Season 5

In season five the squad must solve some of the most challenging homicides in America’s second largest city. From searching for a missing teenage girl who vanished while helping the homeless, hunting down the killer of a potentially dirty cop or following up on a beheading in an isolated corner of Los Angeles, the investigators attempt to return balance to the scales of justice. Also this season, Sharon strives to push Rusty through college while figuring out where she wants to go in her ongoing romance with Andy Flynn; Julio Sanchez decides to try to adopt a child himself; Provenza develops sensitivities related to his new marriage to Patrice; Buzz Watson picks up the 30-year-old murder investigation of his father and uncle; Mike Tao wins an award for his work as a Hollywood consultant; and Amy Sykes confronts the idea of motherhood versus focusing on her career.

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S05E01 : Present Tense (aired on 06/13/2016)

The squad investigates the disappearance of a teenage girl who vanished while volunteering at a…

S05E02 : N.S.F.W. (aired on 06/20/2016)

The murder of a Sex Crimes detective leads Major Crimes into the world of pornography; Rusty's…

S05E03 : Foreign Affairs (aired on 06/27/2016)

After an ISIS inspired attack against a member of the US Armed Services, the FBI asks for Captain…

S05E04 : Skin Deep (aired on 07/11/2016)

When Flynn looks into purchasing a new home and seeks input from Provenza and Buzz, an unexpected…

S05E05 : Cashed Out (aired on 07/18/2016)

Det. Julio Sanchez's application to become a foster parent is jeopardized by his reactions to a…

S05E06 : Tourist Trap (aired on 07/25/2016)

The city's tourist industry is threatened by an English journalist when a pair of British tourists…

S05E07 : Moral Hazard (aired on 08/01/2016)

After a shootout in a tow yard leaves three people dead, Major Crimes must scramble to find a…

S05E08 : Off the Wagon (aired on 08/15/2016)

Andy Flynn and Mike Tao investigate the mysterious overdose of a young Hollywood star; Rusty…

S05E09 : Family Law (aired on 08/22/2016)

Major Crimes investigates a divorce attorney with a lot of angry clients; Lt. Tao goes under cover…

S05E10 : Dead Zone (aired on 08/29/2016)

The squad uncovers a large criminal operation while investigating a murder; Buzz encounters someone…

S05E11 : White Lies: Part 1 (aired on 09/05/2016)

In attempting to clear up lose ends from their investigation of a gang of White Supremacists, Major…

S05E12 : White Lies: Part 2 (aired on 09/12/2016)

The Major Crimes unit continues to investigate the conspiracy behind Dwight Darnell’s murders and…

S05E13 : White Lies: Part 3 (aired on 09/19/2016)

The Major Crimes unit gets closer to the elusive mastermind behind the Dwight Darnell murders; Buzz…

S05E14 : Heart Failure (aired on 02/22/2017)

When Captain Sharon Raydor and the Major Crimes Division investigate the murder of a young woman…

S05E15 : Cleared History (aired on 03/01/2017)

When Major Crimes discovers a young one-man-geek-squad with his throat cut in his living room,…

S05E16 : Quid Pro Quo (aired on 03/08/2017)

A case goes sideways at trial when defense attorney Linda Rothman is able to destroy Det. Amy…

S05E17 : Dead Drop (aired on 03/15/2017)

A heavy body is found forty feet up a tree surrounded by marijuana when Dr. Morales shows up with…

S05E18 : Bad Blood (aired on 03/22/2017)

Sharon's son Ricky comes home for a surprise visit; the department investigates the murder of a…

S05E19 : Intersection (aired on 03/29/2017)

As the war between bikes and cars escalates, Acting Assistant Chief Fritz Howard deploys Major…

S05E20 : Shockwave: Part 1 (aired on 04/05/2017)

A murder investigation turns explosive while Captain Sharon Raydor duels with Chief Winnie Davis…

S05E21 : Shockwave: Part 2 (aired on 04/12/2017)

Conclusion: After discovering the identity of the bomber her division has been searching for,…
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