LeBeau's weekly visits to an underground contact --- one he describes as a "mean little old lady" --- are revealed as something more after Hogan and the men discover that the "lady" is actually a beautiful young Dutch woman with whom LeBeau has fallen in love.

Aired on 02/24/1968
30 :
7.94/10 • 65 voting

Hogan s Heroes • S03E25
Bob Crane Bob CraneColonel Robert E. Hogan
Richard Dawson Richard DawsonCorporal Peter Newkirk
Robert Clary Robert ClaryCorporal Louis LeBeau
Larry Hovis Larry HovisSergeant First Class Andrew J. Carter
Kenneth Washington Kenneth WashingtonSergeant Richard Baker
Werner Klemperer Werner KlempererOberst Wilhelm Klink
John Banner John BannerFeldwebel Hans Georg Schultz
Sigrid Valdis Sigrid ValdisGretchen
Celeste Yarnall Celeste Yarnall
Edward H. FeldmanProducer
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    Hogan's Heroes

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    TV series

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    6 Seasons • 168 Episodes

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    6.63/10 (11 710 voting)

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