Season 1

The first season of the American television medical drama Grey's Anatomy, began airing in the United States on the American Broadcasting Company on March 27, 2005 and concluded on May 22, 2005. The first season introduces the main character, Meredith Grey, as she enrolls in Seattle Grace Hospital's internship program and faces unexpected challenges and surprises. Season one had nine series regulars, six of whom have been part of the main cast ever since. The season initially served as a mid-season replacement for the legal drama Boston Legal, airing in the Sunday night time slot at 10:00, after Desperate Housewives. Although no clip shows have been produced for this season, the events that occur are recapped in "Straight to Heart", a clip-show which aired one week before the winter holiday hiatus of the second season ended. The season was officially released on DVD as two-disc Region 1 box set under the title of Grey's Anatomy: Season One on February 14, 2006 by Buena Vista Home Entertainment. The season's reviews and critiques were generally positive, and the series received several awards and nominations for the cast and crew. The first five episodes of the second season were conceived, written and shot to air as the final five episodes of the first season, but aired during the 2005-2006 season due to the high number of viewers that watched "Who's Zoomin' Who?", the season's highest-rated episode with 22.22 million viewers tuning in.

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S01E01 : A Hard Day's Night 8.46/10 (aired on 03/27/2005)

Meet Meredith Grey. Daughter of famous surgeon Ellis Grey and currently recovering from a one-night…

S01E02 : The First Cut is the Deepest 8.33/10 (aired on 04/03/2005)

The surgical staff tries to be optimistic as a young woman clings to life after a brutal attack.…

S01E03 : Winning a Battle, Losing the War 8.24/10 (aired on 04/10/2005)

A bike race injures several pedestrians as well as well as participants. One pedestrian is left…

S01E04 : No Man's Land 8.06/10 (aired on 04/17/2005)

While George is feeling a little less masculine because of the way Izzie and Meredith have been…

S01E05 : Shake Your Groove Thing 8.36/10 (aired on 04/24/2005)

Meredith realizes that she must take on a lot more responsibility when she is told that her mother…

S01E06 : If Tomorrow Never Comes 8.35/10 (aired on 05/01/2005)

Izzie tries to get George to find the courage to ask Meredith out. All of the interns are in awe…

S01E07 : The Self Destruct Button 8.34/10 (aired on 05/08/2005)

Derek and Meredith try (unsuccessfully) to be discreet as they spend the night together at…

S01E08 : Save Me 8.27/10 (aired on 05/15/2005)

Meredith grows increasingly dissatisfied with the unknown details of Derek's life. Meanwhile, Alex…

S01E09 : Who's Zoomin' Who? 8.77/10 (aired on 05/22/2005)

A sexually transmitted disease breaks out and affects several members of the hospital staff. Chief…