Season 1

In a future where most of humanity has perished, two girls explore the ruins of civilization, looking for food and fuel. With Chito behind the wheel and Yuuri handling gun duties, they try to salvage what’s left of their post-apocalyptic world.

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S01E01 : Starry Sky / War (aired on 10/06/2017)

Yuuri and Chito make it out of the dark cavern on their Kettenkrad but what will they find on the…

S01E02 : Bath / Journal / Laundry (aired on 10/13/2017)

Yuuri and Chito make their way through snow packed plains and begin to freeze. Will they be offered…

S01E03 : Encounter / City / Streetlights (aired on 10/20/2017)

Yuuri and Chito meet another person after he almost accidentally kills them. Will they help him…

S01E04 : Photograph / Temple (aired on 10/27/2017)

Chito and Yuuri are fixated on using their photograph machine, but they can't seem to get it to…

S01E05 : House / Nap / The Sound of Rain (aired on 11/03/2017)

The girls continue to explore the ruins and they come across a house. Meanwhile, they take a nap…

S01E06 : Accident / Technology / Takeoff (aired on 11/10/2017)

An odd person with some ambitious goals enters into Chito and Yuuri's journey. She is willing to…

S01E07 : Labyrinth / Cooking (aired on 11/17/2017)

Stuck in a labyrinth of pipes, the girls struggle to find their way out. Meanwhile, they look to…

S01E08 : Memories / Spiral / Moonlight (aired on 11/24/2017)

The girls continue their journey as they venture into the unknown. With heartfelt conversations,…

S01E09 : Technology / Aquarium / Life (aired on 12/01/2017)

The girls end up in a new facility where they meet a maintenance robot. With a fish and a lonely…

S01E10 : Train / Wavelength / Capture (aired on 12/08/2017)

Yuuri and Chito explore the ruins of an old town and are left puzzled with the little relics that…

S01E11 : Culture / Destruction / The Past (aired on 12/15/2017)

As they continue their exploration, the girls run into some interesting creatures, and are left…

S01E12 : Connection / Friends (aired on 12/22/2017)

The girls discuss their realization of loneliness but still have dreams of getting to the next…
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