Season episodes list 16


S16E01 : False Complaint Against Police Officer (aired on 09/12/2011)

A veteran cop says motorist filed a false complaint against him.

S16E02 : S16E02 (aired on 09/12/2011)

Attorney Chase Mellen and his wife sue shop owner for overcharging them for an antique Nichols…

S16E03 : S16E03 (aired on 09/13/2011)

A woman sues her daughter's former fiance for the return of her wedding ring and a shotgun; a woman…

S16E04 : S16E04 (aired on 09/13/2011)

A woman says a mechanic sold her broken-down BMW without her permission; a client says a…

S16E05 : S16E05 (aired on 09/14/2011)

Couples fight over a stolen motorcycle; a woman wants her boyfriend's son to return the car she…

S16E06 : S16E06 (aired on 09/14/2011)

A woman says that after she insisted that her ex-boyfriend repay her for a loan, he sent a…

S16E07 : S16E07 (aired on 09/15/2011)

A recovering drug addict is sued for back rent and medical expenses; a woman sues for repayment of…

S16E08 : S16E08 (aired on 09/15/2011)

Men fight over liability for medical bills after one punches the other; sisters argue over damages…

S16E09 : S16E09 (aired on 09/16/2011)

Elementary school teachers fight in front of their students, then sue each other.

S16E10 : S16E10 (aired on 09/16/2011)

A man says he pulled out a knife to defend himself when his dog was attacked by a pit bull; a…

S16E11 : S16E11 (aired on 09/19/2011)

A teen accuses a teacher of punching him; the teacher countersues for attorney fees and damages.

S16E12 : S16E12 (aired on 09/19/2011)

A woman admits to totaling a borrowed car; a landlady sues a tenant who grew hundreds of illegal…

S16E13 : S16E13 (aired on 09/20/2011)

Mother suing daughter for fishing poles left behind after daughter evicted her for alcoholism,…

S16E14 : S16E14 (aired on 09/20/2011)

College schoolmates fight over car damages after a dispute over a parking space; a roommate accuses…

S16E15 : S16E15 (aired on 09/21/2011)

A senior citizen sues for damages after another senior accuses her of assault and calls police.

S16E16 : S16E16 (aired on 09/21/2011)

A woman says she returned a dirt bike because its previous owner threatened to report it as stolen;…

S16E17 : S16E17 (aired on 09/22/2011)

A boy accuses another child of throwing a rock and hitting him in the eye; ex-lovers fight over…

S16E18 : S16E18 (aired on 09/22/2011)

An aggressive suitor who got a wine glass smashed over his head says the incident cost him…

S16E19 : S16E19 (aired on 09/23/2011)

One woman accuses another of deliberately slamming into her car; a woman sues the drivers of two…

S16E20 : S16E20 (aired on 09/23/2011)

A woman accuses her ex-lover's friend of assault at a nightclub; a landlady and a tenant fight over…

S16E21 : S16E21 (aired on 09/26/2011)

Ex-lovers dispute credit-card charges and court fees; a man sues former friend for unpaid loan when…

S16E22 : S16E22 (aired on 09/27/2011)

Landlord and tenant fight over changed locks, damaged property and an awkward living-arrangement;…

S16E23 : S16E23 (aired on 09/28/2011)

Physical abuse of an autistic minor, $15,000 in back child-support and a paternity test come into…

S16E24 : S16E24 (aired on 09/29/2011)

A woman says she was conned into paying more rent than was fair.

S16E25 : S16E25 (aired on 09/30/2011)

A tenant causes a fire in an apartment, then sues the landlord and contractor for damages.

S16E26 : S16E26 (aired on 10/03/2011)

Ex-lovers dispute ownership of furniture and televisions; a woman says her drunken former friend…

S16E27 : Girl Gives Boyfriend/Parents Stolen Money (aired on 10/04/2011)

A woman is accused of being high at work, then neglecting care of a friend's vehicle; a teen's…

S16E28 : S16E28 (aired on 10/05/2011)

A former stepfather repossesses a young woman's vehicle; a teen sues ex-boyfriend for unpaid loan…

S16E29 : S16E29 (aired on 10/06/2011)

A grocery-store worker and a customer argue over whether money was a gift or a loan; woman sues…

S16E30 : S16E30 (aired on 10/07/2011)

Teens wreck a parent's car; a single mother demands that her ex-lover repay her for loans.

S16E31 : S16E31 (aired on 10/10/2011)

A teen says she moved out of her apartment because she was afraid of a violent drug-addict; a…

S16E32 : S16E32 (aired on 10/11/2011)

A young man and his former landlords fight over custody of marijuana-growing equipment; a man's…

S16E33 : S16E33 (aired on 10/12/2011)

Ex-roommates fight over damages and a broken lease after a man gets stabbed in the chest; after a…

S16E34 : S16E34 (aired on 10/13/2011)

A pet store and a customer dispute the $2,000 sale of a kinkajou; ex-friends fight over a loan to…

S16E35 : S16E35 (aired on 10/14/2011)

Man sues ex-girlfriend for SUV that was impounded after she fled the scene of an accident; a single…

S16E36 : S16E36 (aired on 10/17/2011)

An arrest for assaulting a police officer, a DUI and impound fees; a bar owner fails to turn over…

S16E37 : S16E37 (aired on 10/18/2011)

A woman sues her ex-fiance for repayment of loans; former roommates fight over a broken apartment…

S16E38 : S16E38 (aired on 10/19/2011)

A woman says she loaned a man money to buy a new truck after dating him for only eight weeks; a…

S16E39 : S16E39 (aired on 10/20/2011)

A teen accuses her former guardian of withdrawing money from her bank account without her…

S16E40 : S16E40 (aired on 10/21/2011)

A married couple blame a poker buddy for deep scratches on their hardwood floor; a man says his…

S16E41 : S16E41 (aired on 10/24/2011)

A relationship ends in a fight over a car; a homeless woman sues a good Samaritan for $5,000.

