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S01E01 : Making or Breaking Hell / The Discovery of Hell's Mysteries (aired on 01/10/2014)

Hōzuki is the aide to the great king of Hell, King Enma. Calm and super-sadistic, Hōzuki tries to…

S01E02 : Demons, Underwear and Crabs / The State of Hell and This and That (aired on 01/17/2014)

In hell, the river pollution was as controversial as it was in the land of the living with its…

S01E03 : Hakutaku / How Their Discord Came to Be (aired on 01/24/2014)

Shiro goes to see Hozuki for an advice on the wedding present he wanted to give to his senior but…

S01E04 : Pretty Boys Need Love Too / The Crackling Hell (aired on 01/31/2014)

Hozuki carrying a hand luggage met up with Shiro who was chasing his own tail at the station. Shiro…

S01E05 : The Instrumental Duo of The Mighty Rivals / Mental Sports Day (aired on 02/07/2014)

The story begins at the herbal medicine store "Gokuraku Mangetsu" in Togenkyo. Hakutaku was…

S01E06 : Hell Idol: Peach Maki / The Right Arm Blues (aired on 02/14/2014)

Hell Idol Peach Maki was finishing up her gravure photo session at the Sento Farm in Togenkyo and…

S01E07 : Man & Woman and Mortal Hell / Hell-Style Acupuncture and Moxibustion Techniques & How-To Use the Johari Mirror (aired on 02/21/2014)

The new Gokusotsu were washing their senior's laundries collected from every corner of Hell. Seeing…

S01E08 : The Vulgar Battle / The 36 Views of Hell (aired on 02/28/2014)

Koban, the writer for gossip magazine "Weekly Sanzu River", was sipping tea while looking back at…

S01E09 : The Ultimate Example of Ruin Through Wine and Women / Awash with Drunks (aired on 03/07/2014)

Hakutaku suffering from a hangover locked himself inside the toilet and prayed his pain to go away.…

S01E10 : Dinner of the Ten Kings of the Afterlife / Diets are Hell (aired on 03/14/2014)

When a person dies, they are put on a trial taking place between the Shonanoka (a Buddhist memorial…

S01E11 : The Samurai Who Was Once Inch-High / The Quagmire Sisters Of The Mountain (aired on 03/21/2014)

While Hozuki was reading a book at Enma Palace's library, Shiro came by and began complaining how…

S01E12 : Lady Lilith and her Husbaned / Why Monsters are so Widely Spread Throughout the Mundane World of China (aired on 03/28/2014)

The word has it that Lady Lilith was once the first wife of the first man Adam before she became EU…

S01E13 : Hell's Bon Festival of Lights / Idle Chat with the Great King Enma (aired on 04/04/2014)

Bon Festival is an annual event where the lids of hell are released allowing the dead to return to…
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