Preview: Sonny has a major revelation. Recap: Roy and Felicia top off their celebratory dinner with a lingering kiss. Later, however, the business partners learn that their first client has abruptly withdrawn from the deal they just struck. Rattled by Jason's news, Sonny realizes that Alexis's baby could well be his. Edward shows Skye evidence that Jax stood her up to dine with a beautiful CEO whose company he covets. Courtney tells A.J. she's accepted a night job as a data entry clerk. Though Felicia suggests they cut their losses and pack it in, Roy stubbornly refuses to give up his dream for Pier 52. Alexis announces to Ned that she's severed her final tie to Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny explains to an irate Carly why he feels obligated do right by Alexis' unborn child if he is in fact the father. Skye wheedles inside information out of Jax and secretly passes it along to her grandfather. Courtney makes her debut as a stripper at the Oasis Club.

Aired on 07/12/2002