S16E42 : S16E42 (aired on 10/25/2011)

Woman sues ex-boyfriend for unpaid rent and bills, he says she made death threats on a regular…

S16E43 : S16E43 (aired on 10/26/2011)

Ex-friends fight over repossession of a truck.

S16E44 : S16E44 (aired on 10/26/2011)

An ex-boyfriend says a teen tried to run over him with her car, so he kicked it, causing damage.

S16E45 : S16E45 (aired on 10/27/2011)

Mother sues son for repayment when torn between sending money to family overseas or using it for…

S16E46 : S16E46 (aired on 10/27/2011)

Social worker sues aspiring singer for check fraud, bringing up the alleged death of a woman and…

S16E47 : S16E47 (aired on 10/28/2011)

The defendant says the man caught on tape vandalizing his ex-lover's car is not him; a woman holds…

S16E48 : S16E48 (aired on 10/28/2011)

Unwed parents fight over the cost of a vacation and accusations of felony assault.

S16E49 : S16E49 (aired on 10/31/2011)

A couple say a DJ stood them up the night before their wedding; back child-support and the cost of…

S16E50 : S16E50 (aired on 10/31/2011)

She says he made unauthorized charges on her credit card, he says her dog bit him; a man sues his…

S16E51 : S16E51 (aired on 11/01/2011)

Woman is arrested for biting her husband; man drinks and drives his girlfriend's car, but says it's…

S16E52 : S16E52 (aired on 11/01/2011)

Man sues friend for the cost of a vacation, but she says it's because he had romantic intentions;…

S16E53 : S16E53 (aired on 11/02/2011)

A jealous boyfriend wants to be repaid for plastic surgery; a young driver blames a misplaced pole…

S16E54 : S16E54 (aired on 11/02/2011)

Ex-lovers fight over misspent money; ex-lovers fight over a kicked-down door and lock-out when an…

S16E55 : S16E55 (aired on 11/03/2011)

Mom wants ex-boyfriend to pay his share for daughter's school in Japan; dad wants mother of his…

S16E56 : S16E56 (aired on 11/03/2011)

Friends shouldn't give friends marijuana cookies without telling them; woman sues ex for ruined…

S16E57 : S16E57 (aired on 11/04/2011)

Accusations of vandalism and violence from both sides after teens brawl in a parking lot.

S16E58 : S16E58 (aired on 11/04/2011)

Young woman wants freeloading aunt to repay living expenses and for filing a false restraining…

S16E59 : S16E59 (aired on 11/07/2011)

Unwanted advances, stolen and forged checks, and missing poker chips come up in a tenant/landlord…

S16E60 : S16E60 (aired on 11/07/2011)

A landlord accuses ex-tenants of skipping out on rent and leaving a mess behind; a mother and…

S16E61 : S16E61 (aired on 11/08/2011)

A man sues a kitchen remodeling company after his gas grill explodes; sisters fight over who should…

S16E62 : S16E62 (aired on 11/08/2011)

Man claims his biking guide played a sick joke on him, leaving him dehydrated on a remote trail;…

S16E63 : S16E63 (aired on 11/09/2011)

Insurance company owner sues former employee for stealing money from her clients; mother and…

S16E64 : S16E64 (aired on 11/09/2011)

Woman with small child who is pulled over by police at gunpoint sues for false arrest; truck driver…

S16E65 : S16E65 (aired on 11/10/2011)

Man accuses ex-wife of stealing his laptop and other electronics when she was at his house to pick…

S16E66 : S16E66 (aired on 11/02/2011)

Exes argue about their child's medical bills; two men fight over a moped.

S16E67 : S16E67 (aired on 11/11/2011)

A young child goes along for the ride when a car is repossessed - the child's mother says a teen…

S16E68 : S16E68 (aired on 11/11/2011)

Woman sues for unpaid babysitting fees and defamation of character after former employer puts up…

S16E69 : S16E69 (aired on 11/14/2011)

A road-rage incident between a man and a teen leaves a mom fighting for reimbursement; a bail…

S16E70 : S16E70 (aired on 11/14/2011)

A woman regrets giving her lover a large check to cash for her; neighbors argue over dog hair,…

S16E71 : S16E71 (aired on 11/15/2011)

A variety of allegations come into play when feuding ex-roommates call it quits; a man sues a…

S16E72 : S16E72 (aired on 11/15/2011)

A new employee says he was injured on the job and sues for wrongful termination and a workman's…

S16E73 : S16E73 (aired on 11/16/2011)

A young man denies trashing his ex-lover's car and cutting the emergency brake in a fit of rage; a…

S16E74 : S16E74 (aired on 11/16/2011)

A teen ex-roommate sues for the return of her cat and a security deposit; a woman who tripped over…

S16E75 : S16E75 (aired on 11/17/2011)

Larceny, vandalism and a loan for bail; teens argue over who damaged a couch during a party.

