Smile Precure!

Once upon a time, there was a country known as Märchenland where fairy tales mingled together. However, the Evil Emperor Pierrot has invaded the country and sealed away its Queen. In order for the Queen to be revived, the Cure Décor, tokens of happiness, must be gathered. To gather them, the fairy Candy came to Earth to search for the next Pretty Cures. It's there that Candy meets Hoshizora Miyuki and the two of them decide to gather the Cure Décor together. * Ninth installment in Toei's long-running popular Pretty Cure franchise for girls.

TV series created in 2012 and concluded in 2013 by Izumi Todo.
The show consists of 1 season and 48 episodes.


Misato Fukuen Misato Fukuen
Miyuki Hoshizora
Hisako Kanemoto Hisako Kanemoto
Yayoi Kise
Chinami Nishimura
Reika Aoki
Asami Tano Asami Tano
Akane Hino
Marina Inoue Marina Inoue
Nao Midorikawa
Daisuke Sakaguchi Daisuke Sakaguchi
Hiroo Sasaki Hiroo Sasaki
Hiroshi Iwasaki
Ikue Otani Ikue Otani
Mîna Tominaga Mîna Tominaga
Sumi Shimamoto Sumi Shimamoto
Royale Queen
Tesshou Genda Tesshou Genda
Tomoyuki Shimura Tomoyuki Shimura
Yuji Mitsuya Yuji Mitsuya
Emi Shinohara Emi Shinohara
Shizuko Aoki
Ikumi Nakagami
Yuuta Midorikawa
Kiyohito Yoshikai Kiyohito Yoshikai
Junnosuke Aoki
Mariko Kōda
Ikuyo Hoshizora
Masaki Terasoma Masaki Terasoma
Daigo Hino
Nobutoshi Canna Nobutoshi Canna
Genji Midorikawa
Ryōko Hikida
Kouta Midorikawa
Ryouko Ono Ryouko Ono
Namie Sasaki
Ryoko Shiraishi Ryoko Shiraishi
Genki Hino
Satsuki Yukino Satsuki Yukino
Masako Hino
Shuuhei Sakaguchi
Yuichi Kise
Tomomichi Nishimura Tomomichi Nishimura
Soutarou Aoki
Toshihiko Seki Toshihiko Seki
Hiroshi Hoshizora
Yuka Terasaki Yuka Terasaki
Keita Midorikawa
Kyoko Hikami Kyoko Hikami
Chiharu Kise (voice)
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    1 Season • 48 Episodes

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    6.97/10 (124 voting)

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