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S03E01 : Strange Currents (aired on 08/28/2018)

The Bishop and Lady Mae's crumbling marriage threatens to destroy the Greenleaf family, but they…

S03E02 : The Space Between (aired on 08/29/2018)

Grace takes Rochelle up on her offer to help start a legal defense fund. Bishop and Lady Mae ask if…

S03E03 : Chain of Command (aired on 09/05/2018)

The Bishop sends Lady Mae into a tailspin when he surprises her with divorce papers. Grace does a…

S03E04 : The Underdog (aired on 09/12/2018)

Lady Mae visits world famous Pastor Maxine Patterson and endures the Bishop's final attempt to win…

S03E05 : Closing Doors (aired on 09/19/2018)

The Bishop and Lady Mae make alternate plans after Clara denies them the check for the IRS bill.…

S03E06 : She Changes Everything (aired on 10/03/2018)

Maxine Patterson visits Calvary the weekend Lady Mae and the Bishop announce their divorce to the…

S03E07 : That Was Then (aired on 10/10/2018)

Grace questions her involvement in the Coralie Hunter case when the D.A. threatens to reopen her…

S03E08 : Dea Abscondita (aired on 10/17/2018)

The Bishop struggles to maintain his place within the family after another Zora crisis hits the…

S03E09 : Runaway Train (aired on 10/24/2018)

The Bishop wrestles with signing the divorce papers on the weekend of his Silver Jubilee…

S03E10 : The Promised Land (aired on 10/31/2018)

Grace discovers Rochelle Cross' true identity with Darius' help. Kerissa welcomes Triumph's new…

S03E11 : The End Is Near (aired on 11/07/2018)

The Greenleaf's IRS issues escalate when the FBI raid both Calvary and Triumph on suspicion of…

S03E12 : Day of Reckoning (aired on 11/14/2018)

Mae preaches beautifully at A Day with Lady Mae as the Bishop fears he may lose Calvary. Grace gets…

S03E13 : The New Life (aired on 11/22/2018)

After the success of her big day, Lady Mae is denied the right to run Calvary despite support from…
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