Season episodes list 6


S06E01 : The Political Dr. Seuss (aired on 10/26/2004)

Explores a little-known side of Dr. Seuss and some interesting inspirations behind his works.

S06E02 : Polka Time (aired on 11/09/2004)

Each July for more than 30 years, polka lovers from around the United States have descended on the…

S06E03 : Afghanistan Unveiled (aired on 11/16/2004)

Filmed by the first-ever team of women video journalists trained in Afghanistan, this…

S06E04 : Los Angeles Now (aired on 11/23/2004)

Look beyond Hollywood to create a fresh candid portrait of America's second largest city.

S06E05 : The Day My God Died (aired on 11/30/2004)

Young girls whose lives were shattered by the child sex trade describe the day they were abducted…

S06E06 : Girl Wrestler (aired on 12/14/2004)

Follows teenager Tara Neal as she deals with fierce policy debates while facing boys on the mat.

S06E07 : Fine. / Doki-Doki (aired on 12/21/2004)

Fine.: When factory worker Ed is confronted by a co-worker's pressing question over lunch, he…

S06E08 : Short, Not Sweet (aired on 12/28/2004)

Five shorts ranging from funny to creepy to downright scary prove that just because they're short,…

S06E09 : A Hard Straight (aired on 01/04/2005)

A gang member, a hustler and a small-time dealer. They served their sentences and they're on…

S06E10 : A Touch of Greatness 8.6/10 (aired on 01/11/2005)

Stunning footage and interviews showcase the lives transformed by maverick teacher Albert Cullum.

S06E11 : Power Trip (aired on 01/25/2005)

Amid pervasive blackouts and corruption, an American energy company purchases a formerly state-run…

S06E12 : February One: The Story of the Greensboro Four (aired on 02/01/2005)

A sit-in at a Woolworth's lunch counter in North Carolina in 1960 was a pivotal civil rights event.

S06E13 : On a Roll: Disability and the American Dream (aired on 02/15/2005)

Greg Smith and his family bare all in this unflinching portrait of a 65-pound man striving for the…

S06E14 : Thunder in Guyana (aired on 02/22/2005)

When the filmmaker's cousin was elected Guyana's president seven years ago, Janet Rosenberg Jagan…

S06E15 : Sisters of '77 (aired on 03/01/2005)

On an historic weekend in November 1977, 20,000 women and men attended the first federally funded…

S06E16 : Sunset Story (aired on 03/22/2005)

Eighty-one-year-old Irja and her 95-year-old best friend Lucille are the only lucid residents at a…

S06E17 : Let the Church Say Amen (aired on 03/29/2005)

Easter in Washington, DC, means children hunting for eggs on the White House lawn. But blocks away…

S06E18 : Episode 18 (aired on 04/05/2005)


S06E19 : Keeping Time: The Life, Music and Photographs of Milt Hinton (aired on 04/12/2005)

Legendary jazz bassist Milt Hinton (1910-2000) was also a skilled photographer and storyteller.…

S06E20 : A Lion's Trail (aired on 04/05/2005)

An illiterate Zulu musician wrote Africa's most famous song, "Mbube" -inspiration for the pop…

S06E21 : End of the Century: The Ramones / Joe Strummer Rocks Again! (aired on 04/26/2005)

In 1974, a new sound hit New York City's underground music scene: a band of misfits called The…

S06E22 : The Last Letter / Zyklon Portrait and the Walnut Tree (aired on 05/03/2005)

A Jewish woman in a Ukrainian city seized by the Germans in 1941 writes her son a final letter.

S06E23 : Imelda: Power, Myth, Illusion (aired on 05/10/2005)

How has Imelda Marcos, the former first lady of the Philippines, managed to court, coddle, use and…

S06E24 : Vietnam: The Next Generation (aired on 05/17/2005)

An in-depth look at modern-day Vietnam, where communism and capitalism are going head-to-head.

S06E25 : Red Hook Justice (aired on 05/24/2005)

In 2000, an experimental court opened in Brooklyn's Red Hook, a neighborhood plagued by a cycle of…

S06E26 : Double Dare / Piki and Poko: Taking The Dare! (aired on 05/31/2005)

As Hollywood stuntwomen for "Wonder Woman" and "Xena: Warrior Princess," Jeannie Epper and Zoe Bell…

S06E27 : Chavez Ravine: A Los Angeles Story (aired on 06/07/2005)

Narrated by Cheech Marin and scored by Ry Cooder, this film shows how a community was betrayed by…

S06E28 : Brother to Brother (aired on 06/14/2005)

A young artist befriends an elderly gay stranger who co-founded the revolutionary journal Fire!