Season episodes list 2


S02E01 : Now & Then: From Frosh to Seniors (aired on 10/02/2000)

NOW & THEN is a four-year journey through the American rite of passage known as college. This…

S02E02 : No Hair Day (aired on 10/09/2000)

Three breast cancer survivors discuss their fight against breast cancer and the emotional and…

S02E03 : Short Stories (aired on 10/16/2000)

Documents the trials and triumphs of three families in which some or all of the members are dwarfs.

S02E04 : Born in the USA (aired on 10/23/2000)

Three out of every four Americans becomes a parent, yet most of us have never really considered…

S02E05 : Girl Gone Bad (aired on 10/30/2000)

A gripping documentary about the extraordinary world of biker women, an amazing group few of us…

S02E06 : Passing Through / Graham's Diner (aired on 11/06/2000)

Passing Through follows Nathan Adolfson—a.k.a. Chai Chee Man, his Korean birth name—as he searches…

S02E07 : The Return of Navajo Boy (aired on 11/13/2000)

The Return of Navajo Boy is a documentary film produced by Jeff Spitz and Bennie Klain about the…

S02E08 : Music in Their Bones (aired on 11/20/2000)

The program explores the mountain music of Sand Mountain in rural Alabama. This music tradition is…

S02E09 : In Harm's Way / Carved From the Heart (aired on 11/27/2000)

In Harm's Way is an experimental film exploring how the experiences of adulthood both defy and…

S02E10 : A Wok in Progress (aired on 12/04/2000)

This video journal chronicles the intertwined stories of Paul Kwan, a Chinese filmmaker and…