Hozuki carrying a hand luggage met up with Shiro who was chasing his own tail at the station. Shiro who was off-duty was excited to hear that Hozuki was going to see someone from the Karasu Tengu Police. While paying close attention to the time, Hozuki then decides to take Shiro with him and headed to the Jigoku taxi stand where they found Oborogurumas who were excitedly talking about a taxi theft in the world of the living. Hozuki on top of Needle Mountain was sighing over how the new Gokusotsu were managing the dead and asked the shadowed figure next to him what he should do with the situation. A few days later, a re-training program was introduced to beat the slackers back into shape. The new Gokusotsu including Karauri and Nasubi were brought to King Enma's court and observed how their seniors handled the dead.

Aired on 01/31/2014

Hozuki s Coolheadedness • S01E04
Rie MatsubaraEditor
Sound Team Don JuanSound Editor
Shouji HataSound Director
Emi TakanashiSound Effects
Kazuhiro YonedaDirector
Eguchi NatsumiOriginal Story
Midori GotōScript
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