Fair Princess Jungmyung lives a life of the highest privilege, until her half-brother Prince Gwanghae executes the rightful crown prince and usurps the throne. Exiled from court, Jungmyung goes under disguise as a man and learns to adapt to life as a commoner — never forgetting Gwanghae's wrongdoing. But amidst rampant corruption throughout the kingdom, can Jyungmyung exact her vengeance, restore order and take back her rightful place in the palace?

TV series
The show consists of 1 season and 50 episodes.

Cha Seung-won Cha Seung-won
Prince Gwanghae
Lee Tae-hwan Lee Tae-hwan
teenage Gwanghae
Lee Yeon-hee Lee Yeon-hee
Princess Jungmyung
Kim Jae-won Kim Jae-won
Prince Neungyang
Seo Kang-joon Seo Kang-joon
Hong Joo-won
Han Joo-wan Han Joo-wan
Kang In-woo
Cho Seong-ha Cho Seong-ha
Kang Joo-sun
Shin Eun-jung Shin Eun-jung
Queen Inmok
Choi Jong-Hwan Choi Jong-Hwan
Prince Imhae
Park Young-gyu Park Young-gyu
King Seonjo
Kim Yeo-jin Kim Yeo-jin
Kim Gae-shi
Uhm Hyo-sup Uhm Hyo-sup
Hong Yeong
Kim Chang-wan Kim Chang-wan
Yi Won-ik
Lee Sung-min Lee Sung-min
Yi Deok-hyeong
Yoo Seung-mok Yoo Seung-mok
Yu Hui-bun
Park Won-sang Park Won-sang
Jang Bong-soo
Kim Kwang-kyu Kim Kwang-kyu
Yi Yeong-bu
Kwak Dong-yeon Kwak Dong-yeon
Yi Ui-rip
Jeon Jin-seo Jeon Jin-seo
Prince Youngchang
Yoo Ha-Bok Yoo Ha-Bok
Nam Da-reum Nam Da-reum
young Yi Deok-hyeong
Kim Hee-jung Kim Hee-jung
Yoon Chan-young Yoon Chan-young
young Hong Joo-won
Jang Seung-jo Jang Seung-jo
Prince Jeongwon
Gong Myung Gong Myung
Ja Kyung
Choi Jung-kyuDirector

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    1 Season • 50 Episodes

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