lyon, Sherry, and Ren,…

S02E18 : The Power of Feelings (aired on 02/14/2011)

Having told Wendy to destroy the sixth Lacrima in his place, Jellal appears at the first Lacrima…

S02E19 : I'm With You (aired on 02/21/2011)

As everyone gathers their strength for the final blow, Natsu is consumed by Zero's "Genesis Zero"…

S02E20 : A Guild for One (aired on 02/28/2011)

Agents from the government dispatched to the site of Nirvana's fall arrest Jellal; while everyone…

S02E21 : Call of the Dragon (aired on 03/07/2011)

After saying goodbye to the Alliance the group returns to Fairy Tail, where Wendy and Carla get a…

S02E22 : Natsu vs Gray!! (aired on 03/14/2011)

Gray and Natsu are fighting with all their power while everyone at Fairy Tail begin to worry. When…

S02E23 : Friendship Overcomes the Dead (aired on 03/21/2011)

As Daphne sucks out Natsu's magical power, Erza is fighting copies of herself in different armors…

S02E24 : A Fairy Tail Wizard (aired on 03/28/2011)

While Natsu was still inside the artificial dragon, Fairy Tail had the dilemma whether to save…

S02E25 : Rainbow Cherry Blossoms (aired on 04/02/2011)

Team Natsu along Wendy and Charle are on a mission in the mountains. Because of the snow, Lucy…

S02E26 : Wendy's First Big Job!? (aired on 04/09/2011)

Wendy's gotten used to doing jobs at Fairy Tail and wants to try taking on something bigger so she…

S02E27 : 24-Hour Endurance Road Race (aired on 04/16/2011)

The 24 hour race begins as all the Fairy Tail members race to get Wyvern Scales from the top of Mt.…

S02E28 : Gildarts (aired on 04/23/2011)

Gildarts has finally come back to Fairy Tail after a hundred year quest and has news for Natsu…

S02E29 : Earth Land (aired on 04/30/2011)

Wendy finally meets Mystogan, who she had known as Jellal in her childhood. He warns her about…

S02E30 : Edolas (aired on 05/07/2011)

Knowing that all Fairy Tail members have disappeared, Natsu, Happy, Wendy and Charle went to Edolas…

S02E31 : Fairy Hunter (aired on 05/14/2011)

Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Carla are scared stiff at the Lucy of Edolas, until she mistakes Natsu for…

S02E32 : Key of Hope (aired on 05/21/2011)

After a narrow escape from Erza Knightwalker, Natsu's group decides to head to the capital of…

S02E33 : Fireball (aired on 05/28/2011)

In the capital, Natsu and Wendy are surprised to find their Lucy alive and fully capable of using…

S02E34 : Welcome Home (aired on 06/04/2011)

Earthland Lucy, Natsu, Wendy, Charle, and Happy reach the Royal City, where they find a Lacrima…

S02E35 : Extalia (aired on 06/11/2011)

Because Natsu and Wendy are Dragonslayers, they are locked up and wind up discovering a secret…

S02E36 : Fly, to Our Friends! (aired on 06/18/2011)

After hearing the truth about their mission, Happy and Charle run away from the kingdom and end up…

S02E37 : Code ETD (aired on 06/25/2011)

Happy and Charle rush back to the city to save their friends. Meanwhile, Lucy is imprisoned and she…

S02E38 : Erza vs. Erza (aired on 07/02/2011)

Gray, Lucy, and Charle went to rescue Natsu and Wendy while Earthland Erza hold off Erza…

S02E39 : We're Talking About Lives Here!!!! (aired on 07/09/2011)

Natsu,Gray and Lucy engage in battle to save there friends and the Exceeds from being destroyed…

S02E40 : For Pride's Sake, the River of Stars (aired on 07/16/2011)

After Lucy calls multiple spirits in a row to fight Byro her magic is quickly drained, though Virgo…

S02E41 : The Apocalyptic Dragon Chain Cannon (aired on 07/23/2011)

Gray defeats Sugarboy and destroys the key after learning its purpose, as he can create another key…

S02E42 : The Boy Back Then (aired on 07/30/2011)

The queen of the Exceed reveals that her divine image was a lie perpetuated by the Elders to…

S02E43 : Dragon Sense (aired on 08/06/2011)

The Earthland wizards succeed in preventing Extalia's demise, but the battle is not over. Erza…

S02E44 : O Living Ones (aired on 08/13/2011)

The battles against the Edolas Royal Kingdom rages on. The army, Knightwalker and the king himself…

S02E45 : I’m Standing Right Here (aired on 08/20/2011)

In the midst of the exhausting battle between the Edolas army and the members of Fairy Tail in both…

S02E46 : Bye-Bye Edolas (aired on 08/27/2011)

Out of devotion, Pantherlily refuses to accept Mystogan's plan, but they soon find that Natsu,…

S02E47 : Lisanna (aired on 09/03/2011)

On Earthland, the queen of the Exceed reveals that Exceed eggs had been sent to Earth to save them…

S02E48 : He Who Extinguishes Life (aired on 09/10/2011)

The aftermath of Natsu and his friends' adventures in Edolas is revealed: Edolas Fairy Tail moves…
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