Koban, the writer for gossip magazine "Weekly Sanzu River", was sipping tea while looking back at his most recent scoop involving the secret meeting between Hakutaku and Peach Maki and the eye-watering birth documentary at Fukisho. Everything was going fine until he tried nosing his way into Enma Palace and ended up taking a picture of Datsueba's bathing scene. Koban however, was still in the mood for an even trashier gossip. Who might his next target be? Nasubi was on his holiday, carving a life-like sculpture of a frog from a tree branch but something was bothering him. When he consulted Karauri how he was lacking inspiration, he was advised to simply be himself. Shortly after, a Kingyosou drifting calmly in the wind caught his eye. As advised by Karauri, he decided to bend with the wind like the Kingyosou in front of him.

Aired on 02/28/2014

Hozuki s Coolheadedness • S01E08
Rie MatsubaraEditor
Sound Team Don JuanSound Editor
Shouji HataSound Director
Emi TakanashiSound Effects
Kazuhiro YonedaDirector
Eguchi NatsumiOriginal Story
Midori GotōScript
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