S16E76 : S16E76 (aired on 11/17/2011)

An ex-girlfriend accuses a man of stealing her car and vandalizing it; a woman sues her daughter…

S16E77 : S16E77 (aired on 11/18/2011)

A deadbeat dad fails to repay his sister for bail money; accusations of assault and the theft of a…

S16E78 : S16E78 (aired on 11/18/2011)

A PTA president sues a scholarship winner's father; a woman wants her deadbeat-dad cousin to repay…

S16E79 : S16E79 (aired on 11/21/2011)

One of a couple's 11 offspring sues them for an unpaid electric bill; a barter deal goes south when…

S16E80 : S16E80 (aired on 11/21/2011)

A man sues his young ex-girlfriend for the cost of a new computer; former friends dispute the cost…

S16E81 : S16E81 (aired on 11/22/2011)

A woman and her former tenant fight over repair costs for a rental property she says was damaged by…

S16E82 : S16E82 (aired on 11/22/2011)

A woman caring for her teen nephew sues his mother for his living expenses and rent; a man says his…

S16E83 : S16E83 (aired on 11/23/2011)

A woman says her ex-husband and his young boyfriend -- who live with her -- totaled her car; a…

S16E84 : S16E84 (aired on 11/23/2011)

An ex-roommate sues for the return of property; a woman sues her former friend for truck payments…

S16E85 : S16E85 (aired on 11/28/2011)

A man says he owes his ex-girlfriend nothing for credit-card charges and living expenses because he…

S16E86 : S16E86 (aired on 11/29/2011)

A woman wants her husband's best friend to repay a loan; siblings fight over a loan to pay a…

S16E87 : S16E87 (aired on 11/30/2011)

Young women sue their landlord for the return of rent and belongings and accuse him of harassment;…

S16E88 : S16E88 (aired on 12/01/2011)

Friends dispute a loan to play golf for 10 days in Myrtle Beach; a salon owner sues a hairstylist…

S16E89 : S16E89 (aired on 12/02/2011)

A former friend sues a pair of brothers for travel costs after they are no-shows for a trip they…

S16E90 : Man Accuses Ex-Wife of Hitting Him in the Face; Borrowed Car Is Returned Wrecked (aired on 12/05/2011)

The plaintiff sues his ex for belongings, a vehicle and damages; former friends fight over a…

S16E91 : Ex-Family Members Battle Over an ATV; Anger Management After Alleged Domestic Violence (aired on 12/06/2011)

A man says his wife's former stepmother "gave" him an ATV; a plaintiff sues for her ex for keeping…

S16E92 : Teen Mother Says Ex Cracked Windshield With Fist; Ex-Lovers Wage War Over a Car Lease Deal Gone Bad (aired on 12/07/2011)

A teen says her 4-year-old daughter's father damaged her car; ex-lovers fight over a car…

S16E93 : A Murder Conviction's Appeal Is Disputed; Dog Injured After Jumping Out Window (aired on 12/08/2011)

A woman sues private investigators who were unable to get her son's murder conviction overturned; a…

S16E94 : Bar School Information Allegedly Hijacked; Parking Tickets Divide Former Friends (aired on 12/09/2011)

A bartending school owner says a former employee stole content from his website and posted it as…

S16E95 : Alleged Infidelity Leads to Vandalism; Shopping Cart Collision & 4-Year-Old Girl (aired on 12/12/2011)

A smashed cell phone and three broken windows; a motorcycle rider sues the family of a 4-year-old…

S16E96 : Car Repo Catastrophe; Boss Sued for Coffee Spill (aired on 12/13/2011)

A seller is accused of illegally repossessing a car; a young woman says her former supervisor…

S16E97 : BB Gun Shootout and a Busted Window; Car Deal Gone Bad (aired on 12/14/2011)

A couple say a teen vandalized their vehicles; buyer and seller argue over the unpaid balance on an…

S16E98 : Ex-Fiances Fight Over ATV; iPhone Heist (aired on 12/15/2011)

A former couple feud over custody of an ATV; a teen says her former friend aided in the theft of…

S16E99 : Ex-Fiances, Protective Orders and Harassment; Western Re-Enactor Fights Over Replica Jacket (aired on 12/16/2011)

A former couple feud over a loan, harassment and an order of protection; a woman who made a replica…

S16E100 : Pit Bull Damage and Jailed Boyfriend; Smashed iPhone (aired on 12/21/2011)

A man sues his girlfriend's daughter for rent and damages caused by a dog; teens testify about a…

S16E101 : Vegas Gambling and Pawn Shop Fight; Four-Wheeler Rammed Into Tree (aired on 12/23/2011)

A couple sue their former friend for repayment of a loan; a partygoer admits she ran a four-wheeler…

S16E102 : Pool Malfunction Kills Garden; Unwed Parents' Nasty Breakup (aired on 12/27/2011)

The plaintiff says chlorine from a neighbor's pool killed a garden; a former couple fight over…

S16E103 : Holiday Assault and Vandalism; Bumper Crash (aired on 01/02/2012)

Former lovers feud over accusations of assault and vandalism; cars collide in a parking lot.

S16E104 : Day Care Accused of Neglect; Cat Scratches and Heroin Use Disputed (aired on 01/03/2012)

A mother refuses to pay her child-care provider; a woman says her roommate used the money she…

S16E105 : Car Repo Battle; Ex-Lover Car Mishap (aired on 01/04/2012)

Former friends argue over possession of a car; a single mother sues her ex for backing her vehicle…

S16E106 : Pregnant Girlfriend and Pawned TV; Pit Bull and Insurance Fraud (aired on 01/05/2012)

Former roommates feud over a pregnant girlfriend, a broken lease and a pawned TV; a woman says her…

S16E107 : Black Belt Karate Dispute; Exes Fight Over Children's Christmas Gifts (aired on 01/06/2012)

A mother sues her son's karate instructor, saying the teacher disrespected another child; a father…

S16E108 : Teen's U-Turn Collision on Father's Day; Illegal Horse Parking (aired on 01/09/2012)

Motorists dispute a crash; a farm owner sues a former neighbor over a horse.

