Preview:Zander gets a little payback. Recap:Nikolas overhears Lucky encouraging Gia to free herself from his brother's orbit while she still can. Elizabeth snipes at her sister when a sheepish Sarah shows up at Kelly's. Courtney decides to look for a job to keep body and soul together until her husband gets back on his feet.Zander steps into protect Elizabeth when Roscoe shows up at Kelly's, Zander's protectiveness surprises Elizabeth, who icily reminds him that she doesn't require rescuing. Ned frets about Alexis as it becomes more and more obvious that his friend is in some kind of trouble. Elizabeth later apologizes to Zander for snapping at him, then explains about finding Lucky and her sister in bed together,as why she's been in such a foul mood.Courtney and A.J. turn down Sonny's offer and he finally relents in letting her get a job. Jason warns Sonny that an old nemesis is preparing to make another move against him and Sonny informs Jason that the problem needs to be dealt with.

Aired on 06/07/2002