Season 2

The qualifiers of the Autumn Elections are now over, and only eight talented chefs remain. Now, they face off in one-on-one food wars, each with their own unique themes. Met with both new judges and new opponents all with their own specialties, Souma must stay on his toes if he hopes to make it to the top of both the Autumn Elections and Tootsuki Culinary Academy.

Season episodes list 2


S02E01 : That Which is Placed Within the Box 9/10 (aired on 07/02/2016)

Soma faces off against Alice in the Fall Elections. The theme: bento! Alice specializes in…

S02E02 : Interplay of Light and Shadow 8.84/10 (aired on 07/09/2016)

Soma's bento defeats Alice's. The second match of the tournament: Megumi vs. Ryo! The theme is…

S02E03 : The Age of Kings 9/10 (aired on 07/16/2016)

Megumi and Ryo both present their dishes. Round 2 has finally concluded. Round 3 brings Hayama…

S02E04 : The Pursuer 9.1/10 (aired on 07/23/2016)

Takumi and Mimasaka begin their match, with the addition of it being a Shokugeki! Mimasaka…

S02E05 : The Secret of the First Bite 9/10 (aired on 07/30/2016)

Soma is approached by journalist Mitsuru Sotsuda, who asks to cover him as he works on a beef stew…

S02E06 : Morning Shall Come Again 9.2/10 (aired on 08/06/2016)

Subaru uses smoked bacon as a garniture for his stew, revealing that he got his information from…

S02E07 : Beasts That Devour Each Other 8.9/10 (aired on 08/13/2016)

Ryo and Akira face off against each other in the second semi-final match, in which they must make…

S02E08 : The Battle That Follows the Seasons 9/10 (aired on 08/20/2016)

In preparation for the final, Soma goes with Megumi to the fish market, where they come across Ryo…

S02E09 : The Sword That Announces Fall 9.1/10 (aired on 08/27/2016)

Under a moonlit sky, the finals get underway, with Alice recalling the many cooking battles she's…

S02E10 : A New Jewel 9.2/10 (aired on 09/03/2016)

Soma presents his dish's missing element, a white soup made from soy milk that turns the rice dish…

S02E11 : The Stagiaire 9.1/10 (aired on 09/10/2016)

With the Stagiaire program requiring students to take up residence at various restaurants outside…

S02E12 : The Magician Returns 9.2/10 (aired on 09/17/2016)

The next step of the Stagiaire reunites Soma with Shinomiya, who is opening a Tokyo branch of his…

S02E13 : Pomp & Circumstance 9/10 (aired on 09/24/2016)

At the end of the pre-open's final day, Shinomiya calls in his fellow alumni, along with his…
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