A famed scientist is recruited by the Germans to develop a revolutionary new metal alloy for the Nazi war machine --- so Hogan and the gang must distract the doctor --- or worse --- to keep him from accomplishing his task.

Aired on 10/21/1967
30 :
7.36/10 • 64 voting

Hogan s Heroes • S03E07
Bob Crane Bob CraneColonel Robert E. Hogan
Richard Dawson Richard DawsonCorporal Peter Newkirk
Robert Clary Robert ClaryCorporal Louis LeBeau
Larry Hovis Larry HovisSergeant First Class Andrew J. Carter
Kenneth WashingtonSergeant Richard Baker
Werner Klemperer Werner KlempererOberst Wilhelm Klink
John Banner John BannerFeldwebel Hans Georg Schultz
Leon Askin Leon AskinGeneral Burkhalter
Karl Swenson Karl Swenson
Doris Singleton Doris Singleton
Edward Knight
Edward H. FeldmanProducer
Bob SweeneyDirector
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    Hogan's Heroes

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    TV series

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    6 Seasons • 168 Episodes

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    6.63/10 (11 702 voting)

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