S16E109 : Woman Bites Man's Back; Terrible Texts (aired on 01/10/2012)

A plaintiff admits to biting her ex in the back; a woman sues her former friend for repayment of…

S16E110 : Pushed While Pregnant?; Dog vs. Car (aired on 01/11/2012)

A woman says her landlord pushed her while she was four months pregnant; a motorist hits a dog,…

S16E111 : Free Rent Woes; Alleged Punch Bowl Fraud on eBay (aired on 01/12/2012)

Former roommates dispute rent and accusations of a lockout; online buyer and seller disagree.

S16E112 : Political Prank; Disgruntled Man, Damaged Desk (aired on 01/13/2012)

A pastor says he was paid to gather signatures for an election ballot; a former tenant accuses a…

S16E113 : Police Raid Collateral Damage; Ex-Lover Loan for Child Support (aired on 01/16/2012)

Former roommates dispute a drug deal gone wrong; a man's ex-girlfriend sues for repayment of a…

S16E114 : Homeless Fight; My Best Friend Stole My Dog (aired on 01/17/2012)

The plaintiff says his roommate kicked him out and disposed of everything he owned; former friends…

S16E115 : Employee in the Middle; 11-Year-Old Vandal (aired on 01/18/2012)

Ex-roommates fight over rent; a boy says he was covering for his little brother when he confessed…

S16E116 : Drunken Smash Denied; Laptop Fire at Fireman's House (aired on 01/19/2012)

A man denies driving drunk and smashing out a woman's car window; a firefighter says that a faulty…

S16E117 : May-December Romance Woes; Siberian Husky Attack (aired on 01/20/2012)

A woman sues her older boyfriend for the return of a car's down payment; a large dog is accused of…

S16E118 : Car Crush Disaster; Landlord Pocketing Rent? (aired on 01/23/2012)

A woman says her teen boyfriend caused her car to be towed and destroyed; roommates who met online…

S16E119 : Community Service Gone Bad; Stay Away From My Stuff (aired on 01/24/2012)

A woman sentenced to community service for DUI convictions says a pastor swindled her into free…

S16E120 : Mother-Son Floor Damage; Illegally Sold Furniture? (aired on 01/25/2012)

A man sues his mother, saying her foster child damaged his floor; ex-lovers fight over a furniture…

S16E121 : The Runaway Renter; Trashed Lake House (aired on 01/26/2012)

Rent, assault and damages; a vacation-property owner says a renter trashed his lakeside home.

S16E122 : Tutoring Company Upset; Crash Wedding (aired on 01/27/2012)

A teacher says a tutoring company owner did not pay him; a caterer and a decorator demand to be…

S16E123 : Laid Off, Lease and Love; Annulment Drama (aired on 01/30/2012)

A woman says her unemployed ex-boyfriend broke a lease and failed to pay bills; a plaintiff sues…

S16E124 : Failed Financial Friendship; Funeral Costs After Suicide (aired on 01/31/2012)

A friendship ends in a lawsuit over loans; a man sues his son's widow for the cost of the funeral.

S16E126 : Fight, Broken Jaw; Siblings' Cadillac Fight (aired on 02/02/2012)

A man sues because his jaw was broken in a fight; a man admits to damaging his sister's luxury car…

S16E127 : Sibling Scrap; Teen Cries Scam (aired on 02/02/2012)

Name-calling on the Internet culminates in accusations of assault and dropping a baby; a teen says…

S16E128 : Relationship Reversals; Minor Drinking, Driving, Crashing (aired on 02/13/2012)

A woman wants unpaid bills and storage fees from freeloading ex-boyfriend; a former friend says a…

S16E129 : Horse Tongue Tragedy (aired on 02/03/2012)

A horse-owner accuses a trainer of injuring Misty the Horse.

S16E130 : Grandbaby's Daddy Drama; Hit and Run (aired on 02/06/2012)

A woman sues her grandson's father for child-care costs and a loan, but he says it was all a gift;…

S16E131 : Car Repair Fraud; Snowboard Gear Dispute (aired on 02/06/2012)

An auto-body shop manager accuses a customer of committing fraud; former friends fight over sports…

S16E132 : Buddies and Bleach; Hearts and Loans (aired on 02/07/2012)

Teen ex-roommates dispute personal belongings being drenched in bleach, eggs and water; ex-lovers…

S16E133 : Bailed Out After Alleged Assault; Car Deal Slam? (aired on 02/07/2012)

Woman wants repayment for bail she paid for a man who lied and told her he wasn't married; a woman…

S16E134 : Boyfriend ATM Scam?; Loaned Truck Crash (aired on 02/08/2012)

A teen accuses her former friend's boyfriend of depositing bad checks into her account and then…

S16E135 : Golfing Dispute; Fight After a Funeral (aired on 02/08/2012)

A man accuses a fellow golfer of damaging his car during an altercation in a parking lot; daughters…

S16E136 : Firecracker Dog; Table-Flipping Rage? (aired on 02/09/2012)

The plaintiff accuses a neighbor of throwing a firecracker at her barking dog; a young woman sues…

S16E137 : Ex-Friends' Pain and Suffering; Love-Triangle Fight; Dental Debt (aired on 02/09/2012)

Former friends feud over furniture, assault, pain and suffering; a woman sues her ex for vandalism…

S16E138 : Baseball Bat Payback; Bat Payback Part II (aired on 02/10/2012)

A woman, her boyfriend and their exes dispute smashing a bat through a windshield.

