Preview: Felicia makes a decision about Roy's proposal. Recap: Fervently declaring his love, Roy repeats his marriage proposal to a sobbing Felicia. Jason guesses that Zander's memory has returned,saying he to once lost his memory and he knows that look. Courtney marches over to Zeke's and again accuses Coleman of stalking her. Denying the charge, Coleman assures his former employee he only wants to be her friend but she furiously orders him to leave her alone. Though alarmed to realize that Jax is unable to feel her hand gripping his leg, Brenda forces a smile and elects not to let on to her ailing friend how his surgery turned out. Zander continues to hide from Elizabeth the truth about his amnesia. Roy promises Felicia he would never do anything to jeopardize her or her daughters. Sonny meets with the heads of the Five Families and reminds them that he is not only alive and well but back in charge. Later, Jason reports to his boss how Roy signed Pier 52 back over to him for free. Ce

Aired on 10/10/2002