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S02E01 : Ancient Underworld Overhaul / The Palace with the Malice (aired on 10/08/2017)

As Lord Enma passes judgement on the denizens of hell, Hozuki's past is revealed. Has he always…

S02E02 : Hell Minion for a Day / The Line Between Workaholic and Artist (aired on 10/15/2017)

Hozuki takes Maki and Miki around as hell minions to capture special tortures never seen before on…

S02E03 : The Auspicious Alliance / Eccentric Cuckoo-land Creature (aired on 10/22/2017)

The Four Benevolent Beasts argue over a meal about who is older and how well they are aging.…

S02E04 : The Legend of Mustard / Please Turnip for the Demon Parade (aired on 10/29/2017)

Koban the paparazzo gets an interview with Mustard. When Hozuki gets involved in the interview as…

S02E05 : Ono no Takamura / Great King Enma and Anecdotes (aired on 11/05/2017)

After continually being mistaken for the Great King Enma, King Shinko muses about how he should…

S02E06 : Princess Sakuya's Showtime / The Battle of Children's Limbo (aired on 11/12/2017)

We get a look at Young Hozuki and what he was like when he was younger. Later, Hozuki has to deal…

S02E07 : In Those Days You Were Always On Edge / Dr. Monkshood (aired on 11/19/2017)

The inventions and ideas of the Engineering Department are being discussed while Young Hozuki tries…

S02E08 : Hopping Vampire (aired on 11/26/2017)

Young Hozuki accidentally discovers the dead and meets quite a unique King with an extraordinary…

S02E09 : Snow Demon / The Offices of Boring (aired on 12/03/2017)

A showdown arises between the Cold Hells and the Hot Hells. Meanwhile, Hozuki unravels the path of…

S02E10 : Kagachi's Coolheadedness / Married to His Work (aired on 12/10/2017)

Hozuki is questioned about his humdrum, daily program in the normal world. Meanwhile, the Gods…

S02E11 : Family / The Hounds of Hell (aired on 12/17/2017)

Hozuki, with great reluctance, agrees to take a vacation for the weekend. In the meantime, the dogs…

S02E12 : King Gokan's Chief of Staff / Hell's Hot Springs (aired on 12/24/2017)

Shiro discovers the mighty Scales of Karma and yearns to do one more thing that will make him an…

S02E13 : Master of Hell / Have a Drink and Get Some Rest (aired on 12/31/2017)

The arrival of a special guest brings an unceasing barrage of annoyances as Hozuki prepares for the…

S02E14 : The Day-to-Day at the Offices of Enma / 1 Soup, 3 Dishes, 10 Meats (aired on 04/08/2018)

Hozuki conducts interviews while dealing with a fraud and all the newcomers.

S02E15 : What is a Magical Girl? / Indulging in Western Clothing (aired on 04/15/2018)

Learning about witches and girls western clothing bring about a whole new set of annoyances for…

S02E16 : Dakini of the Welcoming Committee / Under the Sod (aired on 04/22/2018)

Dealing with flesh-eating demons is a lot easier than receiving a vaccination (only if you're…

S02E17 : The Man Who Learned From Yokai / The Woman Who Makes Use of Yokai (aired on 04/29/2018)

Love is a complicated thing, especially when the police and eons of family feuding are involved.…

S02E18 : Amanojaku / Go Home, Crane (aired on 05/06/2018)

A stranded crane presents a set of holy and annoying problems for Hozuki, who was only trying to…

S02E19 : Slippery as a Catfish / Gon Gets to Work (aired on 05/13/2018)

Hozuki learns that self-deprecation and laziness isn’t just for the Mundane world but is still just…

S02E20 : Games / Mechanical Chief of Staff (aired on 05/20/2018)

Shiro, Rurio and Kakisuke take some time off at the Arcade and run into some interesting people.…

S02E21 : The Rabbit Called Mustard / Types (aired on 05/27/2018)

The tiny and hellishly mighty Mustard describes her typical day of writing in her diary, looking…

S02E22 : Yakan Siblings / Shiro's Butt is in a Real Jam (aired on 06/03/2018)

Hozuki, the ever eccentric man, is invited to teach young children about Hell. What could possibly…

S02E23 : Fundamentally / Mixed Martial Arts Contest (aired on 06/10/2018)

After some intense training with Hozuki, Mustard is ready for battle (even if her opponents are…

S02E24 : The Stripping Hag and Clothes-hanging Geezer / Chef Miki (aired on 06/17/2018)

Hozuki teaches the hell minions about the old people that dwell at the Sanzu River bank and the…

S02E25 : Onki / Animals Don't Forget One's Kindness (aired on 06/24/2018)

Momotaro returns to the fabled Ogre Island in response to a recent incident. Later, Hozuki visits…

S02E26 : Unrivaled at Poker / Is Hell Your Intended Destination? (aired on 07/01/2018)

Hozuki uses the apathetic nature of the Zashiki Warashi twins to wrangle a newcomer to Hell. Later,…
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