Preview:Alexis takes a test. Recap:Zander tells Carly how anxious he is to make up for his earlier mistake. A jittery Alexis bumps into Sonny as she returns to her apartment. Later, Courtney corners Sonny and furiously orders her brother to stop issuing death threats against A.J,. Meanwhile, at the mansion, A.J. eggs Jason on to kill him right then and there in front of their whole family. Sarah and Elizabeth decide to double date with a couple of guys they met while jogging. Maxie pours out her heart to a flustered Lucky. Realizing they've been stuck with a couple of duds, Elizabeth and Sarah fake an illness to scare their dates off. Monica is pleased when Jason reveals that he did come by to see her as well as Lila. Sonny warns Courtney that her husband is filling her head with lies. Carly assures a skeptical Zander that nothing can come between her and Sonny ever again. Alexis reels after receiving a positive result on her home pregnancy test. Monica gives A.J. an ultimatum. Lucky t

Aired on 05/30/2002