Season episodes list 20


S20E01 : Man Up (aired on 09/27/2018)

Teenager Sam Conway shows evidence of rape but refuses to name his attacker. Meanwhile, Benson and…

S20E02 : Man Down (aired on 09/27/2018)

ADA Stone blames himself for the shocking verdict in Sam’s case, and before Benson can offer help,…

S20E03 : Zero Tolerance (aired on 10/04/2018)

After the rescue of a young girl from a sex trafficker, Benson and Stone must take drastic measures…

S20E04 : Revenge (aired on 10/11/2018)

As a string of break-in assaults grows more violent, the cops investigate an online incel group to…

S20E05 : Accredo (aired on 10/18/2018)

A member of a women’s empowerment group is found murdered, leading the cops to the group’s…

S20E06 : Exile (aired on 10/25/2018)

A young woman wakes up in the hospital with no memory of her assault, and Carisi’s investigation…

S20E07 : Caretaker (aired on 11/01/2018)

The cops wrestle with an unthinkable crime when a family is murdered in their sleep.

S20E08 : Hell's Kitchen (aired on 11/08/2018)

A waitress from a trendy New York restaurant is sexually assaulted at an after-hours VIP party.

S20E10 : Alta Kockers (aired on 11/29/2018)

The investigation into a promising new author’s death leads to a decades-old secret kept between…

S20E11 : Plastic (aired on 01/10/2019)

A woman accuses a celebrity plastic surgeon and his girlfriend of rape.

S20E12 : Dear Ben (aired on 01/17/2019)

A serial rapist strikes again after two decades of silence, and SVU is determined to uncover the…

S20E13 : A Story of More Woe (aired on 01/31/2019)

Benson tries to help two teenaged sisters after their father is killed. Meanwhile, Rollins goes…

S20E14 : Part 33 (aired on 02/07/2019)

As Stone prosecutes the case of a woman who killed her abusive husband, Benson and her squad…

S20E15 : Brothel (aired on 02/14/2019)

Fin teams up with an old colleague to track down the proprietor of a pop-up brothel.

S20E16 : Facing Demons (aired on 02/21/2019)

A young man’s suicide sparks a child molestation investigation, and Benson turns to Cassidy when…

S20E17 : Missing (aired on 03/14/2019)

The SVU pursues a suspect when a child is discovered in the trunk of an abandoned car.

S20E18 : Blackout (aired on 03/21/2019)

When defense attorney Nikki Staines is raped after a police charity event, Benson reluctantly looks…

S20E19 : Dearly Beloved (aired on 04/04/2019)

The SVU investigates a he-said, she-said case when a woman crashes a wedding to accuse her…

S20E20 : The Good Girl (aired on 04/11/2019)

Benson works to uncover a pregnant teenager’s secret when she refuses to name the baby’s father.

S20E21 : Exchange (aired on 04/25/2019)

Benson helps a teenaged exchange student after she’s assaulted by a cab driver.

S20E22 : Diss (aired on 05/02/2019)

When a pop star is assaulted in her home, the SVU investigates the public feud between her rapper…

S20E23 : Assumptions (aired on 05/09/2019)

The SVU searches for two suspects spotted fleeing the scene after a Muslim woman is assaulted…

S20E24 : End Game (aired on 05/16/2019)

When a teenager is found dead in the Hudson River, Lt. Benson suspects Rob Miller is behind the…