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S01E01 : Pilot (aired on 09/20/1999)

After losing her husband and clients all in one day, Attorney Lynn Holt sets out to rebuild her…

S01E02 : Damages (aired on 09/27/1999)

Lynn helps Rex represent a couple seeking damages against the doctor who neglected to tell them…

S01E03 : All God's Creatures (aired on 10/04/1999)

Lynn tries the case of a woman seeking custody of her children from their racist father; Danni…

S01E04 : Prisoners (aired on 10/11/1999)

Randi represents a correctional officer charged with raping an inmate. However the case hits too…

S01E05 : The List (aired on 10/18/1999)

Lynn helps an old friend deal with his troubled daughter, who's created a list of people she wants…

S01E06 : The Nanny (aired on 10/25/1999)

Lynn represents a couple desperate to get custody of their granddaughter, even though it goes…

S01E07 : Games (aired on 11/08/1999)

Danni and Rex take opposites sides of a case involving kids on a soccer team and their overzealous…

S01E08 : The Fourth Trimester (aired on 11/15/1999)

Over Lynn's objections, Danni represents an L.A. Laker being sued for child support; Rex represents…

S01E09 : Holt vs. Holt (aired on 11/22/1999)

Lynn and Michael square off in court in a battle between a cancer-stricken employee of a lingerie…

S01E10 : Four Drops of Blood (aired on 11/29/1999)

Rex defends a woman accused of murdering her one child and abusing the other; Randi represents the…

S01E11 : Decisions (aired on 12/13/1999)

Lynn acts as mediator in her friends' decision of how their dying son should spend his last days;…

S01E12 : Media Relations 7.5/10 (aired on 01/10/2000)

Rex and Lynn defend a 10 year-old boy accused of murdering a little girl for her bike; Randi…

S01E13 : Human Error (aired on 01/17/2000)

Viveca passes the bar and joins Rex's practice. Her first client is a college football star who…

S01E14 : Stealing Home (aired on 01/24/2000)

Lynn represents a woman trying to keep her molester husband away from their daughter; Danni…

S01E15 : A Mother's Son (aired on 02/07/2000)

Rex and Randi fight to show that the adopted parents of a mentally disturbed boy are not…

S01E16 : Are You My Father? (aired on 02/21/2000)

Lynn's case involving a woman suing a televangelist for child support takes a surprising turn;…

S01E17 : Metamorphosis (aired on 02/28/2000)

Lynn takes desperate measures to help a woman regain custody of her son; Rex battles his ex-wife…

S01E18 : Necessity (aired on 03/06/2000)

Rex defends an elderly woman on charges of drug dealing when she sells medication to the elderly at…

S01E19 : Playing God (aired on 03/20/2000)

Lynn defends a woman, who runs a foundation for children born to crack-addicted mothers, when the…

S01E20 : The Witness (aired on 04/17/2000)

Rex and Randi represent a pair of brothers: one a murder suspect, the other a witness; Danni tries…

S01E21 : Second Chance (aired on 04/24/2000)

Lynn takes the case of a cop who broke a restraining order to be with his kids, something she later…

S01E22 : Love and Money (aired on 05/01/2000)

First Danni and then Rex take on the case of a woman suing her husband for half of the $48 million…

S01E23 : Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law (aired on 05/08/2000)

Lynn represents a priest who is on trial for an attempted murder he claims was an attempted…
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