Sonny and Hannah return to Port Charles following their relaxing sojourn on the island. watching Emily slow dancing with Juan, Elizabeth feels overwhelmed by loneliness and grief as she thinks about Lucky. Bobbie urges Felicia to fill Mac in on how Luke might unwittingly be working for the very man who murdered his best friend. Sonny apologizes to Juan for losing his temper the other day, then offers to tell the boy all about his mother and answer any questions he might have. A.J. accuses Jason of staging the work slowdown which has wreaked havoc with ELQ's docks project. Desperate to see Letitia again, an overwrought Reginald reads his exasperated employers the riot act.

Aired on 08/26/1999

Laura Wright Laura WrightCarly Corinthos
Chad DuellMichael Corinthos
Donnell TurnerCurtis Ashford
Kelly Monaco Kelly MonacoSamantha Morgan
Tamara Braun Tamara BraunDr. Kimberly Nero
Maurice BernardSonny Corinthos
Steve Burton Steve BurtonJason Morgan
Briana Henry Briana HenryJordan Ashford
Chris Van AttenWriter
Lloyd 'Lucky' GoldScreenstory