McHale s Navy

A Lively, Light-hearted Romp Through The Pacific Theater Of Operations An experienced South Pacific Sea Dog, by the name of Quinton McHale, was commissioned as a Lieutenant Commander into the U.S. Navy Reserve, at the start of World War II, and made the Skipper of the Torpedo Patrol (PT) Boat #73, stationed at the U.S. Naval Installation on the island of Taratupa, in the Southwest Pacific. Assigned to his command were 6 free-spirited, good-hearted Swabbies who loved to have fun, but who Though they usually ignored Navy regulations Did their jobs, and did them well, when duty called. The 73 ˜Family' included, among others, a con man and amateur Magician, a womanizing hunk, a dedicated Family man, a guitar-playing, moonshine-making Tennessee good ol' boy, and even a deserter from the Japanese Navy, who was an excellent cook. Second in command, was Ensign Charles Parker, a young spit-and-polish, by-the-book Officer from Chagrin Falls Ohio, who was somewhat of a klutz, but

TV series
The show consists of 4 seasons and 138 episodes.


S01E28 : Portrait of a Peerless Leader 8.04/10 (24 voting)


S02E14 : My Ensign, the Lawyer 7.9/10 (17 voting)


S01E31 : Alias Captain Binghamton 7.85/10 (26 voting)



Ernest Borgnine Ernest Borgnine
Quinton McHale
Joe Flynn Joe Flynn
Captain Wallace B. Binghamton
Tim Conway Tim Conway
Ensign Charles Parker
Carl Ballantine Carl Ballantine
Lester Gruber
Gary Vinson Gary Vinson
George Christopher
Billy Sands Billy Sands
'Tinker' Bell
Edson Stroll Edson Stroll
Virgil Edwards
John Wright
Willy Moss
Yoshio Yoda
Fuji Kobiaji
Gavin MacLeod Gavin MacLeod
Bob Hastings Bob Hastings
Lt. Elroy Carpenter
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    4 Seasons • 138 Episodes

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    7.5/10 (1 722 voting)

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