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S04E01 : Clearance Sale at the Black Market 7.55/10 (aired on 09/28/1968)

It appears Sergeant Schultz will be shipped off to the Russian front after he accidentally…

S04E02 : Klink vs. the Gonculator 8.3/10 (aired on 10/05/1968)

When Sergeant Carter constructs an amazingly complicated rabbit trap, a suspicious Colonel Klink…

S04E03 : How to Catch a Papa Bear 7.72/10 (aired on 10/12/1968)

Colonel Hogan innocently sends Corporal Newkirk off on a mission to rendezvous with an ally ---…

S04E04 : Hogan's Trucking Service... We Deliver the Factory to You 7.29/10 (aired on 10/19/1968)

The clumsy and annoying Colonel Crittendon inadvertently messes up Hogan's plans to destroy a…

S04E05 : To the Gestapo with Love 7.66/10 (aired on 10/26/1968)

Is love blind? Three beautiful German girls arrive at Stalag 13 and set the men's hearts beating…

S04E06 : Man's Best Friend is Not His Dog 7.83/10 (aired on 11/02/1968)

A canine caper is off and running when a dog buries a bone containing photographic images of a new…

S04E07 : Never Play Cards with Strangers 7.46/10 (aired on 11/09/1968)

Hogan dispatches Sergeant Kinchloe on a mission to warn Newkirk and Carter that the duo's mission…

S04E08 : Color the Luftwaffe Red 7.27/10 (aired on 11/16/1968)

How will Hogan steal an important, strategic map from the Germans? By underbidding all competitors…

S04E09 : Guess Who Came to Dinner? 7.84/10 (aired on 11/23/1968)

After making arrangements to send her to England, Hogan begins to worry that his beautiful…

S04E10 : No Names Please 7.72/10 (aired on 11/30/1968)

Shortly after Hogan helps a journalist escape to freedom, the Germans are amazed to read an…

S04E11 : Bad Day in Berlin 7.75/10 (aired on 12/07/1968)

Hogan and his men join forces with an undercover agent and steal away to Berlin to nab a German…

S04E12 : Will the Blue Baron Strike Again? 7.48/10 (aired on 12/14/1968)

Can Hogan locate the secret German air base commanded by a World War I flying ace known as the Blue…

S04E13 : Will the Real Colonel Klink Please Stand Up Against the Wall? 7.72/10 (aired on 12/21/1968)

The hapless Colonel Klink lands a date with a German firing squad after Sergeant Carter, disguised…

S04E14 : Man in a Box 7.67/10 (aired on 12/28/1968)

Hogan is ordered to capture an "escaped" Corporal Louis LeBeau --- but in a manner that will ensure…

S04E15 : The Missing Klink 8.55/10 (aired on 01/04/1969)

Hogan's scheme to kidnap General Burkhalter and trade him for an underground agent goes awry when…

S04E16 : Who Stole My Copy of Mein Kampf? 7.63/10 (aired on 01/11/1969)

Hogan and his men plan to eliminate an allied defector, but complications ensue when their target…

S04E17 : Operation Hannibal 7.64/10 (aired on 01/18/1969)

A German general is the mastermind behind a plan designed to prolong the war, so Hogan winds up…

S04E18 : My Favorite Prisoner 7.92/10 (aired on 01/25/1969)

When Colonel Klink uses a beautiful baroness to try to wheedle secrets out of Colonel Hogan, he…

S04E19 : Watch the Trains Go By 7.46/10 (aired on 02/01/1969)

Hogan's plan to sneak out of Stalag 13 and blow up a German train hinges on getting General…

S04E20 : Klink's Old Flame 7.55/10 (aired on 02/08/1969)

The French underground is in desperate need of valuable radios, so Hogan decides to utilize Colonel…

S04E21 : Up in Klink's Room 7.45/10 (aired on 02/15/1969)

Hogan must somehow get himself hospitalized so that he can get top-secret information from a…

S04E22 : The Purchasing Plan 7.84/10 (aired on 02/22/1969)

The race is on when Hogan and his men are ordered to collect air-dropped ammunition and distribute…

S04E23 : The Witness 7.92/10 (aired on 03/01/1969)

Hogan is stunned to learn that the Germans are planning to send him to England, with a startling…

S04E24 : The Big Dish 7.64/10 (aired on 03/08/1969)

Hogan's latest mission: destroy an elaborate anti-aircraft defense system designed by a beautiful…

S04E25 : The Return of Major Bonacelli 7.84/10 (aired on 03/15/1969)

An Italian officer, who once studied under Colonel Klink, is the ideal candidate to assist Hogan…

S04E26 : Happy Birthday, Dear Hogan 7.75/10 (aired on 03/22/1969)

To celebrate Colonel Hogan's birthday with a bang, his men plan to surprise him by blowing up a…
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