Preview:Elizabeth and Zander share a kiss. Recap:Edward instructs a sputtering Skye to accept Jax's job offer. Sonny refuses to believe Jax's tale about Carly embezzling a hundred thousand dollars from the club. Inside the crypt, Zander and Elizabeth share a lingering kiss. Though Carly shrilly objects, Jason turns to Marcus for help locating a missing friend. Courtney trails her inebriated husband down to the docks. After Alexis convinces him of the truth, Sonny writes Jax a check but orders him never to say another word about the matter. While trying to escape, Elizabeth accidentally breaks open a gas pipe. Gia draws a crowd after volunteering to operate the kissing booth at the Fourth of July festivities but Nikolas hastily steps up to monopolize his fiancee's entire evening. A.J. passes out on a park bench after polishing off another pint of vodka. Carly's day gets worse when Sonny confronts her about the funds she embezzled. Jax admits to Alexis how serious he is about Skye. A.J.

Aired on 07/05/2002

Laura Wright Laura WrightCarly Corinthos
Chad DuellMichael Corinthos
Donnell TurnerCurtis Ashford
Kelly Monaco Kelly MonacoSamantha Morgan
Tamara Braun Tamara BraunDr. Kimberly Nero
Maurice BernardSonny Corinthos
Steve Burton Steve BurtonJason Morgan
Briana Henry Briana HenryJordan Ashford
Chris Van AttenWriter
Lloyd 'Lucky' GoldScreenstory