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S01E01 : He's a Refined Villain (aired on 10/08/2008)

The episode begins with the appearance a mysterious blond man with "ash mauve" eyes interrogating…

S01E02 : My Fairy (aired on 10/15/2008)

Lydia is still debating whether to help Edgar in the quest of finding the Sword of Merrow or not…

S01E03 : Mellow's Island (aired on 10/22/2008)

Raven meets up with Lydia and Edgar and along with Nico and three brownies (small brown fairies…

S01E04 : A Noble's Obligations (aired on 10/29/2008)

Now on Merrow Island, Lydia is cornered by a member of the Unseelie court and with only Nico by her…

S01E05 : The Fairy Queen's Bridegroom (aired on 11/04/2008)

The episode opens up Kelpie and a field fairy named Marigold with the 'moon'. The Earl hires Lydia…

S01E06 : White Bow, Red Bow (aired on 11/11/2008)

The episode opens up with Lydia in a study room reading a book when Edgar (the Earl) walks in and…

S01E07 : Please Go Easy When You Propose (aired on 11/18/2008)

Lydia goes to Kelpie to save Edgar from the poison. He can purify water so he can cleanse Edgar's…

S01E08 : Tell Me the Secret of Your Tears (aired on 11/26/2008)

Edgar takes seriously the excuse he made to Lydia in front of Kelpie to actually marry her. A…

S01E09 : A Banshee's Memories (aired on 12/03/2008)

Paul goes looking for the banshee with Nico and gets caught by Fairy Doctor (not Lydia). The…

S01E10 : With What Time Remaining (aired on 12/10/2008)

Edgar awakens to find a button from Lydia's dress and assumes that they made love. Lydia corrects…

S01E11 : The Two Blue Knight Earls (aired on 12/17/2008)

Lydia and Paul arrive in Fairy World where there, strangely, are two moons and begin following a…

S01E12 : Earl and Fairy (aired on 12/24/2008)

The episode starts off with Lydia's father interacting with Brownie's. Soon after it switches to…
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