Preview:Skye has the swim of her life. Recap:Helena promises to permanently disappear if Nikolas agrees to let her keep the money, but Nikolas remains unable to trust Helena's word. Luke advises Gia and Nikolas to let Luke handle Helena, and once alone Nikolas admits to Gia that he fears he will become like his father if Helena gets killed. As a result, Gia stalls Luke, while Nikolas goes to the boat and gives Helena the money with a warning that she will die if she ever returns to Port Charles. Luke tears out after Nikolas when he uncovers the truth, and Nikolas dismays Luke when he discovers that Nikolas has already set Helena free. Meanwhile, Sonny enters a church to pray, and he tries to bargain with God for Courtney's safe return. However, a priest advises Sonny to quit making deals with God and to start changing his life. When Jax hesitates about his feelings for Skye, Ned knocks some sense into him. Alexis asks Ned if the Quartermaines are hiding AJ, but Ned denies it and agrees

Aired on 03/27/2002

Laura Wright Laura WrightCarly Corinthos
Chad DuellMichael Corinthos
Donnell TurnerCurtis Ashford
Kelly Monaco Kelly MonacoSamantha Morgan
Tamara Braun Tamara BraunDr. Kimberly Nero
Maurice BernardSonny Corinthos
Steve Burton Steve BurtonJason Morgan
Briana Henry Briana HenryJordan Ashford
Chris Van AttenWriter
Lloyd 'Lucky' GoldScreenstory