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S02E01 : Final Cut 8.31/10 (aired on 06/10/2013)

The squad scrambles to garner a confession when the pregnant wife of a big-time film director is…

S02E02 : False Pretenses 8.5/10 (aired on 06/17/2013)

A complex murder-suicide case has the department reeling. Meanwhile, when Rusty receives a…

S02E03 : Under the Influence 8.68/10 (aired on 06/24/2013)

A meddling television writer-producer accompanies Sanchez and Tao on a ride-along so he can get an…

S02E04 : I, Witness 8.72/10 (aired on 07/01/2013)

The LAPD flies a material witness into Los Angeles to testify, but in a horrible turn of events…

S02E05 : D.O.A. 8.44/10 (aired on 07/08/2013)

The squad investigates a brutal murder, but they soon find that dark secrets are at the root of an…

S02E06 : Boys Will Be Boys 8.67/10 (aired on 07/15/2013)

When a child with gender dysphoria goes missing, the Major Crimes division scrambles to solve the…

S02E07 : Rules of Engagement 8.47/10 (aired on 07/22/2013)

In a case that brings gang violence and social profiling to the forefront, the squad realizes that…

S02E08 : The Deep End 8.77/10 (aired on 07/29/2013)

The media goes into a frenzy over race relations when the body of a young Latino man is found at…

S02E09 : There's No Place Like Home 8.76/10 (aired on 08/05/2013)

Provenza faces possible permanent desk duty while the squad investigates the suspicious death of a…

S02E10 : Backfire 8.46/10 (aired on 08/12/2013)

In a case that hits a little too close to home for Rusty, a 19-year-old prostitute is brutally…

S02E11 : Poster Boy 8.86/10 (aired on 08/19/2013)

The team works strategically to capture a spree killer who has put everyone on high alert. Trying…

S02E12 : Pick Your Poison 8.38/10 (aired on 11/25/2013)

After a bad batch of drugs claims the lives of two brothers, the race is on for the squad to find…

S02E13 : Jailbait 8.64/10 (aired on 12/02/2013)

When a newly released prisoner misses two back-to-back parole meetings, the squad is called in to…

S02E14 : All In 8.28/10 (aired on 12/09/2013)

When a body turns up at a posh country club in a quiet neighborhood, the squad’s investigation…

S02E15 : Curve Ball 8.64/10 (aired on 12/16/2013)

Christmas vacation is interrupted for the Major Crimes Division when a baseball scout is found dead…

S02E16 : Risk Assessment 8.42/10 (aired on 12/23/2013)

When a well-off graduate student gets shot to death in a gang-riddled neighborhood, the Major…

S02E17 : Year-End Blowout 8.47/10 (aired on 12/30/2013)

A year-end blowout sale becomes literal for a used-car lot after one of its owners is killed when a…

S02E18 : Return to Sender (1) 8.95/10 (aired on 01/06/2014)

The squad must work quickly to track down a serial killer before he strikes again. Meanwhile,…

S02E19 : Return to Sender (2) 9.04/10 (aired on 01/13/2014)

The Major Crimes unit draws closer to finding a dangerous serial killer. Rusty faces his biggest…
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