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S01E01 : Pilot (aired on 09/25/2018)

After a bomb explosion devastates a residential apartment building, special agents Maggie Bell and…

S01E02 : Green Birds (aired on 10/02/2018)

After eight people are fatally poisoned at a deli in New York City, special agents Maggie Bell and…

S01E03 : Prey (aired on 10/09/2018)

Special Agent Maggie Bell, Special Agent OA Zidan and the team investigate the murders of 18 young…

S01E04 : Crossfire (aired on 10/16/2018)

Special Agents Maggie Bell and OA Zidan rush to track down an active sniper with an elusive motive…

S01E05 : Doomsday (aired on 10/23/2018)

Special Agents Maggie Bell and OA Zidan investigate the death of a safety inspector and its…

S01E06 : Family Man (aired on 10/30/2018)

After a senator’s daughter is kidnapped and held for ransom, the FBI is called in to assist with…

S01E07 : Cops and Robbers (aired on 11/13/2018)

Maggie and OA hunt down a ruthless group of robbers who are posing as NYPD officers to target…

S01E08 : This Land Is Your Land (aired on 11/20/2018)

Maggie and OA lead the search for an abducted former biological weapons chemist.

S01E09 : Compromised (aired on 12/04/2018)

After a key witness and a U.S. marshal are ambushed and killed, Maggie and OA must track down a man…

S01E10 : The Armorer’s Faith (aired on 12/11/2018)

When an illegal arms broker turned informant is assassinated, OA assumes his identity and goes…

S01E11 : Identity Crisis (aired on 01/15/2019)

When a judge and her daughter are murdered after she sentenced a man to life in prison, Maggie and…

S01E12 : A New Dawn (aired on 01/22/2019)

When an alt-right provocateur is murdered after giving a speech at a university in New York City,…

S01E13 : Partners in Crime (aired on 02/12/2019)

Maggie and OA are on a mission to find a couple who are behind a spree of violent armed robberies…

S01E14 : Exposed (aired on 02/19/2019)

After an investigative journalist is murdered, the team uncovers information linking the suspect to…

S01E15 : Scorched Earth (aired on 02/26/2019)

A serial bomber appears to be targeting Wall Street’s elite. Maggie and OA search for a suspect who…

S01E16 : Episode 16 (aired on 03/05/2019)

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