S16E139 : Ambush and Attack; Bike Battle (aired on 02/10/2012)

A woman sues her unborn baby's relative for assault and vandalism; unwed parents fight over a…

S16E140 : Slapping a Child; Stolen Sister TV (aired on 02/13/2012)

Neighbors accuse each other of child abuse and harassment; a woman says her sister stole her TV…

S16E141 : Veteran's Service-Dog Attacked (aired on 02/13/2012)

Woman claims her disabled veteran's father's PTSD service dog (who actually lives with her, not…

S16E142 : Failed Run for Mayor; Love Triangle Divorce (aired on 02/14/2012)

An employee of a former political candidate sues for nonpayment of accounting services; a man's…

S16E143 : Ex-Lovers' Bitter Breakup; Best Friends for Never (aired on 02/14/2012)

Former lovers accuse each other of having drinking problems; a teen who was supposed to be watching…

S16E144 : Thrown Under the Bus; Good Faith (aired on 02/15/2012)

A car bursts into flames after hitting a school bus; sellers sue their neighbor for not paying for…

S16E145 : It's a Family Affair; Cousin Crash Clash (aired on 02/15/2012)

An absentee father is accused of reneging on a promise to buy his son a car for college; a man sues…

S16E146 : Bank Buddies; Friendship Repo (aired on 02/16/2012)

Former friends accuse each other of misappropriating money and false arrest; a fight over a car…

S16E147 : Dog Bite Bitterness; Jet Ski Father Scam? (aired on 02/16/2012)

The plaintiff accuses a large dog of charging and attacking her; a woman says her father never…

S16E148 : Four-Year-Old Accused of Vandalism (aired on 02/17/2012)

A preschooler is accused of damaging a large-screen TV.

S16E149 : Knife-Lunging Laptop Attack; She's My Best Friend's Mom! (aired on 02/17/2012)

An assailant sues her victim for related arrest charges; a teen sues his friend's mother, who…

S16E150 : Fit of Rage, Kicked Car; Character Party Disaster (aired on 02/20/2012)

A bus driver says a fellow motorist jumped on and kicked her car in a fit of rage; an entertainment…

S16E151 : No Bonus, No Pay; Horrible Bosses (aired on 02/20/2012)

A woman demands that her ex-lover repay a loan, but he says repayment was contingent upon him…

S16E152 : Party to End All Parties; Dangerous Wheels (aired on 02/21/2012)

A landlord says the police raided his property because of a tenant's teen parties.

S16E153 : I Should've Gnome!; Man Bails Out Lover's Mom (aired on 02/21/2012)

A man says his girlfriend's mother hit him and smashed his grandmother's window with a lawn…

S16E154 : Window Pain; Sister Rivalry (aired on 02/22/2012)

A teen who smashed out a man's car window says she was defending herself after nearly being run…

S16E155 : High-School Sweethearts; Janitor Caught on Tape (aired on 02/22/2012)

A woman wants her ex to repay loans; a surveillance video lends credibility to a plaintiff's claim…

S16E156 : Bite Arm, Key Car; Ex-Car Conundrum (aired on 02/23/2012)

A woman says her ex's girlfriend keyed her car and bit her arm; a man wants his ex to repay him for…

S16E157 : Brothers and Foes; Loan Via Love (aired on 02/23/2012)

A man's brother sues him for attorney fees; a woman wants her ex to repay a loan.

S16E158 : Motorcycle Dog Assault (aired on 02/24/2012)

A dog's owner sues for veterinary bills after a teen hits it with a motorcycle.

S16E159 : I Want My Belongings Back!; Gas and Gambling (aired on 02/24/2012)

An ex-lover accuses a woman of damaging belongings by leaving them out in the rain; a woman wants…

S16E160 : Good Deed, Lost Truck; Dad Accused of Stealing From Teen (aired on 02/27/2012)

A 60-year-old man lends his truck to a stranger, who fails to return it; a teen sues her estranged…

S16E161 : Rage in Court; Green Bay Packers and a Pit Bull (aired on 02/27/2012)

A fight nearly breaks out in court when a young war veteran sues his former landlord for belongs…

S16E162 : All in the Family; Not So Friendly Loan (aired on 02/28/2012)

A teen who left home sues the women who took her in; a woman regrets lending a friend money to buy…

S16E163 : Miscarriage Debt and Stolen Money; Lies and Damaged Rims (aired on 02/28/2012)

A woman says her ex-lover used her debit card without permission; a plaintiff accuses her…

S16E164 : Teen Lies to Police About Wreck; Fatal Attraction (aired on 02/29/2012)

Teens fight over who is at fault for a crash; former friends argue about a loan and a restraining…

S16E165 : Drunk on the Job; Overpaid Child Support? (aired on 02/29/2012)

A contractor admits to drinking at work; a man says he overpaid his ex-wife for child support.

S16E166 : Ugly Custody Exchange (aired on 03/01/2012)

Divorced parents dispute accusations of assault during a custody exchange.

