With the Green Family in shambles, Jake realizes that finding the Holocaust Diamond will put them back on top –but a fruitless search leaves a dangerous trip to Venezuela as the Green Brother’s only option.

Aired on 03/28/2018

Cam Gigandet Cam GigandetJake Green / Jake Pierce
Jeremy Sisto Jeremy SistoFreddy Green
Ray Winstone Ray WinstoneCam Rose
Audrey Marie Anderson Audrey Marie AndersonAva Green
Judi Shekoni Judi ShekoniSister Rah / Lady Rah
Jocelyn Hudon Jocelyn HudonWillow Green
Amy Madigan Amy MadiganDiane Pierce
Ashley Thomas Ashley ThomasMalcom Rose
Laura Vandervoort Laura VandervoortTessa Pryor
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    TV series

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    2 Seasons • 20 Episodes

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    7.02/10 (321 voting)

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    45 :

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    Returning series