It’s the day of the President’s surgery and the various plots are in motion. Just before the surgery begins, Ellen is cornered by the First Lady, who finally sees through Ellen’s lies about her husband’s condition and forces her to tell the truth about the assassination plot. Ellen spills the secrets Kincaid has been keeping from his wife and she agrees to help get the bone marrow out of the hospital. Blair’s squad of hired terrorists move into position after passing themselves off as Secret Service agents, and they launch their diversionary attack just after Ellen nicks an artery during surgery. Once Ellen is alone with the President and Logan, she gives Logan a sedative, extracts the bone marrow, and prevents the President from bleeding out on the operating table. Once the terrorist threat is subdued, Ellen takes the bone marrow to Nina, who accepts it and apologizes for everything Duncan did to her family. Meanwhile, Duncan schemes with Vanessa to outwit Blair and free his family. He corners Blair at gunpoint at a fundraising banquet and demands that Blair’s men release Nina and Sawyer. Once they’ve been released, Blair lashes out, forcing Duncan to shoot and kill him. Duncan then confronts Archer, who has captured the rest of the Sanders family and demands payment for his services. The two battle in a brutal fistfight with Archer coming out on top, but Kramer arrives just in time to save Duncan and kill Archer. Duncan then reunites with Nina and Sawyer briefly, saying goodbye before turning himself in to the police for his actions.

Aired on 01/06/2014
41 :
7.84/10 • 151 voting

Hostages • S01E15
Toni Collette Toni ColletteEllen Sanders
Dylan McDermott Dylan McDermottAgent Duncan Carlisle
Tate Donovan Tate DonovanBrian Sanders
Quinn Shephard Quinn ShephardMorgan Sanders
Mateus Ward Mateus WardJake Sanders
Billy Brown Billy BrownArcher
Sandrine Holt Sandrine HoltMaria Gonzales
Tyler Elliot Burke Tyler Elliot BurkeBoyd
Lola Cook Lola CookSawyer
Toni Trucks Toni TrucksAngela Nix
Tonya Pinkins Tonya PinkinsBeth Nix
Rhys Coiro Rhys CoiroKramer Daly
Armen V. KevorkianVisual Effects Supervisor
Michael AzzolinoProducer
Jeffrey NachmanoffWriter
Jeffrey NachmanoffDirector
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    TV series

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    1 Season • 15 Episodes

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    6.81/10 (8 961 voting)

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    42 :

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