S16E167 : Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors; Cousin Car Catastrophe (aired on 03/02/2012)

A deputy sheriff says his neighbors' dogs destroyed his fence and backyard; cousins feud after a…

S16E168 : Mad Because Lover Moved On?; Baby Blues (aired on 03/05/2012)

A woman sues her ex for an unpaid loan to refinance his home and purchase a truck; a father says he…

S16E169 : Child Support Ran Me Over; Pills and a Mystery Wreck (aired on 03/06/2012)

Father says ex-wife isn't taking proper care of the kids so he wants his child support back; woman…

S16E170 : Chickens and Bonfires (aired on 03/07/2012)

A landlord sues women for back rent, water overuse and locksmith fees.

S16E171 : Engagement Ring Fight; Trash or Treasure (aired on 03/08/2012)

A pair who met on a dating website fight over an engagement ring and unpaid credit-card charges;…

S16E172 : Accused of Auto Theft; Flipped Out (aired on 03/09/2012)

A plaintiff accuses her ex of stealing her SUV and destroying her property; a woman says her…

S16E173 : Fight for Medical Treatment (aired on 03/12/2012)

The plaintiff says his daughter was injured in a car crash that caused $25,000 in damages; the…

S16E174 : Punch Bite Loan; Sisterly Strife (aired on 03/13/2012)

A dispute over who started a fight; a woman says she borrowed her sister's car and was the victim…

S16E175 : Rental Unit Squatter?; Cheap Jeep (aired on 03/14/2012)

Former landlords accuse a woman of being a squatter in their rental unit; a single mother accuses a…

S16E176 : Bittersweet Belongings; Blame the Kids (aired on 03/15/2012)

A woman sues her former friend and tenant for damages to her home and the return of her belongings;…

S16E177 : Girlfriend in the Middle; Double Trouble (aired on 03/15/2012)

A teen and her girlfriend accuse her mother of assault and throwing away their belongings; a couple…

S16E178 : Daughter Dragged Into Parents' Fight; Assault Over the Internet (aired on 03/16/2012)

A woman says her ex-husband gave their daughter a lemon car; former lovers dispute an assault,…

S16E179 : Time to Get Organized; Newborn Rude Awakening (aired on 03/16/2012)

A man says his professional organizer falsified her hours and stole jewelry; a new mother sues the…

S16E180 : When Labradoodles Attack; The Art of Babysitting (aired on 03/19/2012)

A man says his neighbor's labradoodles attacked him and his dog; a baby sitter sues a father for…

S16E181 : Band Never Got Played (aired on 03/20/2012)

A musician and a club promoter dispute a performance that never happened.

S16E182 : Fast and Furious BMX Crash; Floral Shop Heist; Stunt Gone Wrong (aired on 03/21/2012)

Neighbors sue a 12-year-old's parents for damages after he hits their SUV with his bicycle; a woman…

S16E183 : Tires, Tows and Missing Car; Unhappy Teenager (aired on 03/22/2012)

Troubles with a vehicle divide a man and his fiancee's sister; a co-worker sues a teen for rent and…

S16E184 : Heck of a Deck (aired on 03/22/2012)

Tornadoes, a damaged deck, and accusations of slander at a bank come into play when a couple sue…

S16E185 : Grandmother and Gangsters (aired on 03/23/2012)

A grandmother accuses her daughter-in-law of bringing gangsters to shoot her after a domestic…

S16E186 : My Landlord, My Tormenter (aired on 03/23/2012)

Teen lovers accuse a landlord of unlawfully disposing of their property; he countersues for…

S16E187 : Child's Photos and Jail Time; Road Rage (aired on 03/26/2012)

A dispute over professional photos of a child and drug abuse; a man is accused of backing into a…

S16E188 : Con-Man; Foosball Fight (aired on 03/27/2012)

A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for unpaid loans; landlord and former tenant feud over rent, a…

S16E189 : Punching a Door; Basketball Beat Down (aired on 03/28/2012)

A former roommate is accused of punching a hole in a door; players accuse each other of assault…

S16E190 : Mother and Daughter Bail Money; Limo Left Couple at Altar (aired on 03/29/2012)

A mother sues her daughter for a bail money loan; a couple accuses a limo company of leaving them…

S16E191 : Casino Troubles; Handyman Drama; Runaway Roommate (aired on 03/30/2012)

Gamblers fight over slot machine winnings; a woman claims her truck was illegally repossessed; two…

S16E192 : A Heated Situation; Vandalism and Drinking (aired on 04/02/2012)

A man refuses to repay his former mother-in-law for a new heating unit because he says the loan was…

S16E193 : Bella the Bulldog; A Messy Affair; Deadbeat Dad? (aired on 04/03/2012)

A man sues his ex for half of the cost of a dog and its obedience training; a woman sues her…

S16E194 : Bull Mastiff Injury; Box Cutter Injury (aired on 04/04/2012)

A landlord's husband breaks into a tenant's room and injures his dog during an assault; a teen and…

S16E195 : Loan for Love?; Daddy Dearest; Stepdaughter Loan (aired on 04/05/2012)

A man refuses to repay $4,000 to his ex-girlfriend; a short-term couple feud over rent, a lease and…

S16E196 : Shopping Teens and Car Keying; Middle-Child Syndrome (aired on 04/06/2012)

The plaintiff accuses a teen of keying her car at the mall; a woman says her mother fraudulently…

S16E197 : Child Protection and Taxes; Runaway Bride?; Toddler Midnight Mishap (aired on 04/09/2012)

Divorcees fight over reports to Child Protection Services and a tax return; a former couple sue…

S16E198 : Drinking and Driving and Wrecking; Bucked off a Horse (aired on 04/10/2012)

The plaintiff says her child's father took her car without permission and wrecked it; a woman…

