Season 1

The first season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, premiered on FX on August 4, 2005. The season contains 7 episodes and concluded airing on September 15, 2005.

Season episodes list 1


S01E01 : The Gang Gets Racist 8.27/10 (aired on 08/04/2005)

The guys hire Dee's friend, Terrell to promote the bar. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to prove that he…

S01E02 : Charlie Wants an Abortion 8.28/10 (aired on 08/11/2005)

A girl from Charlie's past reveals they have a child together. Mac sees the benefits in being a…

S01E03 : Underage Drinking: A National Concern 8.38/10 (aired on 08/18/2005)

After reminiscing about high school, the guys conclude that it would be a public service if they…

S01E04 : Charlie Has Cancer 8.18/10 (aired on 08/23/2005)

After discovering that he might have cancer, Mac and Dennis attempt to find a woman who will sleep…

S01E05 : Gun Fever 8.17/10 (aired on 08/30/2005)

The guys buy a gun after the bar's safe is stolen.

S01E06 : The Gang Finds a Dead Guy 8.19/10 (aired on 09/08/2005)

Mac and Dennis befriend a patron found dead at their bar in order to win the affection of his…

S01E07 : Charlie Got Molested 8.38/10 (aired on 09/15/2005)

Charlie and Mac's old high school gym teacher is accused of molestation.

S01E08 : Episode 8