Fist of the North Star

Kenshiro is the sole heir of the deadly 2000 year old martial art, Hokuto Shinken. He is on a quest for vengeance after being betrayed by a former friend, Shin, who mutilates Ken's body and steals his girlfriend Julia. Bandits and rival martial artists await him in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Known as 北斗の拳 (Hokuto No Ken) in Japan, Ken le Survivant in France and Quebec and Ken il Guerriero in Italy. First Opening song: Ai o Torimodose Second Opening song: Tough Boy Closing song: Love Song

TV series created in 1984 and concluded in 1988 by Tetsuo Hara, Buronson.
The show consists of 6 seasons and 152 episodes.


S03E11 : Souther, The Despondent Holy Emperor! You Are Weary From Love!! 8.42/10 (11 voting)


S04E26 : Farewell, the Brothers of the North Star! They're Beyond Love and Sorrow!! 8.01/10 (11 voting)


S02E26 : An Explosion of Secret Techniques! Beyond Hatred is the Fate for the Brothers of the North Star. 7.93/10 (11 voting)



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