S16E199 : Younger Boyfriend Crash; Custody Loan Fallout; Deceased Mother's Money (aired on 04/11/2012)

A woman sues her younger boyfriend for the balance on a vehicle that he totaled; ex-lovers fight…

S16E200 : Beer Pong Gone Wrong; Craigslist Baby-Sitter Snafu (aired on 04/12/2012)

Former roommates fight over utility bills and antique glasses broken during a drinking game; a…

S16E201 : Brother Blow-Up; Mother and Daughter Bail Dispute; Teen Driving Accident (aired on 04/13/2012)

One couple accuse another of trashing their rental home and skipping out on rent and bills; a woman…

S16E202 : Stiletto Stabbing (aired on 04/16/2012)

A vicious assault with high heels at a rowdy college party leaves the plaintiff's face requiring…

S16E203 : Ex and Harassment; Major Teen Rager? (aired on 04/17/2012)

Cash payments and a lack of evidence complicate an argument between ex-lovers over a repossessed…

S16E204 : Kicked Out of the Band; Shoe Fetish (aired on 04/18/2012)

A man sues his former garage-band mates for breach of contract and defamation of character; a woman…

S16E205 : Mother and Son Battle; Show Me the Money (aired on 04/19/2012)

A woman sues her newly blind son for a car loan that is in her name; an ex-friend wants repayment…

S16E206 : Bailed Out Uncle; Assaulted Child?; Cost of Eviction (aired on 04/20/2012)

A niece sues her uncle for bail money and the cost of his child's party; a woman accuses her former…

S16E207 : Electric Bill Breakup; Country Dancing Skirmish (aired on 04/23/2012)

Ex-roommates argue over rent and electric bills; a former couple fight over accusations of assault…

S16E208 : New York Restraining Orders; My Sister's Ex (aired on 04/24/2012)

Dueling restraining orders, a stolen car and accusations of slander come into play when a couple…

S16E209 : Anime Action Figures Missing (aired on 04/25/2012)

Ex-roommates argue over personal property, an arrest and the disappearance of valuable anime action…

S16E210 : Steak-Knife Stabbing; Twin Sister Jewelry Heist (aired on 04/26/2012)

Feuding ex-lovers describe physical assault and destruction of property; a twin makes excuses for…

S16E211 : Gerbils, Broncos and Ex-Friends; Mother Borrows From Teenager (aired on 04/26/2012)

Homeless gerbils, an interrupted football-game, and a couple kicked out of a townhouse come into…

S16E212 : Family Drinking Assault (aired on 04/27/2012)

Dumping a bottle of bourbon incites a physical fight among family members.

S16E213 : $30,000 Biker Magazine Buyout; Bar Friendship Gone Wrong (aired on 04/27/2012)

The plaintiff accuses her ex-lover of buying himself a new motorcycle instead of repaying her for…

S16E214 : Poodle Bamboozle; Friends of the Force (aired on 04/30/2012)

The plaintiff wants the defendant to return his lost poodle which she says she bought at the mall;…

S16E215 : Get Out! (aired on 04/30/2012)

A formerly engaged pair feud over a dog, an engagement ring and damages to a home.

S16E216 : False Third Strike Charges (aired on 05/01/2012)

Accusations of assaulting a pregnant woman, private pictures of an ex-lover, and an arrest come…

S16E217 : Manipulation Loans?; Trip to the Philippines (aired on 05/01/2012)

Two women sue their ex-boyfriends for repayment of loans.

S16E218 : Teen Rental Hijinx; Gimme Back My Dog! (aired on 05/02/2012)

The owner of a vacation home sues for damage to the property and a canceled payment; a woman says…

S16E219 : First Date Nightmare; Horse Fight! (aired on 05/02/2012)

A man says a woman he met on the Internet (who he complains was not as pretty as her pictures)…

S16E220 : Dad's Death Benefit Fight; Trust Fund Teenager (aired on 05/03/2012)

A teen says her mother stole money owed to her from her father's death benefit; a teen's boyfriend…

S16E221 : Free Ride to Kentucky; Collision Payback (aired on 05/03/2012)

The defendant says he was told a trip was free, but his former friend wants him to pay his share; a…

S16E222 : World Series Rip-Off?; Teen Bails Boss Out (aired on 05/04/2012)

Former friends argue over whether World Series tickets were a gift; a mother sues her 17-year-old…

S16E223 : Engagement Ring Cruise; Credit Crash (aired on 05/04/2012)

A woman says her ex owes her for an engagement ring, his share of a cruise, and a loan; a plaintiff…

S16E224 : Landlord Assault?; Case of the Missing TV (aired on 05/07/2012)

A landlord accuses a tenant of assault; a woman says she can't return her former friend's TV…

S16E225 : Ex-Lover Accusations (aired on 05/07/2012)

After a man becomes romantically involved with his child's teacher, she accuses him of giving her a…

S16E226 : When Bedbugs Bite!; Cowboy Love (aired on 05/08/2012)

A woman says her ex-lover infested her home with bedbugs and assaulted her; a man sues his former…

S16E227 : Assault and Autism; Driven to Deceit (aired on 05/08/2012)

A former nanny denies attacking an autistic child; a man says his cousin's girlfriend…

S16E228 : Father and Son Battle (aired on 05/09/2012)

A man sues his U.S. Army Reservist son and teen daughter-in-law for unpaid rent and says they…

S16E229 : Alpha Dog Defense; Baby Tax Drama (aired on 05/09/2012)

Former friends sue over a dogfight; a woman sues her unemployed ex for money owed from their joint…

