London s Burning

This hit LWT drama began in 1988, but two years before the series, Jack Rosenthal did a film called London's Burning, The Movie. It was a huge hit with the public. We saw an insight into characters such as Tate, Hallam, Bayleaf, Sicknote and Josie. It had everything from plane crashes, tube disasters, house fires, car accidents, people trapped, a fire engine explode and the rescue of a cat. The last series of London's Burning was shown in 2002.

TV series created in 1988 and concluded in 2002 by Jack Rosenthal.
The show consists of 14 seasons and 174 episodes.


S10E05 : Episode 5 9/10 (22 voting)


S01E01 : Episode 1 6.8/10 (14 voting)


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