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S01E01 : Pay It Forward (aired on 12/15/2011)

In the series premiere, the four jokers "cook up" some fun at a local burger joint, scam tourists,…

S01E02 : Butterfly Crime Scene (aired on 12/15/2011)

The guys rub sunbathers the wrong way and steal from others' grocery baskets.

S01E03 : Unmotivational Speaker (aired on 12/22/2011)

The guys use lame pickup lines while speed dating, tell victimized people walking by false fortunes…

S01E04 : Boardwalk of Shame (aired on 12/29/2011)

The guys approach strangers with humiliating one-liners on the streets of New York, play a unique…

S01E05 : Drawing a Blank (aired on 01/05/2012)

The guys demonstrate their odd living habits while interviewing for roommates, cut the line for…

S01E06 : Panty Raid (aired on 01/12/2012)

The guys massage beachgoers on the boardwalk, broadcast the news from Times Square, and get their…

S01E07 : Out of TP (aired on 01/19/2012)

The guys swipe food off other people's plates at a buffet, tutor students in a foreign language…

S01E08 : Who Arted? (aired on 01/26/2012)

The guys conduct a focus group with unique consumer questioning, are totally unfit as trainers in a…

S01E09 : Joker's Choice (aired on 02/02/2012)

Joe, Murr, Q, and Sal are back for more. See what kind of pranks they pull on each other this time.

S01E10 : A Loser Presents (aired on 02/16/2012)

The guys look to create some more laughs as they pull pranks on each other and innocent bystanders.

S01E11 : What Did I Eat? (aired on 03/29/2012)

The pranksters try to sell diamonds to engaged couples.

S01E12 : Starfart Macchiato (aired on 03/29/2012)

The pranksters regale each other with embarrassing text messages in a quiet waiting room, try their…

S01E13 : Bellydancer (aired on 04/05/2012)

The pranksters take jobs at a garden center, try their luck as CPR instructors and see if they can…

S01E14 : Charity Case (aired on 04/12/2012)

The pranksters tee it up as golf instructors; line up investors as Broadway producers; and play…

S01E15 : Theater del Absurado (aired on 04/19/2012)

The pranksters raise dough for unusual charities at a donut shop, interrupt some fed-up diners…

S01E16 : Pick a Loser (aired on 04/26/2012)

The pranksters try stealing kisses from strangers on the streets of Manhattan and play word games…

S01E17 : Supercuts (aired on 05/03/2012)

Season 1 concludes with the guys using bizarre props to toy with customers at a candy store and…
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