News regarding Gu Seung-hyo shocks everyone. The doctors struggle to find a way to stop Hwajeong Group from taking over their hospital.

Aired on 09/11/2018

Life (2018) • S01E16
Lee Dong-wook Lee Dong-wookYe Jin-Woo
Cho Seung-woo Cho Seung-wooKoo Seung-Hyo
Won Jin-A Won Jin-ALee No-Eul
Lee Kyu-hyung Lee Kyu-hyungYe Sun-Woo
You Jae-myeong You Jae-myeongJoo Kyung-Moon
Moon So-ri Moon So-riOh Se-Hwa
Moon Sung-keun Moon Sung-keunKim Tae-Sang
Cheon Ho-Jin Cheon Ho-JinLee Bo-Hoon
Tae In-ho Tae In-hoSun Woo-Chang
Yum Hye-ran Yum Hye-ranKang Kyung-A
Choi Yu-hwa Choi Yu-hwaChoi Seo-Hyun
Uhm Hyo-sup Uhm Hyo-supLee Sang-Yeob
Kim Won-hae Kim Won-haeLee Dong-Soo
Hong Jong-ChanDirector
Lee Soo-YeonScreenplay
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    1 Season • 16 Episodes

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