I Have a Lover

What happens when a marriage grows cold? Do Hae Gang (Kim Hyun Joo) is a successful attorney whose marriage is suffering because she puts her career ambitions ahead of her husband, Choi Jin Eon (Ji Jin Hee). As the two drift apart, Jin Eon meets Kang Seol Ri (Park Han Byul), a grad student who reminds him of how his wife used to be earlier in their relationship before she became so consumed with career advancement. Hae Gang then gets into a car accident and loses her memory and assumes the identity of her younger twin sister, Yong Gi, who then falls in love with Baek Seok (Lee Gyu Han). What will happen to Hae Gang and Jin Eon’s marriage now?

TV series
The show consists of 1 season and 50 episodes.


Kim Hyun-joo Kim Hyun-joo
Do Hae-kang / Dokgo Yong-gi
Ji Jin-hee Ji Jin-hee
Choi Jin-uhn
Park Han-byul Park Han-byul
Kang Sul-li
Lee Kyu-han Lee Kyu-han
Baek Suk
Na Young-hee Na Young-hee
Hong Se-hee
Gong Hyung-jin Gong Hyung-jin
Min Tae-seok
Kang Boo-Ja Kang Boo-Ja
Nam Cho-rok
Lee Jae-yoon Lee Jae-yoon
Min Gyu-seok
Kim Ha-yoo Kim Ha-yoo
Dokgo Woo-joo
Seo Ji-Hee Seo Ji-Hee
Baek Ji
Choi Jeong-woo Choi Jeong-woo
Baek Jun-sang

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    애인 있어요

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    TV series

  • Episodes

    1 Season • 50 Episodes

  • Rating

    7.32/10 (45 voting)

  • Popularity : 100%

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    60 :

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