S16E230 : Stop Smoking Pot!; Stop Drinking!; Lies and Liens (aired on 05/10/2012)

Unwed parents' fight over marijuana use ends with a shattered window; a man says his ex-lover threw…

S16E231 : Fall From a Roof (aired on 05/10/2012)

A man accuses his estranged son of stealing his truck and tools - the defendant says his father…

S16E232 : Pit Bull/Bicycle Bang-Up; Fraud and Foreclosure (aired on 05/11/2012)

A pit-bull attack survivor sues for medical bills, lost wages and bicycle damages; a landlord and a…

S16E233 : Smashed and Crashed; Young and the Restless (aired on 05/11/2012)

A fellow partygoer accuses a teen of wrecking his vehicle in an attempt to steal it, and she…

S16E234 : We Got Clubbed!; Ex-Lover Jackpot! (aired on 05/14/2012)

Accusations of a false arrest, stolen golf clubs and a heated fight; a woman sues her ex-boyfriend,…

S16E235 : Sober House Lockout (aired on 05/14/2012)

A client accuses sober-living homeowners of locking her out, filing false charges and assault -…

S16E236 : Daddy-Daughter Fallout; Ex-Wife Attack? (aired on 05/15/2012)

A woman wants her father to return belongings she left behind when he kicked her out of his house;…

S16E237 : Death of a Dog; Not in My Name (aired on 05/15/2012)

A plaintiff accuses a former friend of negligence in the death of a dog she was boarding; a woman…

S16E238 : Reno Vacation Gone Wrong; Plastic Surgery Sister (aired on 05/16/2012)

A woman wants her ex-boyfriend to repay her for storage fees, truck loans and his share of a…

S16E239 : The Breakup; Bicycle Held Hostage (aired on 05/16/2012)

A former couple argue about a car's down payment and a restraining order; a landlady and an…

S16E240 : Baby Photo Fiasco; Wii Broke a TV! (aired on 05/17/2012)

Plaintiffs sue a photographer for a newborn's modeling fee, punitive damages and emotional…

S16E241 : Truck Thief Crash; Xmas Decoration Payback; Saving Son From Eviction (aired on 05/17/2012)

Plaintiffs sue a former friend for taking their truck and crashing it into another of their trucks;…

S16E242 : International Language of Love; NY Cousin Clash (aired on 05/18/2012)

A Canadian woman sues her former Internet boyfriend for repayment of money to move him to Canada…

S16E243 : NY Family Business; Flooded NY Apartment (aired on 05/18/2012)

Adopted nephew and biological uncle accuse each other of selling each other's possessions;…

S16E244 : Squatter Squabble; Stolen Laptop Caper (aired on 05/21/2012)

Ex-roommates trade accusations of squatting and assault; a teen says he had no idea he was buying a…

S16E245 : Post Office Slander?; Pet Custody Fight (aired on 05/21/2012)

Former employee and boss feud over slander, harassment and tax returns; teen ex-lovers fight for…

S16E246 : Abortion Accusation; Boo Boo the Dog (aired on 05/22/2012)

The plaintiff says his ex-girlfriend lied about being pregnant and wanting an abortion to get cash…

S16E247 : Not the Father; Party Foul (aired on 05/22/2012)

A young man says his ex lied to him about the paternity of her daughter; a woman says a fellow…

S16E248 : Fight Over a Funeral; Dream Car Fallout (aired on 05/23/2012)

A young man's mother and estranged wife fight over his funeral and memorial expenses; a woman wants…

S16E249 : Custody Victory Drama; Hit and Run? (aired on 05/23/2012)

After winning custody of his children, a man denies owing his own mother for attorney fees; a…

S16E250 : Wedding Trust Fund; Sweet Charity (aired on 05/29/2012)

A trust fund, a death in the family and a bad check end a friendship; a woman takes in a homeless…

S16E251 : Controlling or Carless? (aired on 05/31/2012)

The plaintiff says his wife's aunt illegally repossessed his vehicle - she countersues for damages,…

S16E252 : Mother Issues; Animal House (aired on 06/01/2012)

A woman demands that her son repay a loan and return her furniture, and he countersues for the…

S16E253 : Roommate Blackmail; Bike Bang-Up (aired on 06/04/2012)

A woman confesses to holding her ex-roommate's tax statement hostage; a driver who hit a bicycle…

S16E254 : Busted Car; Storage Wars (aired on 06/07/2012)

A woman says her former friend never finished paying for a car, and she sues for damages, tow fees…

S16E255 : Tires of Harassment; Ex-Boyfriend Hustle? (aired on 06/08/2012)

An ex-girlfriend admits to slashing tires in a jealous rage; a woman wants her former boyfriend to…

S16E256 : Elder Abuse Caught on Tape? (aired on 06/11/2012)

The plaintiff accuses her ailing mother's neighbor of theft, filing a false restraining order and…

S16E257 : False Stabbing?; Friendship Over (aired on 06/11/2012)

A woman says she was incarcerated for four months because her roommate falsely accused her of…

S16E258 : $40,000 Owed in Child Support; The Damage Is Done (aired on 06/12/2012)

A woman sues her son's father for the cost of Christmas gifts and emotional distress; a plaintiff…

S16E259 : Wife vs Ex-Wife; Car Roll Crash (aired on 06/14/2012)

A nurse sues her husband's ex-wife for children's insurance premiums and harassment; a woman…

S16E260 : Gospel Group Grievance; Marijuana Farmer? (aired on 06/15/2012)

Gospel singers argue over clothing and payment for services; a tenant denies growing marijuana in…