Season 2

While fledgling fathers Cameron and Mitchell struggle with learning the ropes of parenthood, long-time parents Claire and Phil try to keep the spice in their marriage amid the chaos of raising three challenging children. Meanwhile, family patriarch, Jay, has more than his hands full with his sexy, spirited wife, Gloria, and her sensitive son.

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S02E01 : The Old Wagon 8.06/10 (aired on 09/22/2010)

Phil finally agrees to sell the old station wagon but only after a family trip down memory lane;…

S02E02 : The Kiss 8.06/10 (aired on 09/29/2010)

Gloria decides to honor her late grandmother by cooking more traditional Colombian meals; Claire…

S02E03 : Earthquake 7.79/10 (aired on 10/06/2010)

When an earthquake hits, Claire gets stuck in the bathroom with the plumber, Manny experiences an…

S02E04 : Strangers on a Treadmill 8.04/10 (aired on 10/13/2010)

Claire tries to convince Phil that his realtors' banquet speech is unfunny. Mitchell tries to…

S02E05 : Unplugged 8.24/10 (aired on 10/20/2010)

In an attempt to reconnect the family, Phil and Claire challenge them to see who can abstain from…

S02E06 : Halloween 8.5/10 (aired on 10/27/2010)

Claire gives each family member a role to play in spookifying the Dunphy house for Halloween, but…

S02E07 : Chirp 7.78/10 (aired on 11/03/2010)

Claire and Haley are stuck at home sick. Gloria and Manny's surprise visit at work causes a…

S02E08 : Manny Get Your Gun 8.33/10 (aired on 11/17/2010)

Manny is depressed about his birthday. Phil and Claire engage in a not-so-friendly car race on the…

S02E09 : Mother Tucker 7.69/10 (aired on 11/24/2010)

Mitchell tries to tell Cameron how he feels uncomfortable with his mom, Barb Tucker. Haley breaks…

S02E10 : Dance Dance Revelation 7.6/10 (aired on 12/08/2010)

At Luke and Manny's first school dance, Jay and Phil take them to the mall which turns disastrous,…

S02E11 : Slow Down Your Neighbors 8.15/10 (aired on 01/05/2011)

Claire becomes a vigilante to catch a car that speeds though their streets. Phil tries to land an…

S02E12 : Our Children, Ourselves 7.88/10 (aired on 01/12/2011)

Phil and Claire pressure Alex to ease back on her school work, but begin to worry about their own…

S02E13 : Caught in the Act 8.91/10 (aired on 01/19/2011)

The kids get a surprise of their own when they take breakfast in bed to Phil and Claire on their…

S02E14 : Bixby's Back 7.96/10 (aired on 02/09/2011)

Claire and Phil decide to reprise their role-playing adventure from last year's Valentine's Day.…

S02E15 : Princess Party 7.61/10 (aired on 02/16/2011)

Claire and Cameron are dismayed by the guest list for Lily's princess-themed birthday party. Then…

S02E16 : Regrets Only 8.06/10 (aired on 02/23/2011)

After Phil and Claire have a huge fight, Gloria steps in to counsel Phil while Jay counsels Claire.…

S02E17 : Two Monkeys and a Panda 7.78/10 (aired on 03/02/2011)

Claire is run ragged trying to fix Haley and Alex's relationship. Gloria is horrified by Jay's…

S02E18 : Boys' Night 8.24/10 (aired on 03/23/2011)

Phil and Claire are not pleased when Luke befriends a curmudgeonly old neighbor. To avoid an invite…

S02E19 : The Musical Man 8.22/10 (aired on 04/13/2011)

Cameron is overzealous in his planning of the spring musical performance at Luke and Manny's…

S02E20 : Someone to Watch Over Lily 8.05/10 (aired on 04/20/2011)

Mitchell and Cameron assess their family members in trying to decide who would best take care of…

S02E21 : Mother's Day 8.06/10 (aired on 05/04/2011)

Claire and Gloria's Mother's Day excursion with the kids turns into the mother of all disasters.…

S02E22 : Good Cop, Bad Dog 8.15/10 (aired on 05/11/2011)

Jay advises a dog trainer, while Phil and Claire switch parenting duties to the kids' chagrin.…

S02E23 : See You Next Fall 8.14/10 (aired on 05/18/2011)

With the whole family gathered at Jay's before going to Alex's middle school graduation, Jay is…

S02E24 : The One That Got Away 7.96/10 (aired on 05/25/2011)

Jay wants to go fishing on his birthday, but the family insists he have a big party, leading Claire…
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