On the run from Auran’s forces, Black Bolt and Medusa reluctantly work with Louise to help locate the rest of their family. Back on Attilan, Maximus’ actions change the game completely.

Aired on 10/20/2017
7.61/10 • 26 voting

Marvel s Inhumans • S01E05
Anson Mount Anson MountBlackagar Boltagon / Black Bolt
Serinda Swan Serinda SwanMedusalith Amaquelin / Medusa
Iwan Rheon Iwan RheonMaximus Boltagon
Isabelle Cornish Isabelle CornishCrystalia Amaquelin / Crystal
Ken Leung Ken LeungKarnak Mander-Azur / Karnak
Eme Ikwuakor Eme IkwuakorGorgon Petragon / Gorgon
Sonya Balmores Sonya BalmoresAuran
Ellen Woglom Ellen WoglomLouise
Mike Moh Mike MohTriton Mander-Azur
Tim BeachArt Direction
Jeff JurDirector of Photography
Jack KirbyComic Book
Geoffrey ColoProducer
Adam DavisArt Direction
Stan LeeComic Book
Scott BuckExecutive Producer
Kevin FeigeProducer
Kevin TancharoenDirector
Scott ReynoldsWriter
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    Marvel's Inhumans

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    TV series

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    1 Season • 8 Episodes

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    5.3/10 (7 155 voting)

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