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S03E01 : Episode 60 (aired on 02/14/2016)

John talks about Scalia's love of the Letter of the Law, Chipotle's avian mascot, and how Voter ID…

S03E02 : Episode 61 (aired on 02/21/2016)

Abortion is theoretically legal, but some states make it practically inaccessible. And how is…

S03E03 : Episode 62 7.45/10 (aired on 02/28/2016)

Our main story was about Donald Trump. We can't believe we're saying that either.

S03E04 : Episode 63 (aired on 03/06/2016)

Special districts spend more public money than all city governments combined. That's odd…

S03E05 : Episode 64 (aired on 03/13/2016)

Strong encryption poses problems for law enforcement, is weakening it worth the risks it presents?…

S03E06 : Episode 65 (aired on 03/20/2016)

Donald Drumpf wants to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Is his plan feasible?

S03E07 : Episode 66 (aired on 04/03/2016)

Lawmakers have to raise money to keep their jobs, but a surprising amount of their job now consists…

S03E08 : Episode 67 (aired on 04/10/2016)

Credit reports play a surprisingly large role in our lives, but even more surprising is how often…

S03E09 : Episode 68 (aired on 04/17/2016)

Lead poisoning is a national problem. If only lawmakers were as concerned as the puppets on Sesame…

S03E10 : Episode 69 (aired on 04/24/2016)

Puerto Rico is suffering a massive debt crisis. Lin-Manuel Miranda joins John Oliver to call for…

S03E11 : Episode 70 (aired on 05/08/2016)

John Oliver on Sticking to the Facts: Media outlets often report new findings from scientific…

S03E12 : Episode 71 (aired on 05/15/2016)

John Oliver on 911 Reliability: Things you never want to hear: there are no guarantees when you…

S03E13 : Episode 72 (aired on 05/22/2016)

Last Week Tonight Tackles U.S. Primaries and Caucuses: The United States selection process for…

S03E14 : Episode 73 7.47/10 (aired on 06/05/2016)

John Oliver Takes On Debt Buyers: Companies that purchase debt on the cheap will aggressively…

S03E15 : Episode 74 (aired on 06/12/2016)

John Oliver Covers Ins and Outs of Retirement Plans: Saving for retirement means navigating a…

S03E16 : Episode 75 (aired on 06/19/2016)

John Oliver on “Brexiting” from the EU: There might be an innate British desire to diss Europe, but…

S03E17 : Episode 76 (aired on 06/26/2016)

Main segment: 2016 Summer Olympics and doping in sports. Segments: Aftermath of the United Kingdom…

S03E18 : Episode 77 (aired on 07/24/2016)

John Oliver discusses last week's unsurprisingly surprising Republican convention. It was a…

S03E19 : Episode 78 (aired on 07/31/2016)

John Oliver Talks DNC vs. RNC. 'Last Week Tonight' covers the Democratic convention and has choice…

S03E20 : Episode 79 (aired on 08/07/2016)

Last Week Tonight on the Decline of Journalism. John Oliver has some bad news about the state of…

S03E21 : Episode 80 (aired on 08/14/2016)

John Oliver Takes Subprime Auto Lenders To Task: Keegan-Michael Key and Bob Balaban help show how…

S03E22 : Episode 81 (aired on 08/21/2016)

Charter schools are privately run, publicly funded, and irregularly regulated. John Oliver explores…

S03E23 : Episode 82 (aired on 09/25/2016)

John Oliver on Scandals: the 2016 presidential race is teeming with raisins. Sorry…scandals.

S03E24 : Episode 83 (aired on 10/02/2016)

John Oliver discusses the systems in place to investigate and hold police officers accountable for…

S03E25 : Episode 84 (aired on 10/09/2016)

John Oliver examines the legal and moral issues surrounding the military prison at Guantánamo Bay.

S03E26 : Episode 85 (aired on 10/16/2016)

John Oliver considers third party candidates seriously as potential presidents.

S03E27 : Episode 86 (aired on 10/23/2016)

John Oliver discusses the extent and root of the nation’s epidemic of opioid addiction.

S03E28 : Episode 87 (aired on 10/30/2016)

Public schools are increasingly divided by race and class. John Oliver discusses the troubling…

S03E29 : Episode 88 (aired on 11/06/2016)

Multilevel marketing companies claim to be legitimate businesses, but some seem awfully…pyramid…

S03E30 : Episode 89 (aired on 11/13/2016)

Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. How did we get to this point? And…
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