Recap:Luke and Laura ask hard questions about their relationship, and they agree to let the past remain in the past. Luke turns his attention to the quickly brewing storm, and Luke points out to Laura that a downpour could flood their mineshaft. Felicia uses her female charms to trick the sheriff, and Felicia and Roy escape from the jail. However, Roy's cheery mood quickly dissipates when he realizes that the rain has interfered with the tracks and their search for Laura and Luke. Carly reveals to Jax AJ's intentions to use Courtney as payback time for Sonny. Carly horrifies Skye when she informs Skye that Jax is going to nail AJ, and Carly and Skye get embroiled in a catfight when Skye tries to leave. Courtney has doubts about AJ, and an unexpected visit from Janine ends up heightening Courtney's confusion when Janine supports a romance between Courtney and AJ. AJ arrives upon the scene and invites Courtney and Janine to spend a night with him on the town in New York. Zander catches S

Aired on 03/01/2002

Laura Wright Laura WrightCarly Corinthos
Chad DuellMichael Corinthos
Donnell TurnerCurtis Ashford
Kelly Monaco Kelly MonacoSamantha Morgan
Tamara Braun Tamara BraunDr. Kimberly Nero
Maurice BernardSonny Corinthos
Steve Burton Steve BurtonJason Morgan
Briana Henry Briana HenryJordan Ashford
Chris Van AttenWriter
Lloyd 'Lucky' GoldScreenstory